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    Time for a website update. Fully mobile friendly, top notch product photos and a smoother layout. Introducing the all new www.SSAudio.com http://www.SSAudio.com #ArriveLoud
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    Sweet build going on in Corona, CA using Second Skin sound and heat insulation to give the driver some relief from that HUGE engine on his back. Damplifier Pro (CLD) to kill the vibration and Luxury Liner Pro (MLV) to help tame down some of that engine noise and thermally insulate. Can you guess what vehicle is being built here?
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    She's alive and breathing fire...ready for the tracks!!!
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    Kenny and the crew from West Coast Customs did their part to make this bad boy full of muscle...now it is up to the driver to perform well on the track and set the record!!!! Good Luck Guys
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    Assembled and put back together after reaching the goal of 1,300 HP on the DYNO
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    Judging by my other "high power" cars I've had, I'm estimating 400 at the wheels. The gears may be attributing to that though. I actually want a higher gear. I'm cruising around town at 40 in 5th gear a little above 2K. I think I'm going to change the clutch too, even though it's brand new. It grabs INSTANTLY and it's a total jerk. Literally. It jerks the fuck out of you and it's nearly impossible to slip. IT's an Exedy "stage 2", whatever that means, but it's too aggressive and unfortunately non-adjustable. If I had purchased it stock, I would have started with the exhaust, then brakes, lighter wheels with sticky sticky tires, suspension and THEN I would have thrown some power at it. As it sits right now, my first concern is audio, even thought that's pretty much pointless. It's obscenely loud, but cruising and road noise is fairly tame actually. Going to drop the Evils in the doors, play with some of the tweets I have, so glass the Gcon in the corner. If I still have it next year, I'll get some new shoes and rubber.
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    It is one of 3 brand new Saleen S7's that were built for Steve Saleen's 70th birthday, all 3 full of Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro. The Saleen S7 in this thread is going for a speed record and will be featured on Bravo channel for this attempted record. They actually hit their goal of 1,300 HP on the DYNO this weekend!!! #SecondSkinForTheWin #AmericanMade
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    American manufactured high-performance sports cars....
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    Have to start somewhere on your road to 1,300 HP...
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    SO, this guy had this car posted for sale several months ago for $15.2K. It has over $10K in mods. Just ridiculous. ! owner car. I see this car every day as the guy lives and works close. I was getting ready to pull the trigger on a really nice Tacoma. I came home Wednesday for lunch and just so happened to check Craigslist and this car was the first thing that popped up. What hooked me was the price. $!0K! I thought it was BS, so I emailed the guy to call me. He did so 10 minutes later and 3 hours later I was checking it out. I told him I'd go the bank in the AM, and he said if I bought it by Friday he'd give it to me for $9K! I went to the bank to get a small loan to cover what I didn't have in cash and the loan officer valued the car at $16.5. I figure the mods add another $2K, so I have effectively doubled my money. I went to pick it up this morning and he gives me all the stock parts and other parts he purchased but never installed or just changed because he wanted to. So, now I have the car, AND another 2Gs, in parts! I hate yellow, in a bad way, but this is a no-brainer from an investment standpoint.
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    I wish they were all this way. Pure gain block with a big sink and some damn fins!
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    I'm actually not afraid to underpower the mids. I'm actually more worried about overpowering the sub. I could test both setups though and watch the gains when I test the sub on the bridged kronos.
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    Absolutely no need. The only way you're going to get enough mechanical movement to damage them in a sealed alignment is you go get to the point where they're basically IB or if you're just a tool with the power and bass knobs. You're good with it off. I promise.
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    This is a photo I have become known for. People can't believe what I do with their vehicles.
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    Couldnt get pictures to upload from my phone for a while but they seem to be working now. Installed my speaker rings back when I got them, love the simplicity of them. I also installed my Speaker Tweakers I won a few years ago from Second Skin in a raffle. To apply them I had to cut in half due to the bar on my inner door skin, super glue worked great as advised from Second Skin. Doors themselves need to be treated one day but for now they got a little love to help improve the sound.
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    Bored at work so I decided to install my Fast Rings around my SSA Evil 6.5" mids. The amount of midbass these speakers put out in an untreated door is unreal, I had too much panel vibration going in. These rings definitely helped.
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    Night out with the wife at the car wash. Yes, our life is that exciting !!!