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    Click on the photo in your face book gallery to expand it. Right click on the photo and copy the photo link On the ssa reply option click the picture frame to insert image. Paste the photo link in the prompt and click ok. Click the preview button to make sure it worked.
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    Nope. You'll be fine with less. Just keep it above 75 per sub.
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    You should be able to go down to 75 inches of port per 18 and not hear any audible port noise. If you wan to minimize port compression keep it above 115 inches per sub.
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    see! thats great man! happy for you... DSS FTW ... hey Q any chance i could get a DSS sticker for my car?Send me an email with the size and color.
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    Nope. Waste of money. And it'll stink your car up for months.
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    Looking great so far ! I'm glad "Q" got you going with the pics,
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    Test fitting on the box : We had to change the spray : red looks like pink or purple. I wanted real red ! And finally here it is : More pics to come...
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    And one for Neil and Adrian
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    This one cost me next to nothing. And I don't need a ton of power, so it fit the bill. Plus it'll match the sedona series 850.1 I have powering my substage.
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    use some threded rod or something along the lines to stack the amps some how to keep wire length to a minimum!!
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    Coil length isn't the only thing that matters. And as Nick said, a picture isn't going to do anything to help him even as far as coil length goes. He would need full measurements of the coil and the gap, and as he pointed out he would also need to know the geometry of the motor and suspension. Long story short, the easiest way for them to do it would be with the physical driver in hand, including soft parts. And chances are good, reverse engineering the driver probably isn't something they really want to get into anyways. It would be fairly time consuming on their end. If you really want something from Fi, recone the driver with PSI parts, sell it and use the $$ to buy a Fi driver.
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    i cant answer on the electrical... that alt seems small but you already know that... i have 2 hdc3 15 d2s on a ct sounds 4000. @ half ohm... they beat the hell out of the blazer... they will want all that power u have... 1500 rms is highly underrated... i have seen people stack the amps... i had both of those subs on a single 2200 @ half ohm and it never got hot so that shouldnt be an issue... badass amps! i dont think the extra length of your wires will hurt anything as long as they are sufficiently sized... good luck with your install man!