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    Hey guys we will have the new X series up for Black Friday, as well as some other things! So keep a lookout! -Shawn
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    I just can't remember if it happened on this site or if it was just a link to SMD or CA or something. The point we're trying to get across is that scams happen ever so rarely here, and if they do, you better believe you hear about it and that persons name gets skarred. And NOTHING gets deleted here no matter who you are. If you want honest answers you are in the right place. We might "nut hug" SSA here but there is a good reason for that.
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    Black Friday starts early around here this year! Enjoy savings from your favorite brands like you've never seen before. We will be adding products to the Black Friday page on our store all week, so check back every day for more sick deals to appear!!
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    Argenis, I have answered your emails, and I spoke to you on the phone Friday, let me know what other questions you have here, and between the guys and I, we can help you out. Like I was telling you on the phone, if looking for a "SQ" driver the Q is the way to go, If cost is not an issue, than the SP4 is the way to go, and it will have a lot more output/displacement than the Q. -Shawn
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    Got the 10" Z v.4 motor charged up to run specs on it -- so here we are (D2 coil) : RE : 3.42 (series) Fs : 29.4 Hz Qes : 0.324 Qms : 4.61 Qts : 0.302 Le : 3.68 mH Sd : 366 cm^2 BL : 24.85 NA Mms : 316 g Cms : 92.41 uM/N Sens : 83.16 dB - 1w/1m BL^2/RE : 180.56 For production the top plate ID is going to move OUT a bit (wider gap) to prevent damage in the case of excessive excursion (which is how I damaged the 12" prototype) -- this will reduce BL by a small margin but the Z v.4 motor force factor is still in excess of the v.3 version so it's a non-issue All in all I think these specs are on target with what customers want -- compared to the v.3 we have : 1) Lower FS in stock format 2) Higher motor force 3) Higher thermal power handling (v.3 10/12 use a shorter coil than 15/18 -- v.4 use the same 15/18 coil in all sizes) 4) Higher mechanical power handling and thus more forgiveness of larger boxes (current 10s are very picky on small boxes) So I think folks will be extremely pleased when these hit the market.
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    in my opinion somebody should blow that car to pieces. ugly as shit Damn it ChILL you are so closed minded and you should really see what's on the inside of the car before you just pass judgement! .... ohh, there were pictures of the inside... Its equally ugly.... okay, blow it up
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    I am also disappointed in the youtube selection for Otis
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    Thank you for the kind words, gentlemen.
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    Well if I were you I'd only use one. L7's like big boxes and you have enough space to do one properly.
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    i never post anything in here but their is always funny stuff! so i had to share this..my thoughts were "WTH" and i couldnt stop laughing!
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    Made it back to the states safe. Both amps showed up. Also my dual power inputs showed up. Now just waiting on subs. I'll start installing the amps and finishing my wire tomorrow.
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    Congrats on the score and trophies! I don't know why M5 would be disgusted. He helped design the supertweeter. He wanted a tweeter that mated perfect to a 10" mid. I also believe his rule of thumb is 2 to 1 ratio. So if you plan on 2 mids per door that would equate to 4 supertweeters. You can do a 1 to 1 but that wouldnt be a true sq setup. That would be more of a ""SQL"". Which is a phrase he coined as well I believe.
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    I have platinum ears and the papers to prove it
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    OH DAMN!!! THAT IS SOME NASTY AS SHIT RIGHT THERE MAN!! Waste of good Nutella, at least that's what I think happened. 2 seconds was right about enough for me.
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    The walking dead is fantastic too BTW. Great damn show.
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    You dont even have to use a fuse that high, the fuse is there to protect the wire and the amp.
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    Nice avatar! I barely read your post, lol
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    puffah, come at us, seriously. I'm not on the tech team but you just put yourself in a position that implies that you have seen history in the making to it's present day in all fact. Well, let me school you here on some things. #1 - THD Levels. For one, you want to sit there and compare RATED specs of power output.. Stupidest thing you could have said in your intelligent post. So if i had a 3000w AB amp and a 3000w D amp, AB - 0.01% and D - 1% D just gonna suck? Full of shit. I don't normally call someone out so extensively but if anyone else reads what you posted, you will destroy car audio even more. The reason why it is full of shit is because you are implying the THD levels are set in stone. FALSE. IF you start clipping the shit out of the AB amp, guess what, THD increase... IF you turn the Class D amp down a HAIR, guess what, THD decrease... It's the SAME thing as comparing a well known company vs a cheaper quality company who BOTH makes and can compare Class D Amps. Some companies rate at different THD levels but ALL amps can attain levels far below 0.1%. #2 - THD Audibility- This is taken straight from Wikipedia- THD is an average of a number of harmonics equally weighted, even though research performed decades ago identifies that lower order harmonics are harder to hear at the same level, compared with higher order ones. In addition, even order harmonics are said to be generally harder to hear than odd order. A number of formulas that attempt to correlate THD with actual audibility have been published, however none have gained mainstream use. Decades ago, like when you first started the setting in your post. This is the same time era you are talking about in your first post. #3- Everything today is shit and everything back then was so much better in terms of sound quality. Yea.. If that were true, then why is any company still in business? If car audio equipment as a whole was so pathetic, then why is it such a large hobby? You honestly think NONE of us today in the ENTIRE WORLD have a single clue that one speaker maydoes sound different from another in different installs and environments? ANY HOBBY is DIY and in ANY HOBBY, you research and gain knowledge then experience. We all know what can and will sound good and we know what can and will get loud. Just because car audio competition isn't 99% SQ and 1% SPL doesn't mean it went to shit. It means it has EVOLVED! You guys didn't have SPL back then and you clearly answered why. Well guess what, since it evolved, now we have SPL. IS SQ gone? No. So why isn't is such a big thing anymore? Because SQ competition is SUBJECTIVE. When people compete, they compete and expect fairness in judging. You can get that without variables with dB meter. SQ Competitions are typically done via multiple judges ear. That's not accurate. 2nd, let's say you don't compete but want good stuff. MANY OF THOSE COMPANIES you named in the past, Seas, Morel, etc.. still exist today and put out great quality equipment. And 2 companies aren't the pinnacle of audio either. There are many more. So this is what i get from your mega post- You are STUCK in the 80s-90s era and refuse to either comprehend or attempt to jump back in the hobby and keep up with research. And don't tell us people were so much louder back then then they are now with less power, etc.. The Mics back then being used were inaccurate as hell. Audiocontrol, LinearX, Original Termlabs, etc.. They have all been discarded in competition to the present day. Audiocontrol and LinearX were used for, get ready for this.. Sound Quality measurements.. They weren't pressure sensors like what we use now to measure high SPL levels and if any of those companies DID use a pressure sensor, it has been proven over the years that they arewere inaccurate. We have Sound quality measuring devices today in use.. and are still the hardware of choice in Sound Quality competitions over old school hardware. #3 - Our speakers not used in home audio. Well, why the Hell would we want to do that IF building a serious SQ setup? Again, back in the 80s-90s era again. Although some companies DO in fact have some subs that were equally well in both environments, you should not interchange the two when looking for the best setup. That's more common sense knowledge then anything. Many things have happened since the "old school days of competition". Many changes have been done to shift the way things are marketed. I do not agree or like some things that have happened but they are solely not because companies decided to start making shit product and winning off it. The American market wants what they want for the cheapest. So companies make cheap lines off their name while those who know what they need, get the higher grade under the same name or a different name. Just because some companies make shit product does not mean that's the pinnacle of today's standards, lol.. That's EXACTLY what you are trying to imply and it's bullshit 101. The OLDSCHOOL brands then are NOT setting standards in today's market. That may be your argument partways because you say they are making shit now and are winning off it... Well, to those brands.. they aren't making it.. they sold off all their shit to China mostly. But don't bring Car Audio as a whole down completely because Orion or PPI or Rockford, etc isn't the best anymore... FORD was the first auto.. Are they the best today? No. So should all the people in the world stop driving cars now because Ford isn't the best? Think about that for a minute. You'd be surprised at what all has evolved from the last 30yrs of audio to what it is now. Ecstatic would come to mind based on what all you have missed. And it just keeps getting better.
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    Okay maybe not entry level but you get the point.
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    My camera was dead this morning -- charged it up and took this video over lunch today:
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    Maybe I can get some vids this week after work. It kills the lows, everybody that has heard it, has gotten out on low notes. Im pretty happy for now, but ready to get my bigger amp in.
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    D C Creations can build you one. They are on the forum.
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    Little update... Got some panels put together. Still have quite a bit of work to do.