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    The view from Drew's and I's hotel here in Gilgil, Kenya
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    Booo If it makes you feel any better, I have to change the fuel tank on the Jeep when I get back home. Rock beats scissor...and fuel tank... and fuel tank brush guard.
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    I found it while I was hunting for another Crescendo 3500. You where very helpful, (Arron) so I figured I would check the forum out, and I originally only read it for the first few months, then decided to chime in.
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    Looking forward to your findings on the v20.
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    I booked a canal view room at this hotel for the weekend: ...but hopefully should get some nicer shots than those...
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    thank you! was fun to do another big one like Bobbys, this was a whole other feat in itself however. spent alot of time on this thing.