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    Toss with olive oil, stick in oven at ~400*. I prefer broccoli this way though.
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    This was a fun color, midnight pine.
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    Rock Auto/Power Stop for sure https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/bmw,2011,550i,4.4l+v8+turbocharged,1446914,brake+&+wheel+hub,rotor+&+brake+pad+kit,13824
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    After building one Saleen S7 using American made Second Skin products for heat and noise on the floor and back wall, why not add a second and third SALEEN to the build(s)...
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    J - if you want to try B. Sprouts. Here is what I would normally do. Clean them, blanch in boiling water for 2-3min, shock in ice water, cut in half, grab some animal fat (duck fat or bacon fat from the fridge, render some bacon in a pan, etc) and get a pan nearly smoking hot. Add the fat and distribute in the pan, then fry the brussels sprouts until they are golden brown. Pan should be hot enough you can't leave the stove.
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    None of the non-root vegetables should have been soft. If they were, the higher end restaurants you went to suck. On the root veggies, parsnips and carrots shouldn't be either. Hell even on potatoes there should be some texture otherwise they should be riced & mashed. I will not eat soft over cooked destroyed veggies either. Sort of stupid to cook all the nutrients, flavor and wonderful textures out of them.
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    Hawk makes GREAT pads, just be sure you get a street pad! Have you checked Rock Auto? They usually have Power Stop kits available.
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    Zeckhausen racing is where I usually got mine for the Bm'ers. https://www.zeckhausen.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=3_4_3520_3522 Centric rotors are fine. Used to use EBC pads from there, but now it seems he carries Hawk and Porterfield which I know nothing about. Personally I would look for a lower dust option...
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    Find the one you want to buy and tell them to write that dealer a check.
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    We threw 1,000w 25hz tone on the all new ZCON today to show off the suspension. Simply beautiful in slow motion. The all new 2019 ZCON 12" 2500W Subwoofer by SSA®! Built to order and now available for purchase. On sale now!! #ZCON #ArriveLoud https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/soundsolutionsaudio/zcon/
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    The awesome guys at Colorado Car Audio just finished a sweet Dodge Ram 3500 Pro Master Van build with full sound and heat insulation along with a stereo upgrade and the work is very nice!!! They applied Spectrum and Damplifier Pro CLD to all of the metal to kill vibration noise and help with heat transfer through the metal. They used Luxury Liner Pro MLV+CCF next to block out unwanted airborne noise and thermally insulate the walls. And they used Mega Zorbe Hydrophobic Melamine Foam to absorb sound and thermally insulate the roof of this huge van!!! When the proper layers are applied to the correct locations, a huge difference in noise level reduction can be achieved. Setting the stage for a nice and clean platform for your stereo to perform in a much more enjoyable environment....especially with these tin can sprinter vans....treating them makes a HUGE difference in noise comfort levels. Thank you guys for the awesome work and pictures. Thank you for insisting on high-quality Second Skin products for all of your builds. #TeamSecondSkin #SecondSkinUSA #SecondSkinAudio #SecondSkinForTheWin Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening Luxury Liner Pro Mass Loaded Vinyl with Closed Cell Foam infused Mega Zorbe Standard Hydrophbic Melamine Foam Damplifier Pro New Kenwood Touch Screen Head Unit Upgraded Stereo System
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    I can slap Ferrari tags, stickers, paint, wheels, whatever on any of my cars. Doesn't make them a Ferrari. I'll make it easy for you. In the morning, call a nearby Ferrari dealer and tell them you'd like to schedule a pre-purchase inspection. Get back to us on how that goes.
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    Well shit....that sounds like a losing hand for all 4 spots. Especially with no leadership, peers, or subordinates. J
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    BTW, tomorrow night early coverage starts at 10 eastern on ESPN (I believe ESPN plus also has it starting at 7:30) is Top Rank Boxing from Kissimmee, FL. Well I will be there ringside photographing the action for Rocket Sports and Entertainment. Last July I was editing for TR's official photographer, this year I'm shooting for a publication I do a lot for. J
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    All 100%, thanks for asking. No idea what happened, but they are monitoring him now 24/7 to see if they can figure it out. Current guess is that somehow an imbalance caused his heart rate to drop too far and he passed out.
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    Some more sneak peeks at the powerhouse of this sweet build at the West Coast Customs garage currently... #WestCoastCustoms #SecondSkinAudio #TeamSecondSkin
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    My Avalanche FINALLY came back to me on the Roll Back !!! "Cat Back" Duals Done !!! Dude hooked me up with a Flow Master Muffler and Kick ASS Chrome Tips !!! Tucked them in Real Nice !!! He's done the exhaust work on every truck I've owned so far !!! Now my Avalanche sounds like she has a LARGE pair of Grape Fruits !!!
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    Now that I have the Brutal Sounds 2K installed, went back to fully 2 way Active. This system is not far from being done !!!
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    Got My Sub Amplifier !!!
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    Oh man, I got some data. I'll try not to make a giant post here. So at this point I know the amps and drivers are fine. I matched the amp output voltage and disabled EQ. Lets start with some 1/12th octave RTA pink noise measurements. Mic at driver head position and was pointing straight forward (dayton ecc6). Just playing the individual drivers with xover at 50hz and 175hz (4th order i think) everything else is disabled. 5 - teal is left driver, 6 -gold is right driver. Have some pretty big nulls at 75 and 150hz when playing the left midbass. No idea what the 35hz peak is, cabin mode or something. When I measured with the sub ON it doesn't show up. [I reviewed some backround measurements, this is noise from the car running at idle] Near field measurements. I believe the settings I used were 30 Hz to 200 Hz over 5 seconds. I think we can ignore the level difference, I might have changed the output level to avoid clipping the microphone. I didn't take time to measure out the distance or anything. Just got the microphone a few inches from the cone and measured. pink - 9 is left, blue - 10 is right. This measurement was taken with the doors open as well. I repeated the near field measurements with the doors closed. I thought that the latched door might constrain the doors differently, green 12 is right, dark blue 13 is left. Im not sure what to make of this. Maybe I should have shortened the sweep length.. I any case, I think we can see that the midbass drivers are performing fine. Next I moved the mic around the cabin a bit and measured some additional 1/12th octave rta pink noise responses. Only left midbass is playing. Dark blue/green - 15 is measured 2 ft forward of the driver (just above the steering wheel almost). Gold - 16 is measured at the front passenger head. Green - 17 measured between front seat at head level. Purple - 18 Driver position baseline measurement. plots with 1/12 oct smoothing. Easier to read IMO So I'm starting to get the idea that this is some kind of cabin mode or some structure in the cabin is creating this null. Perhaps something in/under the dash. Here is one more plot that might demonstrate this the most. These are all measurements with only the left driver playing. purple - 18 measured at driver head. Red - 21 measured at driver head and right door is open. Green - 22 measured at driver head with all doors closed and Left driver window rolled down. I think its very interesting that null at 75 hz is complete missing with the Rt door open. Rolling down the driver window didn't help too much but I think the window glass is very close to the rear of the driver so perhaps that is not helping and this is a bad measurement. Going forward, I think I will try filling some cavities with some denim insulation material I have lying around. Open to any suggestions...