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    Just booked myself back to back dinners at Michelin star restaurants. I need some relaxing
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    A redhead with crazy squirting techniques.
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    You need a ammeter and a multimeter to calculate impeadence. You cannot just measure it with a multimeter with power applied to the circuit, it will give you a wrong measurement.
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    When you measure resistance with your meter that's exactly what you're measuring D.C. resistance. D.C. current resistance is not the same as AC impedance. Impedance changes with the frequency of AC being being applied and depending on the speaker system can rise 3 to 4 times (or more) of the rated impedance or the measured D.C. Resistance. If you use ohms law and take the voltage and current that was measured to calculate the power that was applied and calculate the resistance you'll probably find it a fair bit higher than 2.2 ohms.