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    I reserved a camping spot in the Arches National Park in Moab for March. Has always been on my list of places to see. Bonus is it’s only a two hour drive.
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    @j-roadtatts Listen. Something happened today and I dont want you to be mad. To be fair, of all the things they warned me of, they didn't tell me this.... You will not be the first person to tattoo me my friend. But to see the one I have it will cost you fuckers about $25k and a mountain of blow to forget about it later. The surgeon had to mark his depth.
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    Awesome. First day was rough, by noon the 2nd day he was putting S turns together with just a little slide in between. By the end of the third day he could hold them on all but the steepest part of the blue runs. The conditions were icy/groomers so not ideal for holding an edge without a bunch of strength. On the steeper sections that he was uncomfortable with he just rode heel edge alternating goofy/reg stance. He can carve either goofy or reg which is wicked.
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    Happy New Year's guys!!!
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    In first class with my 10yr old returning from a snowboarding trip to Park City . Had a great time. Happy New Year everyone.
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    Merry Christmas SSA fam. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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    We’ll just call that one a whores divorce. (hors d’oeuvres in my best Andrew Dice Clay voice)
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    5.25" driver / tweet ruff draft into the dash with an 8" driver in the door ... Should sound really nice !!! Nowhere close to a finished product ... WAY more work to do !!! Threw on the ole LED Light Bar Kit from White Lightning for a "toys for tots" Meca Event ...
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    Going to be fun to hear the boys translate for us down there
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    Yes they are. And the longer they can drag out the battle, the more they get to charge. Remember, the first thing any lawyer looks after is their own pocket book...
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    Also, lawyers are fucking pricey as hell for custody. Especially out of state move. J
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    31hz is just a nice safe spot to be in for our subs on most music choices in most normal cars. If this was for home audio, or extreme competition or a very specific need, then the frequency would be different.
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    Yes, turn, turn, turn!
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    Oh yeah. Happy New Years y’all! :-)
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    Tbh I really liked my brothers when I test drove it. Enough I was like I need to get out of here before I want one. Haha Was smooth. Reminded me of my first duramax experience.
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    I've got 6 travel jobs in the nect two months: Cali, NV, WY, NC, and two in LA. It's going to be a nutty few months here.
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    Not seen anything like it before, but it works for surfboards right? I've seen people use expanding foam for structure and glass over that, so the EPS should would just the same for flat panels.
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    I have the Seas waveguide TMM enclosures and crossovers built. Working on the feet and baffles now.
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    I bought a chair height Kohler a few months ago and I am less than thrilled about it. The bowl shape collects shit splatter like no other.
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    Absolutely. I've always stuck in the 30-34 Hz range for tuning with great results. And I don't even know what decaf is. Always just listen to good old music. SSA won't steer you wrong. They know their stuff.
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    I have been using a champion 4 for 3 plus years. It takes all my shit!
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    I just bought a new Eljer a couple weeks ago. I literally spent months researching toilets. I was going to go with a pressurized tank, but after watching plumbing reviews, I didn't see why I would need anything other than a traditional siphon. Can't give an opinion on the boot washer.
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    Just stay awesome and supportive. If I need help I'll ask. I've been talking to family and such. It's been manageable. The basement did flood today and I slipped and cracked my bitoenail in half. Thankfully i was in rage mode and i didnt feel it. Just adrenaline. It also cleaned up fast. It looked so much worse than it was. My basement dam just couldnt deal with the thaw and rain we got. The outside dam was down for the winter so i didnt blow through it. Guess I took it down too soon. all is mostly well now. Some friends came to help, but u had it mostly done by the time people got over.
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    Thank you Sir !!! Went out to the local Sonic Drive In "Cruze In" the other night. First time hanging out like that in 20 years !!! LOL I had Fun !!! I was asked why I pulled her in instead of backing in like the other low riders. My response was "I wanted to show her Phat Ass off"