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    Mine is finally normal. J
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    2 zcons in the trunk. Last enclosure i was doing 147 at 33 Hz. On music running an aq3500. . . Working on the new enclosure now and adding another 3500. So hoping to be a little louder soon
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    The answer is very simple. STOP LISTENING TO ANYTHING THEY SAY AT WORK. Everything they've ever told you has been wrong.
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    this is basic series and parallel circuit stuff.
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    Texas will be representing DSS loud and proud!
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    Progress... Got some rough spots sanded down inside, Finished cutting out the holes and did a test fit of subs and port. So happy to be done glassing. Also got the direct leads for the subs soldered and heat shrinked. Probably start body work tomorrow.
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    More catch up... Got all my speaker wire ran, and got the IA 6.4 wired up... http://youtu.be/1VoifafdF1I Then re ran my power wire... In the last build it was run under the truck in conduit and up into the cargo area, had to pull it out Decided to run it across the engine bay and into the driver side grommet (much easier to access and my RCAs run down the left side of the vehicle. Then got the carpet back in... Got to work on the A pillars, no glass (yet?) just used a hole saw to punch out holes for the tweets (soldered up the leads and xovers last night) and did the back doors too... Threw the A pillars in the truck... Loaded the doors... Finished running the power wire runs into the cubby where the jack goes (under rear seats, relocated jack to roof box) and got some power to the 6.4 ... Used some double sided tape to secure the tweeter xovers behind the kick panels... Got the rest of the interior put back together. Got the door panels on... Rear w/ tweeter Fronts, hiding the 8s and still fit perfect! Still needs some tuning work, but it is so much louder than with the components!
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    I feel I am confusing myself here. a subwoffer with dual voice coils has a rated wattage of 500W, that is for a single voice coil? if its for both voice coils is it rated at 500W in series or parallel? wiring a dual 1ohm sub that is rated at 200W in series means that sub can still take 200W as that's what the first voice coil sees. wiring a dual 1 ohm sub that is rated at 200W in parallel means it can take 400W as that is what the 2 coils can take together. am I right or wrong here in the way im explaining this? (again this is how it was just explained to me at work and now I feel confused.) if you have a dual 2 ohm sub you can wire that sub up to 4 ohm or down to 1 ohm right? is there any negative impact from wiring up vs down or vice versa? also, speaker companies list rated power for each coil and not both?