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    I would redo the buss bar like this. They way you have it originally pictured, if any of the wires shorted out, the wire would burn before the it could blow all the fuses.
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    Thanks guys for all the feedback. Yeah, this is an upgrade to a single sub setup lol. Going to shows like SBN is what freaking mad me do it haha. To get loud, like, loud loud. One thing I've learned, it takes a lot of time, and money. This is just me being honest. Every vehicle down at shows like SBN, all the heavy hitters, they all share the these same key items in common. Now, to say you "need" all of this to be loud, well obviously that's subjective to what you consider loud. For me, loud is anything over 158dbs. And that's what I want. But again, if loud to you is just, 145dbs, then of course you don't need nothing of this scale. But, once you get 145dbs, trust me, you'll want more! haha. That's why I'm making such a huge leap, and hopefully, an 10db leap. This year, it will take a score of 160db at the HEADREST, FUSED, for me to take home 1st place at world finals. And that's my personal goal. Mike Smiley, is the builder for this, if you guys would like to send him a PM on facebook. Here is another update photo for you guys. Also, it means A LOT to mean when I hear feedback from you guys. Especially for people that have been following me for the longest. Just, thank you, so much. Love all you guys. Gives me motivations when I'm down and out. Because I'm struggling over here man lol. Not to get too emotional or to feel some sort of pitty. But I've been taking the city bus, for like the past 6 weeks, and I've become financially behind several weeks as well. But I'm glad I'm doing it all now. The rest of the year I won't spend a dime on this truck lmao, which will allow me to catch back up, and hopefully be debt free(minus school loan lmao).
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    And you thought you've seen it all.
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    Sounds like a very positive post...that is great to hear bro!
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    http://s303.photobucket.com/albums/nn147/shizzzon/?action=view&current=VIDEO0001.mp4 Here is proof that compressed MP3s do not interfere with test tones. If to the ear isn't audible and software analysis of the two shows no difference.. the only thing left is to put them on the meter!