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    Well i decided i'd come over here from SMD trying to get some more comments from other audio fanatics. well on to the pics going to start from the beginning of the rebuild starting the plans started the runs, going to be a total of 8runs 4+ 4- got a package! holly poo my baby! lots more to come!
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    heat gun, puddy knife and popsicle sticks.... and acetone for the residue from what i have found.. or try this... http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+remove+sound+deadening&aq=0
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    I've had great success with HP and Sony laptops, I love em'. Try using Wine! You can run pretttyyy much any Windows program on Ubuntu i'm liking the Newegg.com - SONY VAIO F Series VPCF121FX/B NoteBook Intel Core i7 740QM(1.73GHz) 16.4" 4GB Memory DDR3 1066 500GB HDD 5400rpm BD Combo NVIDIA GeForce 310M 4GB ram 512MB dedicated video memory, Win 7, Blue Ray Drive. I would suggest upgrading the battery though, i really regret not getting an extended battery size. Site for Wine: My link And looky here what i found http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=3910 BOINC on Wine = gold
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    Well i heard J.LFTN's truck today in houston. I sure do have speaker envy now. WOW! Is really all i can say. How subs can get so loud and still stay so clean is beyond me. I know the extra work in the truck helped out the over all sound in the cab. This install sounded incredible. Mark and Aaron you should feel extreamly proud of the xcon and josh your truck is the loudest and cleanest set up i have heard .The loudest set up i have heard was vics durango and he did a 149 with 2 btl/mts on 2 cresendo 3ks with tremendous flex. Josh's truck sounds louder to the ear and by far cleaner... on less power. Bottom line. IM SOLD on the xcon. My next project is going to be a huge one and i am surely going to use the xcon 18s. maybe 4 maybe 6?? i told josh a little about it and its gonna be nutz! KUDOS Mark, Aaron, and Josh. Badass subs! If more people could hear them, sales would blow up. Mark and Aaron run things the right way and my hat is off to them both. They are deserving of everything that comes their way. Slow and steady wins the race. PS I got a little something something planed for the Yukon too. Seems 2 nice subs just wont do for some people. Moderation is not my friend. I tried and I lost. LOL
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    Video of the actual show.......if you like American Muscle then watch!
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    It's a very good read Alibris: Used Books, Used Textbooks, Rare & Out-of-Print Books
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    more pics of the doors- for the most part they are all done- jsut got to trim the front doors up a wee b it so they can fit- they pop out with a lilttle tub- got to scrap off some ccf where they hit and wont got any deeper pic of the cld on back doors some more pics cutting the mlv mlv test fit ccf before trimmed
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    The only lanzar I'd get is an opti drive.
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    some deadening of passenger side door- just with that one door done it sound alot better and louder- cant wait to get them all done sorry its always dark when i take pictures test fitting mlv didnt take a pic of ccf on mlv sorry i get into it and cant stop till its done i am like shit forgot to take pics i know i did i did the mlv /ccf pretty good because it was a pain putting the door panel back on got it just hitting the edge around most of the panel Look for more updates tomorrow- hopefully alot more
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    some sound deadner showdown the roll is my CCF and MLV cant tell you how long it took my to find the velcro and glue lol also pic of ohm reading i got when i wired up the subs maybe i can test them out tonight just to check out box if it has any leak or flexs if not i will put it in and leave it til i can wrap it with something and do the finishing touches
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    Looks awesome going to have to try that. Seems like it might be good with some Vanilla or Cherry Coke... mmmmmm
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    2nd Baffle Cut out. 1 port left Everything cut out Upclose of double baffle Time To glue the flush baffle on ! Used some silicon for the inside Test fitting the BTL in the flush baffle Poor things covered in sawdust ! Getting ready to start painting Working on the port Inside the Port Kinda liked the "dripping" effect in the port and couldnt decide Whether or not to leave it. Finished the sides and the rest And decited to cover the "drip effect white" Sexy SAZ showing off for the camera Finished Box Getting ready to put her in the car (What a HUGE box ) Was hard to fit in the car but finally got it in
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    thanks guys some more for ya sorry about the poor quality on some pics with the phone
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    last one then your all cought up on my rebuild other then what i did today what it looks like inside the small baby eater finished up the construction of the port into the cab and i still got my tono cover on. its just temp till i build a topper/mod or buy one amp/battery rack construction hooked it up for shit giggles but funny enough with i flipped the switch for it to turn on... it didnt how shes gonna look other then some other lil things to go and when i got done i found this on the table the winner of Rockford Fosgate's Whats Your Volume Contest. the other contestants look its me!!! and theres my rebuild got the pics from tonight uploading now
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    alright on to some more pics. i also did some lil work tonight so hopefully i can get them all uploaded so then your caught up to it still needed more depth how the layout came out. blam "!" point! anyone got ideas on how to make the 8's shiny like the 6.5??? ended up moving the highs a lil more so there where more level wrapping it big bird yellow door? last test fit before fiberglass yay clearance hmm wonder what ppl will think when they walk by my truck... keep in mind this is really my 3rd time working with fiberglass
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    more door speakers! highs 8's mock up the point of no return and no they didnt fit
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    u guys want the pics to keep coming? rca, remote trun on, led turn on, and voltage meter wires port into cab doing a simi wall type thing so i dont have to look at the metal still trying to figure out the pvc part
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    and some more. there i am doing my work. hairy thumb? mothers just saying i dont understand brandon/ cheezyman13
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    oops i mean 7 pages amp door speakers other stuff that was tossed in girlfriend showing them off and baby Brooklyn first day and first time ever working with fiberglass. and the helpers/pic takers and more coming still
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    lol i really dont like box flex.. more bracing mmmm bracing next day loaded it myself starting the layout of the battery and amp rack 6 more pages of photobucket
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    and more yet test fit and some more of them it a little off some more 3 donuts and not even half done yet had a few miss ups some bracing and a 4 holes they'll keep coming
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    and they keep comming what is left of my last box, 2 18's 6th order the wood. saved the top of the last box back of the truck starting the box took an hour a hole
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    dont like photobuckets new setup but here are some pics pics of sub fitment 2 of the big 3 Chasis Block wire close inbetween some test fits of amp with seat all the way forward seat all the way back the gap between floor and seat/amp need some ideas on how to mount this under the seat its gonna be a PITA
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    Pic of mounting options. There are holes on all 4 sides only took pic of one side to get a closer pic. You can see the tab left on one side and I took the other side off for reference to the "ghost mount" where you can put a bolt through the board into the amp so there is no visible mounting tabs..