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    Since your cost are going up, the recones arent shipped as "nicely" as they use to be to save money?
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    We still have a couple left in stock that we are unloading at our cost, but it seems people won't even pay dealer cost.
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    I have been calling,filling out tickets.But no answers. I would like a call please that's all I'm asking for.
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    The DSS section is a paid forum section dedicated to the advertisement of the Direct Sound Solutions brand and it's customers. Endless bantering will not be tolerated. If member or especially a moderator does not agree with the specifics of someone else's post, notate your point and move on. If need be the issue can be brought to an open forum section, the technical section for examples. The same goes for OP's do NOT stir the pot. If you do not agree with a remark, notate that you have heard their point of view and that WILL be the end of it. In here I am GOD and I will not allow activity that shames the DSS and SSA brands. If anyone has issues with this take it up with Aaron or Mark.
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    Can i get specs on your box, i hope this could work for one of my vehicles? I saw this on cac, and came here because i saw a build log