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    It'll hurt WAY less how might one go about popping it? woke up this morning and it's still swollen as shit get a sewing needle, and a lighter heat up the sewing needle and poke it through your nail. Done this a couple of times personally. It will hurt a lil due to the hot needle but i guarantee it will feel alot better with the pressure being released. pics of the finger when u get done with the procedure
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    i've decided to save up for a blazer
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    yea you guys are probably right bc just bc it can take more don't mean i should put that much...it would probably get distorted with higher wattage with small spl differences....guess that was a stupid question to begin with and i could have solved that in my mind without posting but thanks anyway...I love car audio but i'm nowhere near close to being an expert but I have to say I love the bass and i know what i'm doing enough to run the system and gets some half-way decent spl = ]....i been just having two 10's bc i have a single cab truck but i'm going to add a 15" to my front seat just for the fun of it
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    Read My Post To Your Question In The BL And Q Comparision Forum. 1300 Watts RMS Conservatively With BP Power.