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    Wow. I apoligized for the stocking mix up, offered a quick soluition, and when rejected we refunded your order instantly. But thank you for the nasty post and changing my email wording to make us look bad. Oh, don't forget you're asking to have SSA reward points given back to you as cash. Again, I am sorry there was a stocking mistake, but we tried to instantly correct it and refunded you right away when asked. BUT I WILL NOT sit here and have someone change what I said to hurt my business. You can run and tell your friends that you got great customer service despite the stocking issue. You were not wronged, it was a simple mistake on communication between us and XS Power. We apologized, tried to correct the issue instantly, sumbitted refund asap, and this is how you act. I will gladly warm other vendors of you if I need to.
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    Oui, this is what happens when I only work on emails all weekend, take half a day off and not keep on top of the forums every 30 minutes like always. First off, this customer ordered a D4, as he said, for the first sub. When it arrived, he swore up and down that he got a D2 sub. Which by the way, had never happened before where a customer was sent the wrong coil, so it was VERY surprising to have someone say they got the wrong coil. Since he was so adamant about the wrong coil and has been accusatory from the get go, I assumed he was using a trusty DMM and was reading it correctly, I apologized for the supposed mistake of the build house, so for his second sub, we adjusted it to a D2 coil. So his second sub came and appears to be a D2 as ordered. For future reference, there are three different people who check or overlook the sub before it leaves the build house, so to say we have no quality control is clearly not accurate. There is markings on the box, the build ticket and the former, so it is HIGHLY unlikely that a sub would ever ship out with the wrong VC. Yes, we are a small brand, but clearly we have experience doing this and we have NEVER and I mean NEVER screwed over a customer and as explained and posted numerous times in a thread, if a mistake was made we have always worked to correct it asap. So for one customer to be claiming it happened twice, seems quite odd. As explained in this thread, the D4 coils have a resistance lower than D4, same with D2. The Gcon does NOT come in a D1 coil option as there are D1 coils for it. This is due to a number of reasons, power compression, impedance rise or box rise etc., so that the coils rest below the stated resistance and with natural rise will be closer to stated resistance. (Alton's explaination is much better then mine: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/60275-two-new-ssa-subs-showing-diffrent-ohms/page-3#entry1020077) For example, if you get a D4 ohm subwoofer from a different brand that uses 4.0 ohm Re, after natural rise it will be higher than a D4. One easy way to know for sure is on each former, above the coil should be written in black sharpie, stating the voice coil that is on the subwoofer. As it stands now, with everything written out by the customer as the facebook messages did not contain all of this info, we can only assume that the first Gcon was a D4 as ordered and the second Gcon was a D2 as ordered. This may be partially my mistake as I did not ask for a photo of the formers from the get go, but I have never had to do that before. If the customer truly is the first one with wrong voice coils, we will clearly correct it, but if the first one was read wrong..... Side note, with SSA store rewards, the total was $444, not $457.
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    Well this is odd. My parents called me from back home to tell me my package from SSA came some time last week; only I haven't ordered anything. A 15" DCON was sent to me at my address and I didn't order it. I went to the order status for my account to see if someone had hacked my account and ordered one and... sent it to my house?? But that wasn't the case. Order #5455 and order #5182 were indeed for 15" DCON's, but I've already received them a long time ago. Aaron, what the heck do you want me to do with this?! My old man opened it up and there was nothing on the inside of the top of the box (i was hoping for a receipt to be there). Thanks!
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    Wow, I go out of town for an alumni event for the weekend, and BLAM! It should be obvious why I don't say what our costs are, but yes, they are drastically more costly to build our sub woofers here in the USA then overseas. It is a mixture of comical and frustrating when competitor's sub woofers that are built overseas. As mentioned earlier, there is few aspects that really effect our build costs that others are not doing. The CNC machining of motors/poles is a huge portion of our build cost per sub woofers. Many brands will just use nuts as spacers between the motor stack and the basket, but our sub woofers are using spiral axis cooling channels on the pole. This does a number of things for superior cooling of the coil, but that is a different topic, what maters here is the time and cost on the CNC machine for each one built. Because of that extra care, time and effort, it cannot be easily done in mass quantities. Also, when not turning a large margin on our products, it means we have less to play with when it comes to expanding our company. It does piss me off when some fool says our products are over priced, they truly haven't a clue and need to be slapped. People have been asking me for a number of years now why we don't have amps or a full line up of mid's and highs etc. This is because the standard now is for someone with no audio background, to just call up a build house overseas, use a credit card and a pre-order, and TADA with in 18-24 months they have a full line up of sub woofers, amplifiers and more. I don't want our brand to be like that. Sure, our growth has been much less rapid as all the new offerings that show up every year, and sure Mark and I are not putting anywhere near what we would like into our pockets due to the higher build cost and much lower volume of sales, but we have near-ZERO warranty failure, a very strong return customer base, and the assurance of one of the highest levels of quality of materials and performance from our sub woofers to every customer that picks SSA for their sub woofer needs. We are trying to take the superior, long term thinking approach to these other brands that show up out of no where, as there is much more time and effort invested into each and every one of our sub woofers. It means we are not killing it in the bank account or hitting the golf course in the middle of the day, or expanding into new major markets overseas etc.. One perfect example, was the beautifully explained break down of the Xcon above. In short, the CNC machining, the addition of a shorting ring (long coil, so inductance was brought down a little) and the much more steel used (instead of a simple triple stack), creates a better sub all around and that is a powerful piece of mind. It is a very good thing to know and to have, even if we are not making much from each unit sold. We run with a very low overhead and keep our expenses to a minimum. Having our sub's machined and built here in the USA (even using steel from California), just does not matter to the masses anymore. The wildfire virus of the American consumer, is the extreme short shortsightedness and only seeing initial price to them, and not the long term. It is more then about keeping more of the money from the purchase price here in the USA, it is also understanding the higher level of quality and performance they are getting. We do gain a number of customers who had a shorter then liked, life span of their prior sub woofer that was made overseas. So in short, to sort of answer the first question, the factors that go into the costs of our products: place of build (USA) {cost of labor etc.}source of materialsquality of materialsquality of partsextra steps taken for better performancethe details in many of the modelslow volume salesmade-to-order production
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    saw this on facebook. Whats the eta and specs?
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    Sometimes people just post what's on their minds. Maybe he wants to see if people agree with his decision? I donno. It's not annoying to me. Kyle, take your negative ass post somewhere else. Not every post has to have pics or technical info.
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    They are getting old and can't run the business forever. So they were seeking someone honest and trustworthy to give the business to. Congratulations, you passed the test. You won Jake, you won! Now get in the Wonkavator and press the red button.
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    LMAO...then the DD1 did absolutely NOTHING to for you. The fact you used it as a "starting point" with a 0db test tone then manually increased the gain means you negated any affect the DD1 had on the setting. You didn't set your gain with the assistance of the DD1, you set your gain by ear...exactly the same as we suggested here.
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    I like all the forums honestly. There is knowledgeable people on all the forums you just have to filter through more stupidity at the other ones.
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    I'll take 20 quality threads over 200 threads of BS any day!! J
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    Btw guys, my girl bought this for me. She loves bass and wants this to be our show truck. I found my wife lol
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    I had an SSA Icon 12 in my car for about a year on 1200w RMS. The sub was in a 2.5ft^3 box tuned to 33 hz and it was definitely the most musical sub i have ever listened while dropping an insane amount on lows. I sold the sub a few months ago, ordered an Xcon 15, and built a 5ft^3 box tuned to 33hz again. The sub arrived yesterday packaged inside a crate that was inside a box lol. This thing must not have moved an INCH. The suspension on this sub is STIFF. Most definitely the stiffest suspension I have felt. Anyways, after hooking it up to my MB Quart Onx2000.1, I can say this thing is...well for lack of a better word...a MONSTER. The move up in cone area and power defintely made a huge difference in the amount bass. The xcon seems to the play the higher bass notes with more authority as well. Overall, this is one kick-ass sub and I cant wait for the suspension to loosen up and spend more time playing it. SSA has never let me down.
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    When you know you're good.... I don't always model speakers, but when I do I already know what they are going to do. Stay loud my friends.
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    Power needed to move the cone to xmax in a particular alignment is RMS power rating. The following is an example. Subwoofer A uses a 8 layer 80mm long coil that weighs 400 grams (total MMs). This sub takes 6,500 watts to hit 35mm in a 5 cubic foot box tuned to 32 hertz. Subwoofer B has the same T/S parameters but uses a 4 layer 80mm long coil that weighs 200 grams (total Mms). Due to the lighter weight this sub only needs 3,200 watts to hit xmax in a 5 cubic foot box tuned to 32 hertz. Couple this with the fact inductance will double with subwoofer A than sub B above 35-40 hertz. Sub B is not only as loud as sub A with 3,000 less watts it will be 2-4 DB louder above 40 hertz due to inductance. This means Sub A would actually need 12,000 watts to be as loud as Sub B on 3,200.
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    JJ, I'm glad that you are excited about things and very passionate about speakers, I too was once like that at your age, but here's the thing. I've got close to a thousand emails to answer as I've had near next to no time to do any emails in weeks due to people being out sick, hurt, etc. I don't have time to answer hundreds of your questions a day, you have to take some initiative and read around the internet and educate yourself as I have told you numerous times. This is the do it yourself or "DIY" market where many things you have to read and figure out on your own. The information is out there and free for you to consult, you just have to google for it. If you keep sending the same email over, and over, and over, and over, and over it only makes the pile of email that I have to go through next week even bigger provided I'm not out sick with the plague that is going around the shop. My focus is on machining, building, and making things go out the door right now. Whether it be one handed, sick, hurt or whatever it is that has to be done. Filling orders takes priority over answering the hundreds of questions you have, I'm sorry I am not able to do that. Search around the internet...there's tens of thousands of hours of material for you to read.
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    do you even own a evil? i find it funny you requesting something bigger .... when you have yet to own the biggest in the series....... come to think of it.. i dont even remember you running a Zcon. you can dislike this now.
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    Benefit Raffle for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Raffle with all proceeds going to St Jude Childrens Research Hospital$10 a ticketSend gift through PayPal to Saint Jude Childrens HospitalOne lucky person will win a 15" SSA XCON D2Raffle will last one month and end on July 15th, 2013.Link to the original raffle: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/58082-benefit-raffle-for-st-jude-childrens-research-hospital/-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raffle Each ticket will cost $10 each. A number will accompany each ticket you buy. Each number will be written on a bottle cap and placed into a jar. Every bottle cap will be the same size and shape to ensure equal odds for everyone. The deadline for purchasing tickets will be Saturday July 14th, 2013 @ 11:59pm. The next day, July 15th, I will make a video of the drawing and I will post it here on SSA in this thread. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to buy tickets Please send a gift through PayPal to Saint Jude Children's HospitalMake sure to send me a screen shot and the paypal confirmation number to deyoung86@gmail.comAn acknowledgement of the gift received will be sent and I will provide you with your raffle number/s.Please allow one or two days for me to respond. I will be updating the second post of this thread with a list of who has donated. If you prefer to be an anonymous donor please let me know.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Prize One 15" SSA XCON D2 http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/index.php/product-information/xcon.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital www.stjude.org The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first raffle did very well. Please support this great cause again and donate! Please share with everyone you know. Thank you -------------------------- People who have donated:
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    No one really likes dc on here one of the rare forums that aren't dc or tantric nut huggers.
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    I work in the car audio industry, and I have to say, Aaron did EXACTLY what he could to rectify the situation. People have been driven by electrical devices for so long that they assume a machine is customer service. The machine says I have 3 dash kits in stock, but I had no way of knowing that last month someone stole one. I apoogize and try to fix it. That's customer service. Human beings make errors. It's life. If you were at McDonald's and they ran out of Sprite, would you hop on the internet and piss and moan about the worst service you've ever had in your life? I think not. Grow up. This just solidifies my faith in a fantastic company with outstanding customer service. You should have thanked Aaron, and moved on. Don't be a dick. My love for car audio dies more and more each day because of a generation of spoiled bastards with no regard with how the real world works. What the hell happened?
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    Going through I don't think they meant you were bashing the company/nick but others. I don't see how they're being sarcastic. Impious, tirefryr and shizzzon were trying to explain. M5 was the only one being sarcastic and was only doing it because tenacious is annoying and ignorant. I don't understand why you guys don't listen to these guys... Zero tact and constantly talking in circles rather than being direct. Discredits whatever they see fit without truly explaining why everyone else should discredit. They act as though they're %100 right, but fail to fully disclose why they are correct and someone else is incorrect. They scream tolerances and calibrations yet never give any real numbers. They never ask what the given tools tolerances are and if they have been calibrated or when the last time they were calibrated. Just because you have technical training behind you and some real world exercise, doesn't mean you have the right to discredit everyone else. It's easy to sit behind a computer and seem all so intelligent. There's a common factor of why a lot of people don't like this forum. Maybe you should go and seek some education and then you might understand just how much money, time, equipment, etc... goes into testing, measuring, certifying etc. Right now it seems that all these guys are "talking circles rather then being direct" but you clearly do not understand this subject. Once you go out and find the necessary knowledge, then you will realize how right these few guys are. Until then, argue on and have fun!! I more than understand this subject. This shit is simple, yet you tech team dick riders and "tech team" want to make this complicated. Maybe you should take some laxative and the rest of the tech team to get rid of the bull shit you guys are full of. I swear you guys could ruin a wet dream because one of her nails was .05mm too long. Yet, every post you make shows how little you do understand and your inability to comprehend. If you understood what was happening and comprehended what has actually been discussed and challenged here, you would never have posted. You keep stating people are typing in circles, yet the ones whom keep complaining about it are in fact the ones doing it. Everything has been explained to you; you just won't allow yourself to understand it as you would have to admit to yourself that you don't really know as much as you think you do. Don't get upset, this happens to us all. How about taking a step back, and just thinking, these guys ARE right and why they are. The simple fact is, the man who did the "testing" and posted this information is simply a hobbyist. His results can not be relied on, yet many people whom don't understand this WILL rely on his "testing" simply because they don't know any better. As long as there are uncontrollable variables, the "testing" is pointless. If ANY of us conducted this "testing" in a similar matter, the "tests" would also be invalid. If these "tests" were being conducted by a lab, by a professional, all testing parameters would have laid out, explained, and discussed in length before any testing had begun. Than and only then could the results be relied upon and only after many amplifiers had been tested not just one or ten.
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    It was moved so Kevin can not edit it.
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    Sell the subwoofer and buy something worth a damn.
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    Truconcept v.2. PHd in douchebaggery.
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    A few corrections. Emails HAVE been answered, we ARE stocking many Sundown subs in NY. As explained via email, Mark was out of town for a few days and will be processing the order very shortly, and your order will ship right away.