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    Aaron, my apologies in advance Sir ... Billy Jack, It's been fun brother, but You have my vote for the largest fucking troll in the internet. Not to mention ... A stupid one at that. I rarely see someone on a audio forum act like a whiny ass, screaming little bitch like you do when something does not go your way. Grow a pair dude !!! I have NEVER seen anyone carry on like you do on this forum. Honestly, you're a fucking idiot. You best be glad that Aaron and Mark never made me a moderator on this forum. I'd make it my weekly duty to come on here and ban you just so I wouldn't have to read your bull shit over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Fucking ridiculous. I'll probably get a vacation for making this post but Fuck it, this need to be said. Please, leave people alone and start worrying about your own projects and show (not type) that you actually do know something about Car Audio. Mods on here can be jerks here at times, but do have a common goal of helping people educate themselves about car audio. /Rant ... I'm going to bed.
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    Thank you for being a teacher. I know the value of the job as I taught high school for 2 years.
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    Calling out other people just to spite them in threads they're not even involved in? Opinions and personal experiences are understandable, but that does not make it scientifically accurate, or true. When you're more concerned with your ego than betterment of the hobby/industry, it does the entire community a disservice. Please, humble yourself and be part of the solution, quit feeding into the bs. I've seen you post useful things, continue to focus on that, but please ask yourself before posting: Is this a biased opinion? Am I responding from ego? Do I have scientific data to back this up? Can what I wrote be taken the wrong way?
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    So there I was ... Tied up to her bed !!! had ................ Awh shit, what forum am i on here ?? Dang audio forum. OK Got these out of the closet the other day to clean them up and kinda ponder some ideas on where to mount them. Those fins take forever to clean !!! Maybe one day I can get these installed in the F-150 !!! As you can see, I had A LOT of cleaning to do on these. Thats, weird. They look blue in these pics. But I assure you, they are PURPLE !!! Maybe it's the lighting on my shitty phone. For those on the other thread looking for small footprint, very dynamic monsters ??? Might want to check these out !!! Little pricey, but WELL worth it when it comes to power, clarity, dynamics, and headroom !!! I wouldn't run anything else. Hopefully I can get back to this project soon !!! Thank you SSA
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    Factory life has become such. My life and work standards are viewed as out dated. My expectations of people are unattainable in today's world inside and outside of work. Hell I can take a guy from WV who has no experience other than hunting and breeding and teach him how to out perform ( trouble shoot and repairs) other mechanics that have been there for 10+ years. I often get criticized for being way too aggressive for today's people. Hell I am only 42 and I can not fathom what another 5 years will bring. The principals I raised my kids on are even out dared. I taught them to take pride in everything thing they do and most importantly pay yourself. Their friends think I am a strict parent because their raising was very different. I guess what I am getting at is society is in a rapid decline with all the bullshit that has been allowed.
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    I used 2.5 sheets of Damplifier per front door: on the outer skin, doubled just under the medium speaker, and on the inner skin(much smaller metal parts). In the Caribbeans, we have a nice weather : the Damplifier sticks very very well ! I found a wooden roller from a previous order, it was perfect. No bubbles at all First listen with second wood ring for the mid, and the Damplifier on the driver side door : nice, nothing too impressive from the stock door. Then I cut the Luxury Liner Pro just to fit the inner door panel. It's soooo thick and heavy ! I used neoprene glue on the edges, but it's so thick it won't go anywhere. I had to make some little openings/cuts in it, but it still covers everything. First door done, I turned the music on, with no sub : I thought someone had turned the bass down on the stock door ! That was VERY impressive. Great motivation to work on the second door immediately. After the doors, I worked on the trunk lid. I used a few sheets of Damplifier, on every metal panels, or parts. Now the bass seems a lot cleaner without those horrible rattles. I need to tighten the top of the tailgate, and it will be good to go. I am very happy with the final results of this good day of work ! My installer (I was only the helper !!!!!!) wants to buy sheets of Luxury Liner Pro now. He really saw what that did to my sound system !!!! Today is Mardi Gras : it will be hot in the streets of FORT-DE-FRANCE, MARTINIQUE !!!
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    I teach economics to high school students in Florida. They enter the class largely clueless as to how business and markets work. Young people are convinced that every business is making billions of dollars in profits and can drop prices anytime they want. If you lived locally, I'd ask you to come into the classroom and be a guest speaker.
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    What i was reading you saying is that you didn't go evils because you couldn't hit them with max rms. Also there is nothing wrong with dc audio they make fine products. I wouldn't be surprised if that 1 12 evil hit almost as hard as those 2 dc subs. I went from a single 12 zcon to 2 12 ethos. While both ethos were louder than the zcon it honestly wasn't by much... Surely not double. So yeah maybe i misunderstood your original post.
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    This is what I do / drive now. Her name is Knuckle Buster. Take her a spin around the block and you will know why. LOL What can i cay ?? I love working outdoors and being on the open road !!! Be safe out there drivers !!!
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    Dang, wish you were selling just one amp. It'd be perfect for the Evil mid's I just bought. While I'm wishing...I'd like to place an order for a pair of Evil tweeters to pair with aforementioned mids....
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    I hate to be that guy, but Billy's behavior is very much inline with the norm today. While I do not agree with it and struggle dealing with it, but it has become socially acceptable. As entertaining as this type of behavior is it will always be destructive in one way or another...
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    Cannot increase revenue as that almost instantly kills off sales. 98% will not pay more money for faster. They want it for less and they want it yesterday. Crescendo ran out of stock over a year ago on amps and have not seemed to get any of the ones that they sell back in. Nothing is wrong with DC. I was making sure people were not misunderstanding your post in relation to SSA or SSA items. "They" would include me.
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    This looks fun. I have always hated where the mid was located in this generation F-150. Your tweeter location looks good, not surprised they sound good from that location. What is the subwoofer plans for this truck?
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    Sounds great! I'll save up some money that shipping kills me lol sucks I'm in Hawaii when it comes to shipping heavy item
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    The build house is doing the best they can with the limited margins due to high costs and the race to zero. Also, people cannot go else where and get it in a few days for the same price unless they find a stocking dealer. It is not about express delivery, it is about the man power to keep up with demand. Lastly, no one is making commission.
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    Yes, pretty big difference. The Zcon is a top of the food chain with a 3" coil level sub, high output sub that is outstanding for daily and SPL competition. It is very intense and meant for big power set ups. The Evil is a top of the food chain with a 4" coil level sub. It's very strong in power handling, sound and output. Powerful low frequency extension monster, that is great for demo's and daily.
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    While I have no idea what you are referring to as generally I am completely underwhelmed with any stock system, if you shared what was interesting to you we could help you avoid the need for the bookmark perhaps.
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    You are referring to the MK5 body style. I did not know it had a design name. Mercedes did the same thing with the mid-bass towards the back of the front doors in the late 80s early 90s. Is there something specific you wanted to know about this layout?
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    I'm afraid Google is becoming less and less useful. A simple Google search netted me ads from Crutchfield, JBL, Amazon and others. One result was from a VW forum, but it was a "which speaker should I buy" post. I greatly value this forum because there are people willing to offer technical advice and information without trying to sell anything. Sorry Speakerboy, I tried but couldn't find anything.
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