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    They will send you an email when it leaves the factory. Best thing to do is forget about that number until then. You will drive yourself crazy!
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    what kind of numbers where you guys doing with the pictured set up? Also, why did it have PSI subs if it's owned by Scott?
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    The enclosure was $64 total, so it isn't like I spent a ton of money. back out of high school I worked for an audio engineering and consulting firm and had to (well actually enjoyed it also) build all sorts of ensloures and customer one off stuff for projects. I've built plenty of them in the past for myself also, but in all honesty, as I've grown older it is harder to find the time to do things like that. I'd love to spend all weekend building a customer enclosure, but if I can save a ton of time by dropping ins omsething that is already to go, then hey sounds good to me. In a perfect world I would build customer door panels, and kick panels and everything else. But for this build, I'm trying to get it in and done quick and painless lol Building the 6x9 adapters for the door is no big deal, but it was also an hour in the garage sawing and drilling grinding whiile the better half sat in the house pissed off that I wasn't in there eating dinner lol Anyway, I am going to order two SSD10's. It says they come standard with the copper coils now, which I think is better option for me than the flat wound coil. Also, given the power supply, added cooling seems like a cool option (no pun intende) but not needed. I'm assuming the internal leads are possibly a spider woven tinsel leads (correct me if I'm wrong) which I like, but then again it is another $50..... While I have everyones attention, can I add another question? Door sound damping. The window regulator/door module/speaker mounting area is all one plastic module. Would you guys say add damping material to both inside of the door and to the plastic door module? Thanks for everyones help. I used to be big into this stuff, but it has been about 10 years since I've done anything for myself as far as car audio goes.
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    As always, your designs are amazing and your finished product looks out of this world. I have never seen anyone run amps in doors like that. something new everyday. keep it up man
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    there you will find the info on the orphans
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    SSD, I've loved both set-ups I've had with the SSD. Good luck with whichever your choice is though! P.S. USA!!
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    I would go with the one made in USA with USA parts.... and a custom box
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    thats the best answer anyone could give lol I read it and was like YUP
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    I personally would get the subs I want now and focus on an enclosure as well, then use the extra money to buy a cheap used amp to hold me over till I get the amp I want.
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    yeah brandon daily whatever you do, do not listen to durans dumbass