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    I don't understand the logic of going with the lvl4 over the evil? You don't have enough power to run a evil? There's no rules saying you have to hit with max rms? I'm positive a evil will slam on 2k. Maybe I'm atupid and didn't understand what you meant but i would of went ssa over dc all day everyday if funds allowed.
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    The build house is doing the best they can with the limited margins due to high costs and the race to zero. Also, people cannot go else where and get it in a few days for the same price unless they find a stocking dealer. It is not about express delivery, it is about the man power to keep up with demand. Lastly, no one is making commission.
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    You can't go wrong either way. I've had a zcon before and I'll vouch it 100%. I have no experience with evils but I'll still vouch for it 100%. There's no way to go wrong with anything ssa.
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    The sad realization of this thread is there will always disappointment. No matter how much information is available to educate, you still have to be willing to look past your ignorance... While there is a lot of humor is some of these comments, the ignorance factor is well beyond believable.
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    I'm afraid Google is becoming less and less useful. A simple Google search netted me ads from Crutchfield, JBL, Amazon and others. One result was from a VW forum, but it was a "which speaker should I buy" post. I greatly value this forum because there are people willing to offer technical advice and information without trying to sell anything. Sorry Speakerboy, I tried but couldn't find anything.
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    Thanks infinite 913 I'll definitely take you up on that and bring my wife and two kids,and bring some food to BBQ.I appreciate that.
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    I had to replace my radiator. I accidentally put a hole in it After I was done I cleaned the engine. Clean engine Sunday!
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    Ya just waiting patiently to close on it. I have 2 daughters 8,6 and a son 7months old. And once we get the place you and any ssa member are always welcome when your out my way.
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    Teamoutlawd its a pretty relaxed team. Some compete, but most dont. Think theres like 50 of us. And at any given time therea a handful that will give a hand. No bs or drama it's pretty much the Only Rule.
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    Install is everything...You can't just lay speakers inside your car or truck, run wire to them and expect to get the best performance out of whatever brand you bought. The quality of the equipment can only take your expectations so far. If you factor in mounting locations, materials, as well as many other variables you can either have a high quality item sound like ass or be a thing of acoustical bliss.
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    Interesting. I went from a P400 the other way with the same results.
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    Dear god don't let m5 hear you say that, he actually believes nvx is as good as any other amp, just because he believes a watt is watt, which it isnt. I knew these amps would have a terrible noise floor just because the amps there based on do. I don't care what anyone says a better quality amp does make a difference if nothing else just from more clean power.
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    That's because you where still using a low quality budget amp then replaced it with a slightly better low quality budget amp. Imagine what it would have sounded like if you had bought quality like brax, zed, rf power series, jl slash, or Zapco. I have always heard a difference in sound quality from one amp to the other. Me and my friends all ran 12w6's and infinity kappa's in high school and they always cheaped out on power and couldn't figure out why my M100 and M50 sounded so much better. Maybe it was just more power but it deffinetly made a difference. Now if I just had a sub amp I probably wouldn't have even noticed but it was the entire system that was better. Lower noise floor, and a lot more accurate and clean sounding, not to mention a direct swap resulted in gaining 1/12 db's. It actually amazing the difference in a budget install with budget components and a high end system. I can tell just going from my dodge to the mustang how much a difference quality makes. Even at low levels the mustang will destroy your ears where the dodge can be blasted at full volume and want bother your ears or sound harsh. But one is a spl install meant to be loud and the other a sq install so that could be part of it.