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    Small Update. Finished my A-Pillars !!! Got a little work to get back on them later. But for now, I LOVE the way the perform !!! After the holidays, hoping to get back to the doors !!! Thinking metal braces !!!
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    2013 Chevy polished up real nice!
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    Spent the V-day at the spa and worlds largest natural hot springs pool! 104 degrees!!Of course looked more like this as it was cold outside and snowing.
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    Play the sub alone and listen to it. I would be suspect of the settings....any shop that tells you about box rise but forgets to tell you about box fall is confused. He is just regurgitating something he doesn't understand. To explain, all drivers have an impedance response and this response can change based on the environment it is mounted in. This response is a curve, it does not only rise but also falls at differing frequencies. Subs are specified in thermal and mechanical power handling to deal with both the response of the driver and the box it is in. Having the installer "scare" you that you aren't getting power because of rise is completely irrelevant. To make matters worse, implying that you would hear a difference in a 1500w amp as compared to a 1000w is asinine. Go enjoy your setup. Your installers comments take with a grain of salt. Since you have to take them with a grain of salt I personally would double check everything he did.
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    The SSA Demon is now enroute to us.
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    Baby Penelope!! She arrived just in time for dinner!
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    I suck at pictures when I get busy.
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    As it goes SSA brings out another speaker and my wife bought me some. She does not realize my audio addiction, but I do have a corner in the garage with lots of goodies. This time around I am going to be running the new Demon sub, 4 to be exact in a sealed box 26"x38"x10.5" for a total after all displacments 4.10 cubes. These will be powered with the SSA IC2200.1 running @ .5 ohm, never have too much power. Here is the line up with an OG Dcon.
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    So I ended up ordering some drivers after talking to an old friend who owned a shop many years ago. I went with SWS 12s from Earthquake. Hopefully I can get an enclosure fabbed up next weekend and give them a thrashing, but pics will have to suffice for now. Here they are next to the Evil mids. identical mounting depths. And next to an OG Gcon12
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    Other funn of the week! Not to bad for a $350 tattoo.
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    Got this decal up on the wall also! ATM for size. LOL HAve all five of the patents from the 1890's on tattoo machines framed and hung up also. Forgot to grab a pic though.
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    The girls took forth place!! Is the highest they have ever placed at nationals! Proud dad right here.
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    Also got started on a new painting!!
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    Hanging out with baby Mila today!
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    Box build has begun.
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    This little girl being one of them!!
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    updated pics. I'd like to get the left midrange a bit more to the left as it sounds very much from in front of me rather than the side.
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    Hey guys, I'm back with an update. Weather hasn't cooperator with me but what do you expect this time of year. I attached the tweeter pods to the mid range pods with some epoxy. Notice I had to print a new tweeter pod for the left side to gain some clearance. I'm using some camera tripod mounts and threaded inserts to hold the pods to the A pillar trim. I'm not sure if this will hold up but I'll see how it goes. On the rear of the A pillar trim I used some large round pieces of metal to reinforce the trim piece. I did a few test fits before getting things right but this is how the pods are installed for now. Sorry for the bad quality pics. I decided to throw these in there and go grab some late night Chinese food. This photo is from right above the driver side headrest. should give you an idea on how they're aimed. My lazer pointer worked pretty well! I'll play around with the tweeter orientation as I tune. So the whole point of this build was to see how low I can get these 4 incher to play and see if they meet up with the midbass in the 100-150 hz range. I haven't tested too much yet but I think that it will work. Unfortunately, my mdf baffle on the driver side door is complete fucked from water so I ordered some plastic cutting board material and a jigsaw to make a new baffle...
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    LOL! That is NOT possible. The computer models are good for small signal response, but it doesn't equate to real world power levels. You can try different drivers, but I guarantee you won't be pleased for the time and money spent versus the small gains, again, if any. I get what you're trying to do, but you're better off just dealing with what you have and saving the money you would spend on new drivers. You can compound this over time and get a proper enclosure and drivers and the seat lift if you prefer. It will cost you less to do it all at once.
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    I'm competing in MECA Street SQ class this year. If I am reading the 2019 rules correctly, processors are allowed in all SQ classes. Not Sure, guess it's because of factory integration. To answer your question, No, I'm not upgrading to a processor. I'm just adding a pair of old school crossovers to allow me 4 channels on my 2 way setup. Basically bumping up from 150w per channel on 2 channels passive to 150w on 4 channels active. What should have taken me a few hours took me all weekend to wire all of this up. Everything works according to plan, but my doors being stock is not working. At all. They need to be treated ASAP !!! Only down fall to this for me is I will have no sub bass until my amplifier gets here. Is what it is I guess.
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    Annikya got excepted to CU this week. Has been excepted to four other mid level colleges also. The one she is waiting on and that I think she prefers is Washington state. It is a good sign that CU excepted her, as it is on about the same tier.
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    We lost our original OEM Manufacturer due to the Trump Steel Tariffs earlier this year. We are in the process of redesigning and manufacturing most if not all our subwoofers. We have rolled out the new ICON (1250w RMS) line (Chinese Made), & F8L (650w RMS) (Chinese Made). Currently In production (Subwoofers): Demon (550w RMS) (Chinese Made), Hellion (850w RMS) (US Built) ZCON (2250w RMS) (US Built) Hope this information helps. We do hope to reintroduce the EVIL at a later date as finances allow. We are working as fast as we can to bring our subwoofers back to the front line of competition as our finances allow, but it's an uphill battle at this point. Because our OEM company dropped us with no warning, it's been a major challenge of ours to get back to market as fast as possible. We value our customers and supporters more then you know, thanks for all that you do! #SSAFAMILY
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    Gram holding my new grandson.