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    Thanks J. Fly over, you can take it for the day.
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    Damn I've got a shitty temper... Sorry for gettin' all crazy. Sometimes my head sees red when it shouldn't.
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    nice stuff there. love my 12 zcons cant imagine the 18's. looking forward to your install
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    Some pictures of what I have
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    Looking for suggestions on which sub would be better suited for my situation. I have right at 6 cubes after all displacements, figuring on 82 square inches of port tuned to 33hz. Power will not be an issue with either sub, current plan is one or two PPI Black Ice 1800s. Electrical will consist of 270A alt and 2 D3100s. Going into a very well deadened 99 Ram Quad Cab. The reason for the limited space is I'm attempting to keep a small seat area on either side and run the enclosure centered on the back seat, seat bottom to ceiling. With that setup the only wat I can realistically pull it off is to have both sub and port forward. I figure I'll center the sub between the front seats and have the port at the top parallel to the ceiling. Not sure if that will work well or not - this will be the first time I've installed anything in a truck. I'm assuming with the cabin area I have and the excursion of these subs it should be pretty nasty - that's the goal anyway, loud, low, and move a lot of air. Any ideas or suggestions wil be greatly appreciated.
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    Another review by DosOne, Thanks man!
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    The black ones aren't produced anymore. That's the biggest reason the price keeps going on
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    He must check the thread he made every 30 min. This is unacceptable... Smh