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    Copy/pasting from the site (ssaudio.com/store): Xcon 12" Weight: 45.00 LBS Xcon 15" Weight: 47.00 LBS
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    More progress. . .Almost done. Speaker stands and sound deadening left.
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    Not exactly, even if you take that into consideration, strand count only matters for flexibility, and welding cable is still just as flexable. the electrons flow OVER the wire, so the more wire there is to flow over, the more energy that will be transferee faster. WRONG information there. Skin effect only shows on AC and you would need to isolate the strands to benefit. Check out some penetration examples: On wires used in DC applications strand count matters for flexibility. Do you install and uninstall the wire 3-4 times / day ? I can tie a knot with welding wire. I've subjected the insulation to ridiculous heat. The car-audio insulation started to melt, while the welding wire insulation was still ok. Any logical reason to buy car audio wire ?
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    The amp won't blow the subwoofers, the nut behind the volume knob will
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    Welding cable is OFC, while the cheaper Knu wire is CCA, the most expensive Knu is OFC, but it's about $3.50/foot where most welding cable is arounf $2.50/foot, the only difference is the jacket. Here is the thread comparing the two: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=findpost&pid=685837
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    Let's just say.. she likes the Dcon.
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    o, and heres a couple new pics of the exploder with the ugly grey bumpers gone. Finally painted em Rims n tires + new black headlight housings + alt + 3 more batts = around christmas time. then another 2500D to add to the collection And all my decals will be in a dark grey instead of white
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    Kind of a tease, i know all corners = "45ed" with resin, mdf 45 below the port. dowell rod bracing. 12.07cuft @ 33Hz = alot smaller and will come up a tiny bit over my backseat headrests now. Old box had loading problems, this new one should fix that.
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    Rides Page: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/index.php/rides/item/clay-s-18-xcon.html?category_id=29
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    Got mine in today. Gonna put one in my dads truck maybe on some bravox speakers - what sucks is i think his read speakers are 4x6 uggh - and not sure what i am gonna do with the other 2
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    Assuming that you have them wired in phase, cancellation isn't an issue. They'll load off each other and the overall result is extremely difficult to predict accurately.
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    Did you look under your dash? fab a place under there, that'll sound better than any bullishittweeter
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    The sensitivity of the human ear sucks, the best bandwidth is between 1,000 and 5,000 Hz, with a pretty steep rolloff below 1,000, so his 150+ subbass doesn't do as much damage as people think, it's pouring midwoofers in there that will take out his hearing.
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    Since you seem so sure perhaps you should give us a dissertation on how hearing response is related to hearing damage....or spend sometime looking and then you will realize how absurd and inappropriate your conclusion is. Flat out wrong in fact. 150db even at 50Hz is very damaging. Hearing you NEVER get back either. Sean by no means did I say it was not bad, SPL at those levels will never be good for hearing, but there is a big difference in the damage caused to the ear by 150 decibels at sub-bass frequencies vs. mid frequencies that our ears are the most sensitive to.