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    On a plane as well. Off to Paris. My parents are randomly there this week so I get to take them out to dinner.
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    Three P3D2-10s Two T252-S One P1000x1bd One P600x4 A bunch of RF branded 1/0 and 4 gauge, An RF hoodie, RF hat, and RF team shirt And a cheap ass box that is surprisingly well constructed. It's been lined with bed liner quite poorly though.
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    I just scored $2K worth of RF gear brand new in the plastic for a STOOPID price!
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    Think of the tone as a static load. It doesn't change. It's not that cut and dry, but a generalization. That 39Hz note in a song could be measured but it's amplitude won't be the same, all other factors being equal because the dynamic load present on the amplifier before and after that note from the dynamics of the music. Think of it this way; your faucet on your sink breaks and the water is flowing at a constant rate (i.e. the tone), and your other faucet breaks but this one has the water pulsating while sometimes reaching the same constant rate as the other faucet , and sometimes not. A rollercoaster is another good example. Say we have 12 hills all the same height, length, and profile. The forces exerted will be the same throughout the ride. We build a different coaster with one hill the same size as the first coaster, but all others vary in difference to this one and the forces will differ for the duration of the ride. This is rudimentary, but it gives a fundamental understanding, or a picture if you will.
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    @j-roadtatts Scrap everything bro. I'm going full Jeff Buckley my friend!
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    The dirt looking shit around the gps is shoegoo sealing up the seam so water doesn't get in. Here is a teaser. Will pull it outside next week and take better pictures.
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    Just realized I suck at pictures. In CA, but here is a preliminary shot of the dash. THANK YOU again!!
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    Was a good distraction from the ball o’ hash! If them eggs weren’t radioactive before, they are now. Dude spent some time with them in the machine.
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    Nobody is hiring for balance. I want to see attitude first, aptitude second. Attitude will show by making it obvious that you take it serious in every aspect. Regular updates, strong connections, posting content, showing you love your job is what I meant. Add anything about your personal life and it is deflating not helpful. All game. Glad you had me clarify. Personally I'd ditch facebook as well.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kxcwgtaqAc I need to hurry up and get my garage built.
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    “You don’t know what’s going to happen next.” oh the story’s I could tell. Nothing says stage 5 clinger like a name tattoo.
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    Don't spoil it! I started watching last night but fell asleep.
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    Well, there went an hour!
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    After so much turmoil, I finally got the tune installed on the truck! Limited seat time at the moment with kiddo, but we will see! The pedal is so much more responsive now!
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    It's well worth the flight. I haven't added anything to my left arm simply because I'd rather have Jared have both sleeves. His work is top notch, and he makes ya feel comfortable. Gentle touch too. I've have some who really bury the ink, and that just isn't him. No fade or ink spread either. Plus where he calls home is simply beautiful. It made my list of 'places to move' when I was getting out. With good reason too. J
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    Recently, I was picked up by a men's outdoor travel team. Much of the guys are coaches for the travels teams on the peninsula and they needed another player. They never let on to me the intensity or level of competition. Leading up to the first game, I was under the impression it was a laid back men's league with guys mostly just kicking the ball around. Well, not so much. Most of the teams we are playing are ex-pro's or previous D1 players, and its pretty intense. Some of the teams being together for over 10 years. So I am the total new guy, and for once, not running the team. Many of these guys are still damn quick, effectively taking away a strength of mine. The first few games, I have been back on defense, normally stopper or left back. Well last night, I transitioned up to right mid, and for the first time in a VERY long time, I felt like I found a home on the field in outdoor. Was out there on an island, yet was able to drop accurate crosses into the box, and still cover major ground back on defense. After last night, I guess my trial period is over, and that is where I will be for the future. In a run of 35 straight years of playing this sport, last night was the first time in quite a long time, where I was able to just play and be.
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    I’ve been asked at least a couple dozen times in the last month how we disciplined Annikya growing up. The answer. She had to write an essay every time to reflect. Length depended on severity. About the only other thing I ever say is she has always had to make her own choices. The example I give is choosing clothes to wear. She would be given three outfits and had to choose which one. Was unexpected so many people asked me that. From kids she graduated with to other parents.
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    Ended the day going to a baseball game. Won the championship! Memories for the boys
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    Me: "Hello good sir, I would like to buy several of your best marijuana. May I have 2 of your finest!?" Confused weed shop guy: "Two what." Me: "Two orders of your finest goods sir." "GUY: Oh, you're from out of town?" Me: "How did you know?" :swallows bag of gummy bears: "YOLO"
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    I’d need a clipper job to the body once a month with my woolly genetics... Honestly, half the house would be paid for with in-state tuition. If one of us could become a state resident. Optimistically would become her residence once she is allowed to move out of the dorm. So wouldn’t be throwing the money from her living quarters away. I have spoke strongly in the past about how I feel about you spending time with your daughter. Especially in your situation. That would be great if she came to live with you at some point!