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    Now I need to say something. First, there is always a critic out there about everything that is done. And it is usually given by people who never make it pass first base. This type of so called modification, has been done in dbdrag for years. In alot of CRX's there has been some sort of change in the battery section by elite Street Class dbdraggers 1. Brad Faggard 2. Terry Brocks 3. Team Neo Eric 4. Team Neo Vernon 5. Mike Sharitka 6.........So one and so on! As long as you dont make any modifications to the car, that will cause the interior space to decrease, you can do what you want. And also you can do cosmetic changes to the exterior or interior as to make the care have a better appearance. And also....I will challenge any one to check out that crx for any rule braking modifications. Cause I will tell you, if any one was at finals in 2008, When I broke the 155.4 mark in street A, those mofos removed my panels, removed the headliner and checked for batts in the amps. And when I hit a score of 155.9 with one 12, at a 3x event in 2009, they checked it again......and again nothing!! And this little remark....... because your not allowed to beat the fender in the get a bigger battery under the hood! makes you wonder what other rules they broke to get the big numbers??? Totally wrong!!! Ya need to know your rules before you open your mouth!!!
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    Hi! I am rebuilding my whole system this summer. This build is going to be slow because I will be getting things as I get the money for them. My goals are: Loud, great sounding bass and mids/highs. Basically I want to have the ability to get loud when I want it, but I want it to sound good so when I'm just on my way to work the sound quality is still amazing. Trunk space doesn't really matter, but backseats do. I also want to upgrade my electrical system at some point. What kind of electrical engineer student would I be without a strong electrical lol. The plan so far is: AA Carbon Fiber Mids w/ Havoc ST010 tweeters (2 way active) 2 Xcon 15"'s or Death Penalty 15"'s Sundown SAZ-3500D and Rockford T-400-4 Redo Big 3 with Knukonceptz Fleks, HO alt (still not sure from who), possibly XS Power batteries Alright so it's time for some pictures! Sorry this is going to be a long first post, but I already got the doors deadened/sealed. This is what I got in the mail today! CLD tiles and extruded butyl rope from Don at SDS. Great stuff, I wouldn't buy anything else. Here is the door panel in question. Yes that is the speaker wire that is outside of the rubber boot. I tried to run it through the boot, but Volvo's seem to be specifically designed to make any audio modifications impossible lol. This doesn't look as good, but it's still safe. Door panel is off. I proceeded to take off the vapor barrier (plastic stuff), and clean the surfaces with brake pad cleaner. Very powerful stuff, but if your not careful I can take the paint! haha. Just showing the inner CLD tiles off. The beauty of these tiles is that you don't need to completely cover the surface for them to be effective. This is the finished door. I sealed off all possible holes. Here is the driver side before and after. That does it for now! Stay tuned. I'm going to deaden the roof next. I'm saving the butyl rope for later when I get my new speakers so I can properly seal them. Let me know if the pictures are too big! I just realized it and it's a little late now haha.
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    I Recently decided to change my setup and go with a little more. I loved my 18" BTL, but it was time for a little more. I am keeping most of the things from my old build but added on. my first build 2X Saz-2000D Strapped at 1 ohm each/ 1X 18" ascendant audio Mayhem XS D3100 battery 2X ascendant audio 7" Mid-bass drivers 2 pair of ascendant audio tweeter's more to come as i order hopefully going to start putting things together soon, waiting on a few more things to come. More pics soon!!
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    Why are you proud of being a social menace? Hopefully someday maturity will find you. Social Menace? Definitely not. Why do you insist on being the biggest tool on the forum? Playing music loud enough that the police waste their time with you is a social menace. Don't take it personal. If you want to play your tunes loud and proud go for it. You won't find comfort from anyone here that you enjoy pissing off "porkers" by playing music that others are bothered by.
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    when i'm not driving around town...
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    Nice forum upgrade Welcome to SSA!
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    Ok, so I plan on having the pods done tomorrow, with black vinyl covering them. I took a picture after the first layer. I also sealed up any holes and added another layer for structure. I might need to add a little more tomorrow depending on weak spots or holes that I missed. I took a slightly different approach than other people that I have observed because I couldn't get anything to wrap correctly around my weird back pieces. It worked out anyway, here is the picture. After this I'm going to find a way to mount the tweeters, it might be really easy, or I might have to make more pods. We shall see. Thanks! SDS is the best stuff, I would never get anything else. Don helped me a great deal with my doors.
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    Ok, so I had to change my plans a little bit. The inner rings I made didn't fit right in the holes, and wouldn't without cutting up the door panel. I had to make fiberglass back pieces for the door pods. They actually came out pretty decent. Driver door with two coats/mats. Passenger door with one coat, one more was added. This is how the driver door back piece came out. Passenger door. This is the mocked up pod for the driver side. I will be doing the fiberglassing for it tomorrow. And this is the one for the passenger side. I'll have to trim the ring a little bit on this one, it hits the dash on the passenger side a little too much. I think just a little trim will do the trick. I'm really happy with the outcome so far. I feel pretty accomplished for zero woodworking or fiberglassing experience. lol.
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    Ok, so I got the first two mdf rings done. These are the ones that the speakers will mount to, and the two others are solely for mounting to the door. I think they came out pretty good for the first time using any of the tools, and basically no woodworking experience lol. This is what it looked like with the depth taken out for a flush mount, and the outer circle almost cut. After this I cut out the middle circle and sanded a bit to make it more circular. This is the second ring. It came out a lot better and faster. I barely had to sand it, and the speaker fit right in like a glove. I'm probably going to sand them a bit more tomorrow before I start glassing.
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    What are you running on the amp? I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with two SSA Xcon 15's.
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    I had decided to wait to make mdf rings until my speakers came in. A mysterious box appeared on my doorstep today while I was at work. Hmmm... What could be in there. Ascendant Audio stickers? Wow whatever is in those boxes must kick ass. These are the Havoc tweeters. They look awesome! These are going to sound just a tad better than the tweeters on my rockford coaxials. This is a close up of the tweeter at a different angle. Looking good. And here are the carbon fiber mids, in all of their sexy midbassyness. I am VERY excited to put these in. I hope my first fiberglassing experience goes well. These speakers are beastly, I love them already. I might be getting an amp on Tuesday, but I can't reveal it yet in case the deal falls through, but it is going to be awesome! Hope you enjoyed the pics
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    Good God.... Half way through these pictures I had to put on earplugs.
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    ill have better pics 2marrow
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    I made a video today of my current system. I thought I'd throw it in here, it gives kind of an idea of where I am now and I'll have another one posted after I am finished (hopefully with a better camera). This camera really sucks, it seems to destroy most of the flex I am witnessing lol, but it's still interesting I think.
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    i got some work done today. the sub will be here tuesday i cant wait!!!! i ran out of blue wire i am SO ready for tuesday to be here lol. alot more work to get finnished. new mids and tweets should be here with in the next week or so
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    Ok, sorry for the wait, but here are the pictures of the deadening of the roof. With this car, it is pretty much impossible to take the headliner out of the car without damaging it unless you take out the back window. Volvo's FTW! lol j/k. I think part of this build log is to demonstrate that you do not want to do car audio with a volvo unless you are up to a challenge (and I mean, EVERYTHING is a challenge.) So what I ended up doing is just letting it hang while I applied some more CLD tiles. The problem I ran into was that the sunroof tray took up most of the work area, something I entirely forgot about. To truely deaden the roof I would have to take the tray out, so I wasn't up to that yet. This is the car with everything just hanging down. Looks kind of sad. This is the bare sunroof tray. This is the tray with 5 CLD tiles on it, kind of looks like the Purina logo. This is at a different angle, capturing the tiles that I put behind the sunroof tray, near the back of the roof. And finally, this is a little deadening I did in the front. Overall, was it worth the effort? I guess so, it got rid of some annoying rattles that I've had even without the bass. I really wish that it wouldn't be a big deal to take out the sunroof, but it is. In other news, I ordered my AA carbon fiber mids and AA Havoc tweeters today!! I didn't get paid as much as I thought I would so the sundown will have to wait
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    Here is how to post almost any picture if already uploaded somewhere: You choose a picture you like. Right click on it. Copy image location. Repeat step 5 and 6 in the first post.
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    SIR YOUR TYPE R'S are for the
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    So there is 3% chances left for you to choose other subs ! Take a look around here. The hdc are loud and "cheap", but maybe you can find something better. One good 18" can be loud enough for you, or even louder than 2 hdc's.