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    Well since Neal (nem) keeps asking. I decided to start my log. Got some pics for you guys but progress will be slow. Hoping to be ready by July. IMAG0061 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr IMAG0062 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr IMAG0063 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr IMAG0064 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr IMAG0066 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr Dom helping out. 6'3" 260 for size reference IMAG0067 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr IMAG0068 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr IMAG0070 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr IMAG0071 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr IMAG0073 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr IMAG0074 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr Ok I lied its a play pen for the dog and the ole man not a speaker box. IMAG0072 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr 200 feet of 0 gauge woohoo IMAG0075 by fatjoe61682, on Flickr The doors for now, don't think it will be enough.
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    the new grill looks mean !! maybe get some leds to go behind it... badass your getting phils amps.... now just gotta get subs, batts, alt, cables, and a wall
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    Hard to know for certain until installed. If it does once installed, consider a battery in addition to the big3. Pretty much sums it up. You need to install the system first and go from there. Too many factors to know before hand how the electrical will behave.
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    Just because it's a 2ohm load doesn't mean it will be any easier on the electrical system. It depends on the efficiency of the amplifier, not the impedance of the load.
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    Got another little update for you all. This one was suppose to be part of the orignal build, but once things got rolling, if it wasn't ready, it got passed up. :\ Well this update was one of those things that the build couldn't be without. With out further ado lets proceed in adding a little accent lighting to the box. Here is what I started off with. A pair of project boxes and battery connectors from Radio Shack, LED strips from the local auto parts store and some 9 volt batteries. Instead of hard wiring everything in I opted to put a juction. I started off with one of these strips. I cut the strip down to what I needed. Here is a test fit of how everything packages in to the project box. I added one of these cushion thingies to the project box lid to keep the 9 volt battery from working back and forth when everything is mounted up and going. Here is a shot of everything in place. Here is the what the finished box looks like. o_O Here is the backside with the mounting hardward protruding through. Also a little test to make sure everything is working as planned. I mounted the boxes under the amp to keep everything looking nice and tidey. Now the hard work, getting the sub out and out of the way to get into the box. Dang these bishes are heavy. I wish they'd offer a neo version of this beast. Hint, hint! Here is the LED strip in place. I got the wiring thought the box. As an added measure of security I added dabs of hot glue to keep the LED strip in place. Here is a shot of the LEDs in action.
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    Thats great news!!! Wonder what "problem" pioneer found? New grille looks mean!
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    Summit racing has them. We have used them on a few drag cars. I would opt for the heavy duty 300a over the standard 175a. Would also recommend using the moroso and not a knock off. The cheaper ones are cheap for a reason as my buddy found out http://www.summitracing.com/parts/MOR-74102/
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    I should have the midrange final prototype in my hands on Monday... assuming it is 100% to my liking I will announce pre-order pricing as we have already started to get materials together for the tweeter, crossover, etc.
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    Looks good man! Where did you get that switch? I also have a parasitic drain that I can't figure out.
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    Let me guess, your favorite colors are red and white. That's some serious equipment you got there. I feel sorry for the little car. It ain't gonna survive on week once that system is up and running. Good luck with the setup. Can't wait to see some vids of it in action.
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    Is there a PayPal account set up or just send it to you?
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    I pm'ed you Steve. May he rest in peace.
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    ill take inventory tomorrow , but i can send 5 bucks to you in paypal ... its not much.. but if every one that meet him gave 5 bucks, it would help alot. i only met the man one time, and he was so bubbly and up beat it made me want to smile, out of all the big heads and cocky asshole in the SPL sport, from 1 day i could tell he was not one of them. i know he will be missed in the lanes of the bass battle circle, i seen this on wobbly woofers page and i laughed, perfect.........
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    No flash, only the dome light was on, no wax...
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    Plan is to upgrade power later to a 3500,
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    Start a photobucket account and post your pictures there. Copy the IMG and paste it here.
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    I keep turning my bass up on the stock stereo trying to get some kick out of it. Lol I even considered buying a cheap amp just to run in the mean time. I had the same feeling when I was addicted to heroine--I feel your pain. Apparently drugs mess up your spelling as well. Heroic women are very addictive...Gotta love a chick that can save the day.