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    Wow. I apoligized for the stocking mix up, offered a quick soluition, and when rejected we refunded your order instantly. But thank you for the nasty post and changing my email wording to make us look bad. Oh, don't forget you're asking to have SSA reward points given back to you as cash. Again, I am sorry there was a stocking mistake, but we tried to instantly correct it and refunded you right away when asked. BUT I WILL NOT sit here and have someone change what I said to hurt my business. You can run and tell your friends that you got great customer service despite the stocking issue. You were not wronged, it was a simple mistake on communication between us and XS Power. We apologized, tried to correct the issue instantly, sumbitted refund asap, and this is how you act. I will gladly warm other vendors of you if I need to.
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    Oui, this is what happens when I only work on emails all weekend, take half a day off and not keep on top of the forums every 30 minutes like always. First off, this customer ordered a D4, as he said, for the first sub. When it arrived, he swore up and down that he got a D2 sub. Which by the way, had never happened before where a customer was sent the wrong coil, so it was VERY surprising to have someone say they got the wrong coil. Since he was so adamant about the wrong coil and has been accusatory from the get go, I assumed he was using a trusty DMM and was reading it correctly, I apologized for the supposed mistake of the build house, so for his second sub, we adjusted it to a D2 coil. So his second sub came and appears to be a D2 as ordered. For future reference, there are three different people who check or overlook the sub before it leaves the build house, so to say we have no quality control is clearly not accurate. There is markings on the box, the build ticket and the former, so it is HIGHLY unlikely that a sub would ever ship out with the wrong VC. Yes, we are a small brand, but clearly we have experience doing this and we have NEVER and I mean NEVER screwed over a customer and as explained and posted numerous times in a thread, if a mistake was made we have always worked to correct it asap. So for one customer to be claiming it happened twice, seems quite odd. As explained in this thread, the D4 coils have a resistance lower than D4, same with D2. The Gcon does NOT come in a D1 coil option as there are D1 coils for it. This is due to a number of reasons, power compression, impedance rise or box rise etc., so that the coils rest below the stated resistance and with natural rise will be closer to stated resistance. (Alton's explaination is much better then mine: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/60275-two-new-ssa-subs-showing-diffrent-ohms/page-3#entry1020077) For example, if you get a D4 ohm subwoofer from a different brand that uses 4.0 ohm Re, after natural rise it will be higher than a D4. One easy way to know for sure is on each former, above the coil should be written in black sharpie, stating the voice coil that is on the subwoofer. As it stands now, with everything written out by the customer as the facebook messages did not contain all of this info, we can only assume that the first Gcon was a D4 as ordered and the second Gcon was a D2 as ordered. This may be partially my mistake as I did not ask for a photo of the formers from the get go, but I have never had to do that before. If the customer truly is the first one with wrong voice coils, we will clearly correct it, but if the first one was read wrong..... Side note, with SSA store rewards, the total was $444, not $457.
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    Denim and I have been thinking about ways to get more traffic back to the forum, and have a few ideas about contests, like a classifieds contest, were we would pick a random user every month for a prize, but I am sure you guys have some great ideas for contests.... lets come up with a great idea, and get this place back on top of the forum game, once again...
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    I want to extend a thanks to the SSA forum members that have been with us for a while and have supported my expansion of the SSA product offerings. 10 years ago it started with the SSA Icon 12D2, and we have slowly expanded from there. After years of just sub woofers, I was finally able to move into smaller speakers. Our latest offering is the Evil6.5 mid. All that being said, I need to take care of the people who are apart of the SSA family first. So to our SSA forum members, if you want to try out our new Evil6.5, I will place a $10 SSA Store credit on your SSA Store account for each SSA Evil6.5 you want to order. This is available to SSA forum members with an SSA Store account until September 15th, 2016. _________________________________________________________________________ All you have to do is follow the below example and post in this topic: SSA Store account email address: jimmystew@hotmail.com Number of Evil6.5's: 2
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    Here are some final production unit pictures. Very excited.
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    saw this on facebook. Whats the eta and specs?
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    Sometimes people just post what's on their minds. Maybe he wants to see if people agree with his decision? I donno. It's not annoying to me. Kyle, take your negative ass post somewhere else. Not every post has to have pics or technical info.
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    A 110lb sub will give you a hernia? That's cute.
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    LMAO...then the DD1 did absolutely NOTHING to for you. The fact you used it as a "starting point" with a 0db test tone then manually increased the gain means you negated any affect the DD1 had on the setting. You didn't set your gain with the assistance of the DD1, you set your gain by ear...exactly the same as we suggested here.
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    I like all the forums honestly. There is knowledgeable people on all the forums you just have to filter through more stupidity at the other ones.
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    I'll take 20 quality threads over 200 threads of BS any day!! J
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    Btw guys, my girl bought this for me. She loves bass and wants this to be our show truck. I found my wife lol
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    I had an SSA Icon 12 in my car for about a year on 1200w RMS. The sub was in a 2.5ft^3 box tuned to 33 hz and it was definitely the most musical sub i have ever listened while dropping an insane amount on lows. I sold the sub a few months ago, ordered an Xcon 15, and built a 5ft^3 box tuned to 33hz again. The sub arrived yesterday packaged inside a crate that was inside a box lol. This thing must not have moved an INCH. The suspension on this sub is STIFF. Most definitely the stiffest suspension I have felt. Anyways, after hooking it up to my MB Quart Onx2000.1, I can say this thing is...well for lack of a better word...a MONSTER. The move up in cone area and power defintely made a huge difference in the amount bass. The xcon seems to the play the higher bass notes with more authority as well. Overall, this is one kick-ass sub and I cant wait for the suspension to loosen up and spend more time playing it. SSA has never let me down.
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    When you know you're good.... I don't always model speakers, but when I do I already know what they are going to do. Stay loud my friends.
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    Power needed to move the cone to xmax in a particular alignment is RMS power rating. The following is an example. Subwoofer A uses a 8 layer 80mm long coil that weighs 400 grams (total MMs). This sub takes 6,500 watts to hit 35mm in a 5 cubic foot box tuned to 32 hertz. Subwoofer B has the same T/S parameters but uses a 4 layer 80mm long coil that weighs 200 grams (total Mms). Due to the lighter weight this sub only needs 3,200 watts to hit xmax in a 5 cubic foot box tuned to 32 hertz. Couple this with the fact inductance will double with subwoofer A than sub B above 35-40 hertz. Sub B is not only as loud as sub A with 3,000 less watts it will be 2-4 DB louder above 40 hertz due to inductance. This means Sub A would actually need 12,000 watts to be as loud as Sub B on 3,200.
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    JJ, I'm glad that you are excited about things and very passionate about speakers, I too was once like that at your age, but here's the thing. I've got close to a thousand emails to answer as I've had near next to no time to do any emails in weeks due to people being out sick, hurt, etc. I don't have time to answer hundreds of your questions a day, you have to take some initiative and read around the internet and educate yourself as I have told you numerous times. This is the do it yourself or "DIY" market where many things you have to read and figure out on your own. The information is out there and free for you to consult, you just have to google for it. If you keep sending the same email over, and over, and over, and over, and over it only makes the pile of email that I have to go through next week even bigger provided I'm not out sick with the plague that is going around the shop. My focus is on machining, building, and making things go out the door right now. Whether it be one handed, sick, hurt or whatever it is that has to be done. Filling orders takes priority over answering the hundreds of questions you have, I'm sorry I am not able to do that. Search around the internet...there's tens of thousands of hours of material for you to read.
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    do you even own a evil? i find it funny you requesting something bigger .... when you have yet to own the biggest in the series....... come to think of it.. i dont even remember you running a Zcon. you can dislike this now.
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    If you twist the serpantine belt on your car..it will snap..because it's too short when you twisted it. If you twist a tinsel lead when you tighten it up..it magically becomes shorter, the geometry changes..and it breaks! What do we see in the pictures posted? Twisted leads. They are not straight. This is the paper that goes in the packaging with them. -out.
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    1st issue is relying on a clamp test for anything. Don't waste your time, useless endeavor. 2nd issue was purchasing a CT Sounds product. Even if the amp is decent the owner is a giant douch and doesn't deserve any business nor support by people using his products. Sell it as Aaron suggested and invest in something else.
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    This can't be serious. You were never lied to, you were never treated rudely. I answered all of your frantic emails, PM's, and fb messages. Some were coming in only 3 hours apart. I am sorry you feel this way, but you were not treated rudely nor were you lied to, I know that for a fact. SoundQubed ran out of stock before we were able to update the SSA store, as I explained. Your subs were delayed slightly as they arrived back in stock and were shipped instantly. Do not get nasty and distort reality because the subs don't fit your box. That has nothing to do with us or all the messages we answered or phone calls made or the back order.
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    Exactly. If you challenge them, then you're %100 wrong. This whole thread is dancing in circles. The tools used to do these tests are published. It's not like they're hiding... If you're so worried about certain things, go fucking look them up. Also, it wasn't just a "clamp test" But lets only focus on one aspect of this whole damn thing. God forbid we open our eyes wider This shit reminds me about the argument over linear vs progressive spiders. Shit was completely ridiculous. You guys focus on one little aspect. the burden of proof is always on those who made the claim. in this case the person who conducted the testing. he is responsible for providing accurate information. in simple terms, the results of his clamp test are invalid because they are not complete results (and any conclusions or comparisons he makes are not only false but misleading). this should be very easy to understand.
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    Don't have an 'official' release date...we never have for anything and we never will. The tab that is on the website should be a bit of a clue. The reason there are a handful of people that have them and have put them up on youtube and what not was to do field testing to prevent any issues with happening with a few parts that we haven't used before. We got the information that we were looking for, made a few adjustments and they're about ready for release. I've had zero time to do any emails, office work, etc for the past week due to people being out sick and everything in the shop breaking at least twice. Photos have to be edited and put up on the site and then they will be released for ordering. Thanks for your patience and understanding!
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    I'll put in my 2 cents since this is not a specific manufacturers forum. Both drivers have close enough mechanical parameters that they would behave the same nearly the same in the same box. Both drivers have the same motor force 288.75 for the sp4 and 288 for the evil. Yes the evil has more BL due to more "L" length in coil wire. However this also increases resistance which has to be taken into account. However the Evil has a slightly higher SPL rating .2 increase. Due to the slightly better Mms weight and motor force ratio due to the 10 gram lighter moving mass. So in a world on paper the Evil would be ever so slightly louder in an enclosure where the drivers would reach xmax at 3,000 watts. However in an alignment that took 3,250 watts to reach xmax the Evil would have an ever so slightly more advantage being the sp4 could not displace as much air due to not hitting xmax. However it would not be enough to be audiblly different due to the minute difference. So as a customer in my opinion it comes down to one thing. Fi prides itself in being a DIY company. It expects its customers to be able to take the info given and help themselves in enjoying the product. Which in return allows for a less expensive product. SSA on the other hand is a dealer network company and prides itself in bring able to work hand in hand and guide the customer. This of course take time and time is money. So there comes into play the slightly higher costs. So it comes down to what type of customer you are. Are you the one that can handle the expected wait time (you are told prior to purchasing) and can use the product at a DIY'er or do you need daily updates on product status and enclosure recommendations and install help.
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    MY point is you are pricing an unknown. We have nothing to go by other than a few specs and some pictures of a prototype. You walk into a car dealership and the salesman tells you, "Come look at this brochure of this new model we have coming out. You can get it for $15000 if you preorder right now. It's red, has a 4 cylinder engine, and gets okay gas mileage, but we don't really know for sure because we've only tested the prototype, but we're pretty sure and can give you all the specs once we have your car." I'm sure you realize this is a tough sell. As I stated before, you have to understand the skepticism. We have little to no information, not even photos of each individual driver, nothing. You literally showed up one the storefront and forum in one fell swoop, with no information. This is the age of information. I'm a prospective buyer. I see your company and your product, but there's no info about your product. The photos are all of the same driver (a prototype obviously) taken on a wooden bench next a Mountain Dew bottle and you want $300+ dollars. Why should I take that risk? I can make two more clicks and purchase a well know driver from a well known company for the same price and know exactly what I am getting without risking my hard-earned money.