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    Not quite finished. But figured I post up some pics. Still debating on doing some pin-striping.
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    I Finally found time to get my compost barrel built! Came in clutch AF on materials!! Almost all free and recycled. Less than $50 spent, including the wooden bin. Houston WE have lift-off!!! Still need to stain the wood and line the bin with corrugated roof metal. Also complete the last corner of the stone patio. All diamonds in the rough... as with everything I have. LOL Cleo dog giving her approval.
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    Just pulled this out of my oven...5 min ago. And I know nothing of this high gluten flour you speak of. Lol. Just flour, sugar, dried legumes, dried peppers, asian noodles and rice. Have some smaller containers of stuff that fit in those categories, but am in the middle of re-organizing my pantry and everything.
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    Bad ideas, but ideas nonetheless!! My number one rule in life is be resourceful. I will do whatever it takes to get me where I need to be, regardless of social opinion. Life is in session and we only have so many days on this planet.
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    I’ll give you Dutch. A Dutch oven that is!
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    And I am not hoarding...lol. 00 Flour in town is $14 for 2lbs. This beast was $30. I've used 25lbs of flour this month so the pics above showing 150lbs of flour or so is indeed months worth....but only because I can't buy reasonable sizes anymore. Said fuck it and got big containers to hold it all.
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    Overworked like crazy, but it is paying off. Saving and investing like a possessed freight train.
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    Oh getting on an airplane today. Mandatory face mask the entire ride. All Annikya’s shit is still in Mississippi from when they shut the college down. They finally posted up a schedule to go and get everything. On super short notice that is. So off to do that and sign her new lease.
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    I've been messing around lately with some 15" Drivers David Moore at PSI has been custom building for me to use for a few of the HT designs I have been implementing. I was using a lot of the Parts Express drivers for a while, the Ultimax and Reference series for custom installs, but the prices were going up and my wholesale discount kept seeming to get smaller and smaller. Anyway, David's drivers work well, sound good and measure decent in 3.5 ft3 boxes. Here are some pics of the last few, I have been getting the ones you can see coated with Line-X and the hidden ones just plain MDF. I have been using between 750 and 1000 watts per driver...
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    You sure can.
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    I personally like the Sun Blaze Brand. Otherwise Hydrofarm would be my second choice. with the space you have I would probably get a 6 or 8 bulb 4’ fixture. as far as bulbs they come in standard, HO and VHO. I would stick with the HO. There are only two brands I trust. Spectralux and Quantum. Trust to have the best intensity AND be the correct spectrum and stay that way the longest. Normally I would suggest buy used with just about anything. This is one thing I probably would weigh that gamble. This is how it breaks down. The bulbs are by far one of the largest costs. Because you want quality ones. They are 8 to $15 a bulb for a quality one. The only part other than the fixture itself, is the ballast. Of the half a dozen I’ve acquired used, I’ve had to replace at least half the ballasts. At $20-$40 a whack. Both costs mentioned are before shipping. So a used one that needs $100 in bulbs and possibly a ballast or two, puts you right up close to the cost of a new one. New they usually come with bulbs included. The Sun Blaze is probably one of the most expensive, but comes with Spectralux bulbs. While I imagine most use the same ballast and are just re-badged. I feel like Sun Blaze used a higher quality one, just speculation though. Either way the bulbs are the meat and potatoes of operation. Of course before I recommended much I went and researched a little on what you are growing. Definitely a lot of mixed opinions but most favoring the LED, for lettuce at least. That is if it is a quality LED that actually produces the Lumens it claims. So my question at this point that I hadn’t found the answer to yet. Is should a T5 be ran with half red and blue bulbs. As the first thing I noticed in any of the YouTube tests is they are comparing an LED with both light spectrum’s to a T5 with only blue 5700k veg bulbs. I saw they had came out with an LED T5 bulb. They are more expensive. But claim to last at least five years. Whereas regular bulbs will only last a year tops. Not sure if they produce the pink light, but assume they do. hopefully without the noise at least. Could be worth looking into once you are ready to commit long-term. I can only assume you enjoy my overly elaborate answers, unlike most people. Let me know if I’m off base there. Lol
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    Measurements are near field and the TS run was done above with the woofer in box to look at resonance and impedance. I used a Dayton Omnimic, DATS, O-Scope and a home made amplifier driven by an HP laptop to make all the measurements
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    I can’t imagine there’s anything you haven’t thought of my dude. I’m sorry for your loss. On the plus now you get to go appliance shopping!!
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    Set back to back PR's on the peloton.
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    The Gcon can be optioned up with more suspension, larger leads, triple joint reinforcement, and a flatwound coil. All adds up to more power handling than the Icon.
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    Pull the Skar out of there and honestly, all of the other options are a good choice. I personally would go with a sealed Gcon and a Smart 3 running 4 ohms.
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    DSP Tuning Session Picture 1 - Tweeter Settings Picture 2 - Midbass Settings Picture 3 - Subwoofer Settings This process is dope as hell and it's very interesting to see how speakers react to different crossover points(Hz) as well as crossover slopes(db). Sitting in my car for hours already tuning just to find a spot to turn it up and not disturb others as well. Butterworth for mids and tweets, Linkwitz Riley for sub.
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    I bet you would....
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    Keep at it. Always good to hear of others taking care of themselves. Worked from 7 am - 11 pm yesterday, so it was a day off for me. I try to stick to strength training 6 days/week and try to fit in some sort of conditioning/cardio 3-4 times per week. Did a chest/back day today. All supersets. Incline db press / pendlay rows Barbell floor press / weighted pull ups Incline db flys / cable lat pullover Incline pushups / parallel grip pull downs
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    Cant see pictures on the google drive but that tint will come in handy within the next few months. Got mine done earlier this month myself
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    Here's pics as promised. Can see a bin I stared for my for my compost pile with scrap plywood. Also can see chickens fuck up a lawn. But they are great mulchers.
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    Crappy pic, but my dog and a deer in the yard this afternoon, just chillin.
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    100 shitake plugs getting seeded as well. Trying to amp up my supplied from home game. Figure if I have herbs, tomatoes, & lettuce we are pretty golden. Of course, squash, rhubarb, corn, green beans, apples, plums we get from the farm along with beef. Pork from a local pig farm. Makes me feel a bit more independent of our food supply. Doesn't hurt that Matt has me baking now. Some killer breads change your diet completely. Had to change up my storage Because of this
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    Had nothing to do with my post Sir, I tried to find the owner to ask him some questions about one of his amplifier brands ... but no luck. I'm not sure if he was at World Finals or not ... There was no Manufacturer's booth for them ... Again ... Considering that the thread title reads ... My post was primarily on the performance of the amplifiers during World Finals ... Nothing more ... Great. And my statement you quoted there was regarding the douchbaggery of the company owner. Glad we were able to get that cleared up. I was really confused for a moment.