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    Just walked about 15 miles around Shinjuku. Cracked a good 5 out this morning too running down to the fish market. Picked up a custom sashimi knife FUCKING sharp. Gotta love visiting with Masamoto himself....err, 5th generation of him anyways
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    Ok.. well.. found out i'm not the first person to do 4 18s in a 2door hatch.. BUT.. i am the first person to do it in a scion tC...hehe. Anyways, more pics-
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    Does anyone type full words anymore? N E 1 dun ths b 4 drives me insane. Maybe I'm just getting old. Anyway, if you already have an Optima is one thing, but I wouldn't buy a new one. I haven't had good luck with those batteries in over 6 years. Deka batteries are pretty good. You can get some rebadges for the $150 range. I really like the Diehard Platinums. They aren't cheap by any means, but they have the thickest mat than anyone else.