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    Yes sir, got to appreciate a nice rack. LOL Awesome work Kyle !!!
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    Neal what is driving you to those tweeters? I am also curious why you are set at 2500Hz without having said tweeters. Curious if you have the processing as well. There are tons of potential tweeters, I'd just like to know how to help you narrow them down further as I am not sure I like either of the choices you have so far....but I also don't know why you chose them so perhaps my desires are different than yours.
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    working on a similar project. went with the daytons and grabbed the prefab box from PE when they were on sale. drivers dropped in without issue. I'll mess with the enclosure volume and tuning as I go. unfortunately, the project is on hold as I'm having issues with the amplifier. I tried to DIY it with a 4 channel sure amp board and power supply from PE but its really noisy. Not sure what I'm going to do with it at this point, troubling shooting points to the amp/power supply as my Dayton dta120 (that I use for my TriTrix MTM towers) is noise free. I might have to cut my losses and return the amp and take a hit on the power supply since i scratched up the bottom pretty bad. I also need to figure out the Active XO. My original plan was to use my pc and some software to do it but windows will not output audio to multiple devices at the same time. So I'll be grabbing a minidsp.
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    The dash is also absurd. Had nicer shit in the 70s
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    And here we go. 4 SSA ZCON 15"s 1 SCV-6000 6 AGM G31's So far got 157.5@37Hz out of it. Pictures of the rear later when I make it look ok.