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    Hit a bench pr this afternoon. Managed 1x5 @ 275 lbs, 1x6 @ 275 lbs, 1x5 @ 280 lbs for my top 3 sets. Felt really good too. Not too shabby for a 5' 10" 195 lbs mid thirties father of 3.
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    Got mack my Grandfather's WWII rings today; a brass trench ring made from a piece of shell or bullet casings, and a sterling silver ring that I finally had an onyx put back in. It's nice being able to have a piece of him and his service with me everywhere. J
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    Cabinets started!! Have everything sliced and diced. Getting ready to break out the biscuit jointer.
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    Tweeters mounted!! They went together fairly smooth. Only needed to trim slightly.
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    Just some new tools that showed up this weekend, I have some more goodies coming this week too.
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    Who should join the Second Skin Rewards program? Everyone should join! Seriously though, we designed the rewards program with two groups of people in mind. Second Skin Enthusiasts For our loyal customers who love telling others about how awesome Second Skin is, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to refer others. So you posted in an automotive forum or your build log about your awesome experience with us? Great, let us know and we’ll send you points. Or maybe you posted a review of us on Google? We appreciate that. Points for you as well. Whether it’s referring to one friend or shouting from the rooftops for all to hear, we want to show that we appreciate you! Second Skin Installers Many of you install Second Skin on a regular basis, but you don’t need quite enough material to want to join our Dealer Program. With Second Skin Rewards, you’ll get exclusive discounts that you can use in the way that works best for you.
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    We are adding more and more as we get closer to Black Friday. #crSSAy good prices from the #1source for #authorized online car audio.
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    Upgraded my puddle lights on the front doors, looks pretty cool
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    Don't miss out on this incredible offer to try our new Dual Lock reclosable adhesion accessory for use with all products, even the heavy mass loaded vinyl. https://www.secondskinaudio.com/accessories/dual-lock-reclosable-fastener #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinUSA #SecondSkinAudio #SecondSkin #DualLock
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    The irony in that is the Eagle/Vail is actually in Gypsum. Haha Vail=billionaires (Aspen=millionaires for perspective) Guess they don’t want to fly into a town named after the dirt.
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    Just payed $400 yesterday for a round trip from Atlanta to Eagle/Vail for Christmas. Was $600 for the thanksgiving one from Memphis. Can be a huge difference depending on the day of the week and which airline.
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    Yes, way better at doing stuff. Eats Alexa's lunch too. Siri also doesn't understand as well...at least not my brothers. We compare and laugh all the time. I use Google assistant all day. It dials my phone most of the time...
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    You flew into Grand Junction. THe Eagle/Vail one is slightly closer to me. there are two other regionals even closer. Funny there's 4 airports within an hour or less and I live in BFE.
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    Perhaps is probably right.
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    You use gestures on the iphone, only way it works I thought. ie, if you have no home/apple button you are using gestures. The Android implementation of it is superior IMO in every way...but of course unless you are on Android 10 you don't have that.
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    I have a couple artifacts from my grandfather and they are so special.
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    Team Second Skin is off to the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Please keep in mind that calls and emails will be limited during this SEMA week. We will answer and reply to all communications at our earliest opportunities while working out of pocket at the big show. Have a great week everyone! #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinAudio #SecondSkinInsulation #SecondSkinUSA #MadeInTheUSA #ProudlyMadeInTheUSA #TeamSecondSkin #SecondSkinForTheWin #SEMA #SEMA2019 #LasVegas #Nevada
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    Ditto on buying the RF amp used on this forum. I've bought lots of stuff here and always had great results.
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    I love the stupid Pixel stand too. I never pick up my phone during the day while at work, but work on it a ton.
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    The Pixel experience is so far beyond any other Android. Converting my whole family...even the Apple fanboi's
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    Decided not to mount my sub amp to the enclosure and used a method from my first car I ever posted on here. Thanks to Home Depot for the shelf boards, which I am using to mount my amp. This is temporary till I get my big boy amplifier. Excuse the rat nest of wiring that is getting worked on some as we speak.
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    Debadged the back of the vehicle, I still need to find something to cover up the 2 small holes from "H" emblem. Cleaned all that residue off with some compound. Looks much better to me. Panoramic Roof is getting a clear ceramic tint on it Saturday. The rest of the car will get regular ceramic tint. This is the longest Ive ever owned a car without getting it tinted.
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    Another piece to the puzzle was dropped off today at my job.