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    Sold the Mustang yesterday. Made a nice chunk.
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    Got a new piece of audio equipment for the first time in a while.
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    Getting work! Had my Fu Dog and flowers on the back of my leg colored yesterday! One more session to go and that leg should be solid. LOt more area than one would think, to get a body suit.
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    Side note; this showed up in my driveway this morning. Another turd. . . . At least this one is slightly polished.
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    Long time no see ya'll! I recently got into MTB and picked myself up a Specialized Pitch and I absolutely love it.
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    Life just gets in the way, I still keep in contact with some friends from this forum. This site deserves more traffic for sure, its easily the best knowledge base for car audio on the internet.
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    Dang, I need to update this thread. But for now, I just had to show you guys and gals what was waiting on my when I got home off of a LONG run. More details later, I'm going to bed !!!
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    Holy fuck.....just reading that made my junk hurt....hope they get ya better ASAP. J
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    Sweet car Sean and let the wife know that car fits her very well.
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    Same here, house is rebuilt, last baby in college, 1 grand daughter due in October, still got audio equipment with little to no time to even look at it.
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    I still check out the forum. Just nothing worthy of posting. Working swings. Playing with the little person. And stashing stuff away for the new build. And trying to decide where I want to go with it.
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    Pretty much I started a family, bought a house, and travel for work. So I end up getting zero time for audio, plus the financial cost is something I really can't stomach anymore. I have a pair of Icon 12's and an IC2200.1 in my Malibu but that's as far as I've gone and will go for probably awhile.
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    Sorry to hear that Matt, I have a mechanic who has crohn's and some days are hard. Best of luck.
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    Good to know what the problem is, but no one wants Crohn's.
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    Can't nobody tell me nothin.
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    Prostates are a bitch! I just had the cysto last month. Good luck!
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    Hope it's fast, simple, and he recovers quickly.
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    Sounds like you’re working harder than an ugly stripper, and It shows. Is very well composed and on point buddy.
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    Life’s good. Pretty much has consisted of working a fuck ton and slaying projects lately. That and a little sleep.
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    Yes, that sound is awesome...like a roaring dragon shooting fire!!!
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    My Avalanche FINALLY came back to me on the Roll Back !!! "Cat Back" Duals Done !!! Dude hooked me up with a Flow Master Muffler and Kick ASS Chrome Tips !!! Tucked them in Real Nice !!! He's done the exhaust work on every truck I've owned so far !!! Now my Avalanche sounds like she has a LARGE pair of Grape Fruits !!!
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    Got My Sub Amplifier !!!