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    Look at SDS. Great stuff.
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    the blue one from the head unit. I don't think I have seen remote turn ons from the car ever. its from the head unit. The headunit kicks on and turns on the amp not the car.
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    phi's got a great suggestion there
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    If you were to stick with the SSDs but go to 12s, in the box you described, it would still kill the lows no problem.
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    I will go ahead a get the one and only thing i don't like about this HU out of the way....it comes with no remote. Now that's out of the way....This HU is GREAT!! And can be had for under 300$! Features that i love? 3 sets of 4v Pre-outs SD Card input,USB input (though no rear USB) Aux, and of course MP3 CD and DVD palyback You can also set your own custom background pic! WIN And though not necessary ...it can power a SUB! 70watts @ 2ohm Also you have a nifty little 7 band Parametric EQ and high pass filter Pretty much all win....but for any other questions....of course there is a vid! Check it out!
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    (Ported obviously) Enclosure tuned at 32hz be great,you will love your BTL, it will shake the crap out your car. Buy some sound deadener to deaden your trunk. I hear this stuff is great, the price is right too. It wasn't out of stock the other day but now is since it was onsale.25 sq. feet for $59.84 shipped, should be in stock in 2 weeks. http://audiotechnix.com/