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    Great sound means great budget
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    Also go the carpet in the cab instead of the crusty old grey floor matting!
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    Positive terminal after the big three upgrade
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    there was a huge thread on caco about this http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/sundown-audio/125664-ns-1-getting-hot.html
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    2x15 and a SAZ1500D sounds good to me. I am running a single sa-12 on a 1.5d, but I take care of it like its my baby. Well, I don't like babies but you get my point.
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    Send us an email to support @ soundsolutionsaudio.com and we will mail one out.
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    I have seen plenty of undesired results from PWK. He is not as good as you are making him seem.
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    Good thing RG came and helped.
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    Yeah, shoot me an email, and I will be more than glad to help you out.
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    Negative terminal after big three upgrade
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    After the big three and terminal upgrades
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    Not sure if this has been taken care of or not, but ALL emails are taken care of and I will be spending more time on the forums as well. If this hasnt been taken care of yet, please shoot me an email at sales.
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    When I first got my Eclipse. I would wash my car almost every weekend. Not even a hour after I would finish there would be bird shit on my driver side mirror. Almost every single time and it would always be on the driver side mirror,no where else. I literally watched a bird land on it and shit one day after I had just finished washing it. I started keeping a car cover on it for the first few days after I washed it. It only took like 2 mins to put on and take off and problem solved... And I also told my little brother to shot every bird he seen.