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    Thanks to all that have chimed in on this one. I agree that our lead times have been excessive and are truly sorry for the delays. Just when we dig out of one delay we get right back into another. The current issues are multiple and are being worked through as rapidly as possible. Customers are currently being contacted about delays via phone (or email if messages are left). Now to address the overall issues: Adding employees... 2 new ones over the past month. Neither of which are office staff and are not currently building drivers. It is impossible to find skilled staff that can simply sit down and a build table and go. New staff is handling other aspects of production besides building drivers. They are already alleviating some back up. Need more machines... we just purchased another hydrolathe and will be receiving it later next week. While not an instant cure, it will go onto the shop floor and help our other massively overburdened hydrolathe once it is set up and dialed in. (These are the task specific lathes that run the profiles of all back plates and top plates) Our current one runs non-stop and is backed up. Need more customer service... Again, not the easiest of tasks. We have people tell us simply to hire teens to handle email and phones. Having this approach in the past set us up for significant issues. Only some of the emails are straight forward and can be handled by a tracking number or simple confirmation. Most emails entail something tech related as well and then need to be sent to someone that can handle them. The overall customer service need is for skilled audio industry individuals and not just a warm body. We are working on this one as well. Implementing a new email system will help keep track of emails/tasks that will let everyone quickly know if it can be answered by anyone or if it needs staff with a specific skill set. Seasonal... for us this is normally a busy time, but internationally as well as domestically we have be hit by massive orders. It seems that distributors have really upped the orders and we didn't see this coming. As Fi customers, distributors get put into line with everyone else, but when there turn comes... its a big turn. OEM... while most do not know, we do manufacturing for other companies as well. This normally isnt as big of an issue as we schedule most OEM runs ahead of time and can shuffle them around some when needed. But, OEM has exploded for some of our companies as well and when their turn comes, it takes a toll on the scheduling board. We have seen this coming and are working with our customers on long term solutions for their needs. This will greatly ease the increasing demand from our long term OEM customers keeping the Fi customers rolling along smoothly. And there are other issues that add up... I truly appreciate our customers patience for a quality US manufactured sub. It would be a simple solution to get speakers made in China or to have steel made overseas, but it truly goes against what I believe in (in doing as much work in house and supporting the US economy through manufacturing). In spite of this we are doing everything we physically can to up our efficiency and lower our lead times. I am disappointed too... but look at this as an opportunity to dial in our processes and streamline things for the long term. We are working hard in the meantime to get things back to our normal 10-15 business day lead time (and then back to the older 7-10 day time). Again, I do share your frustration, but thank you whole heartedly for putting your faith in us and our products. Thanks, Scott
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    No, it's because most of our population are lazy dumb ducks who want a handout.
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    Aaron and I decided it's time to set up some real office space / storage space near me up here in Northern NY. Below are just a few shots of the space we have setup so far. I cannot show all pictures for obvious reasons. Thanks for all who support us!
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    Hope they ship soon been waiting just like the rest I thought it would take about 4-6 weeks from what I found out from researching the web, At least they are keeping in contact with me. Order #1226 Order Date: 19th Feb 2013 This order is marked as Awaiting Fulfillment Your Order Contains: 2 x SP418 (Ohm: Dual 1 Ohm, Cooling: Yes+30, Space Spider: Yes +$40, This is what I know as of now - sent 03/15/13 I apologize Travis, I was going to give you a call today . We are absolutely slammed right now, and are awaiting some parts to finish up a large batch of SP4's, in which yours are in there. Yours are the 7th and 8th subs back in a batch of 26 SP4's, which takes us through our SP4 order through the 1st of march. The reason I was going to call you was to let you know about the delay and to offer you a sticker package for your wait, so far everyone that I have contacted has been really cool about it, and I thought people would be upset, so I was definitely surprised. Again I do apologize for the wait, and if the sticker package is ok with you, just let me know if you would like white, silver or black.Please let me know if I can help with anything else. Thanks, ShawnFi Car Audio
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    i would use a silicone not an epoxy, something that stays pliable
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    You could always go plexi and bolt them down. The rubber is going to allow play for window slap no matter how much epoxy you try to use. Unless you glue both sides, and even then I am unsure if it would work.
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    If they don't want to be losing money.. they should spend some more money and go digital. Think oldschool, get paid oldschool, simple as that.
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    this may be true although I have had no issues with it. It is ran right beside my motor and has never melted or caused me any issues other than being a pain to get into a fuse holder haha Same here, no problem with external temps with the welding cable.
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    this may be true although I have had no issues with it. It is ran right beside my motor and has never melted or caused me any issues other than being a pain to get into a fuse holder haha
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    I was really excited thinking DD stood 4 digital designs..... and welding cable's flaw is its jacket it is not made to withstand freezing and extreme heat that comes with a car
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    It is not using it for excessive build times, it is the margin that remains the limiting factor. If Scott could afford to hire more people, I promise you he would, as his stress level's surpass mine and that is scary. Many of Fi's customers choose them for the made/designed/machined etc. in the USA, along with having some customization.
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    Knowing the manufacturer you speak of, when Fi's profit margin is remotely close and all models were not built in house, then Fi could consider taking that approach.
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    Get well soon Fi Car Audio. We all miss the good ol' days.... Wait?... It's always been like this. Built to order, one order at a time, first come first serve. So, if they got ten orders for subs and yours is under them all, well poop, you're just gonna have to wait. From my understanding the glue and recones is something they offer as a convenience to customers that isn't a profit center for Fi Car Audio. So buying glue isn't really supporting the cause and even less so when you start a thread to bitch about it. :/ What can I say? If you need glue quickly, I suggest eBay.
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    the AGu is glass,. and the ANL is an element style,. here is a link we can all learn from.... all about fuses!!! http://www.bcae1.com/fuses.htm enjoy!
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    Please don't take offense to this, but if you are asking these questions, you shouldn't be playing with this much power. And just judging by the question itself, do you have enough power to make this power in the first place? Low voltage will cause chaos and you'll find your hard-earned money flushed down the toilet.
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    bitch im not flaming your topic.. im one of the few members who loves rap. what the fuck does my paint have to do with this? the more you post the more ignorance you show. and you can share videos. no one is flaming you little touchy there girlfriend.
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    the more you and people like you post your angry trash, the less respect and trust i have for people in car audio boo fucking hoo... your topics are trash fool. i try to help in every serious topic you post. but most of your posting are just taking up space. i could care less if you respect me. if you dont like me or the things i say report me to a mod.