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    I just wanted to take a second and go a different direction in this thread. I know some of you have been waiting a while on your orders and even at my age its hard to have patience waiting for something so awesome(xcons in my case). That being said, I know hard Aaron and Mark work to make sure they have top notch products and unparalleled customer service. considering how many times a day they get questions and comments I think they do a FANTASTIC job of handling everything. Normally it doesn't take so long but the world is seeing what SSA and being hand crafted in the USA is all about which in my humble opinion is being the best which explains all the orders they are having to fill. I for one am glad to wait on something so fantastic. Btw i am under the impression that xcons are now in production So here is to SSA and being a part of an awesome audio family!!
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    I had the pleasure of getting some ear time with Mike's truck today, wow, this thing is straight nasty. A must hear if you are in the Ottowa Ontario area. Great job Mike! You guys know I got some video of this beast, I even got the Amish Mafia drive by in there. Video to come soon...
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    I agree with the Crescendo 3500 recommendation as well. When it comes to powering subs and daily systems I tend to recommend hovering somewhere around RMS rating as well but I'm of the opinion that there's no such thing as underpowering a sub either. I would imagine that even 1.5 or 2kw would even yield more than suitable results, at least for myself. Of course I wouldn't likely be able to resist giving that beast a 3500 either if I was to spend the money on one, lol. Your first post didn't include a great deal of information and quite frankly mimicked many of the newblet posts we see. It is kinda hard not to be a bit of a smart ass when someone who has no business using a sub like that and who probably wouldn't ever actually buy said sub anyway asks a question like that because as Jon said, it's a loaded one. Seeing as how you're no newblet and appear to have a working brain with a grasp on how to use it the best thing to have done would have been to start with some of what you posted in the #8 post along with your actual goals and what you were really asking and wanting to know. I am certain that aside from a little kiddin around you would have gotten the answers you had expected. You became a member on this forum for the same reason that pretty much all of us joined and love this forum for. Despite a few smart remarks don't get discouraged, these are a bunch of really good guys whose combined knowledge and experience is second to none. I hope you continue to enjoy the forum and take the smart assin' as a little bit of new member hazing, lol. Welcome to the forum John, you're about to buy and use some world class equipment.
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    no one is trying to ne an asshole, like i said if you have to ask... THEN FOLLOW THE FRIGGIN RMS suggestions. meaning.. someone that has vast knolage can run 10K to that sub.. and not blow it... does that mean that someone should tell you the answer to your question is 10k??????????? no.. because YOU problably should not run over 3250 watts to it... because YOU dont understand how it works.... yet. so you asked a loaded question. you got the newb responce because you are a newb...... get it? dont be so ass hurt... maybe you should word your questions diffrently.
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    lol..one crescendo 3500 At 1ohm on my zcon 8.03net volume ported purrrssss like a kitten!
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    What are your goals? Generally if you have to ask, get the bl.
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    They make a compelling argument...
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    I am going to be installing a new "better" mobile skin shortly, should clear all of these issues up.
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    Ok, So I placed my content on three other websites, D4S and ROE or the others listed above really didn't seem to have too much traffic going through. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/subwoofers/568289-first-week-owning-ssa-evil.html http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/162976-ssa-evil-build/ http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/build-logs/145821-ssa-evil-build.html
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    Video doesn't work on mobile. All I get are blank posts. No link or image.
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    And finally, the single 15 with charcoal carpet.
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    Single 12 with medium gray carpet.
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    I have edited some songs, if you guys would like to check any of the out then pm me.
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    That's because MAX power ratings are useless and more often than not full out marketing hype and lies. MAX power is useless because there's no set limit for subs and speakers. Depending on the application and installation that number could be considerably higher or barely higher than the RMS rating. Forget about MAX power ratings and concentrate on a quality installation.
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    Amps are here as well. Holy crap I did not realize how small the JL XDs were.The 6 channel is smaller than a piece of paper. It even fits in the emergency kit spot on the rear deck.
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    So I did some more work on the benz today. IB is out of the question, way to much trunk modification needed and the gas tank is behind the back seats. What I came up with is a spare tire enclosure. The spare tire area is huge and I can easily get 1.5 cubic feet out of it. So I am thinking of a 12" ICON or XCON. I will build the enclosure first and then figure out which woofer I am going to use. Deadener is on the way for the trunk.
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    You need to see about sending them in for a re-cone if they are cooked. If they are still OK, you may be fine... After that, have someone experienced double check you work before you fire it up again...
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    Sounds like you are acting like a child. I wouldn't want a child representing my company either. C'mon Steve
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    Doesn't sound like anything, all the Facebook posts proved he was acting like a child.