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    Another piece to the puzzle was dropped off today at my job.
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    A very nice ass shot of the newest Saleen S7 built with Second Skin Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro inside. #TeamSecondSkin #SecondSkinForTheWin
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    Time for a website update. Fully mobile friendly, top notch product photos and a smoother layout. Introducing the all new www.SSAudio.com http://www.SSAudio.com #ArriveLoud
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    Sweet build going on in Corona, CA using Second Skin sound and heat insulation to give the driver some relief from that HUGE engine on his back. Damplifier Pro (CLD) to kill the vibration and Luxury Liner Pro (MLV) to help tame down some of that engine noise and thermally insulate. Can you guess what vehicle is being built here?
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    If they ran the sub amp with high level inputs tapped off of speakers in the car sometimes when the factory stereo turns off there is no more dampening of the factory speakers and they act as microphones placing the subwoofer into a runaway feedback loop. Common with cheap install places like Best Buy.
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    She's alive and breathing fire...ready for the tracks!!!
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    Kenny and the crew from West Coast Customs did their part to make this bad boy full of muscle...now it is up to the driver to perform well on the track and set the record!!!! Good Luck Guys
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    Assembled and put back together after reaching the goal of 1,300 HP on the DYNO
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    Hey I'm always looking for ways to sell decals, signs, banners, or photo services. I sold 10 6" decals last week when a kid outside of class was talking about wanting a logo for his jetski. Quick 120 bucks. J
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    Judging by my other "high power" cars I've had, I'm estimating 400 at the wheels. The gears may be attributing to that though. I actually want a higher gear. I'm cruising around town at 40 in 5th gear a little above 2K. I think I'm going to change the clutch too, even though it's brand new. It grabs INSTANTLY and it's a total jerk. Literally. It jerks the fuck out of you and it's nearly impossible to slip. IT's an Exedy "stage 2", whatever that means, but it's too aggressive and unfortunately non-adjustable. If I had purchased it stock, I would have started with the exhaust, then brakes, lighter wheels with sticky sticky tires, suspension and THEN I would have thrown some power at it. As it sits right now, my first concern is audio, even thought that's pretty much pointless. It's obscenely loud, but cruising and road noise is fairly tame actually. Going to drop the Evils in the doors, play with some of the tweets I have, so glass the Gcon in the corner. If I still have it next year, I'll get some new shoes and rubber.
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    ONLY use 1 crossover. So yes full. Outside of an amp with a digital processor I would NEVER use an amp for running active. If that was my only choice I'd build passives and call it a day. Make sure if you go the headunit route though that you get one with the capability to bandpass the mid.
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    It effectively takes a 3dB increase in power to hear a difference. This is a doubling of power. Unfortunately, you won't really gain much. I gather from your post you are looking for more output. Honestly, as great as that driver is, it's not much a beast in the way of sheer output. It's a sealed driver only, so you're only other option is a larger enclosure at the sacrifice of power handling and cone control, so that just screws everything else.
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    must be a quieter ride for sure! Nice work.
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    Spring is finally here! #SpringIntoSSAB Sale is now in full effect, Save on SSA ZCON, GCON, & Demon Subwoofers, Evil1 & Evil65 Speakers and more! Now thru 5-20-2019! https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/springintobass-sale/
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    Absolutely no need. The only way you're going to get enough mechanical movement to damage them in a sealed alignment is you go get to the point where they're basically IB or if you're just a tool with the power and bass knobs. You're good with it off. I promise.
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    Factory sub delete since it died on me last summer I believe, even though it was subpar I miss the bass.
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    Big 2 done so far: Battery Negative to Frame/Chassis Engine Block to Frame/Chassis I covered all unpainted areas with Plasti-Dip to keep from rusting. If I should use something else then let me know, since Plasti-Dip can be removed. I will wait to do the Power and Negative run to Alternator from battery once I upgrade alternators.
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    Night out with the wife at the car wash. Yes, our life is that exciting !!!