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    She is the one with the big heart. I could literally go the to hospital just like five miles from myhhouse and what over these souls all day every day. If only I had the time ;(
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    Sean you can drop her off anytime. I am a good babysitter.
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    Donated to an amazing cause! I wish you all the best of luck and ill keep you in my thoughts!
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    Just looking at this picture make me positive she will like the scent pack.
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    Agreed 1000% I've been trying to keep it up on the other sites, lets get this going guys!
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    Thank you guys for Bumping this. I kept seeing it when I was mobile and couldn't donate. I went to pin it for that reason and realized it's pinned. As you post, please keep bumping this to the top of the "View New Posts". Sean, if karma exists you deserve some serious blessings. Most people would focus on helping themselves and not using the energy to help others. I am also sure many of us here read the thread and want to reach out to help Lucy, not just your benefit to St. Jude. I know I sure do.
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    nice ! a 15 inch woofer yeah!! i have no use for 12s just wanted to join, but now im all happy!
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    I wish your family the best. Definitely a worthy cause.
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    Wish the best for your family and daughter. Donations will definitely be going to a worthy cause.
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    We already give $20 a month to St Jude's. It is one of the charities that we feel is worthwhile. We will also purchase a ticket on Friday, and if we are fortunate enough to win, we will donate the item, and said proceeds back to you to give back to St. Jude's. Best wishes for you and your family. I mod a couple forums and own a forum myself. I will share this in all forums I can. She is a cutie pie. Congrats on beating the odds thus far. I am certain this little darling will provide you with happiness beyond your imagination.
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    Ok, so I am the type of person than can not wait. So with some stuff I had just laying around I threw together a temp system. 2 icon18" in 12 cubes tuned to 28hz behind 3rd row. American Bass 500.1 wired at 1 ohm 1 xp3000 and a Singer 350amp Alt! 2runs of 4/0 1 power 1 ground.