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    Box is done , and should ship out Monday !!!
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    Helped a friend pick out gear last spring for a '13 Avenger 4 door(trunk, fold down seats), ran into this issue as well. I tried talking him into letting me build the box in the trunk, firing forward and sealed off but no go. We settled on 4.5 cu/ft @32 hz for two ZCon 12's (subs up, port to the side) on a single SQ 2200 (until he finishes upgrading his electrical, then it will be two, strapped) and it's quieter than my two XCon's on a SQ 1200, but still clean and precise. Going to try a different box here soon. Any specific strategies you've used to combat 'Dodge Bass'? Also, I'm not much for Mustangs.. but that's nice.
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    Umm, what??? Making the enclosure larger (by inverting) you will LOWER the tuning not raise it. Also the whopping < .3cuft change will drop you a Hz or so which isn't something to stress over. Also the loads on the box will be the same dynamically. The static moment from hanging the sub off the front will change, but it is also really nothing to think or worry about. Invert if you like, it won't harm anything. GREAT looking box btw.
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    Turned out pretty sweet. I think Aaron should share those pictures.
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    I had it built for a 33 hz tuning as recomended by Aaron from SSA. You're right ; I'll stick with the original design . Plus I got to thinking that would put the sub above my window line , and might encourage theft .
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    Without quick calculation and just by looking at the pics, I'd say you tuned originally around 32 to 36 htz. Inverted will set you to 56 htz or higher. Hence hurting the subs music if not careful. Then again, it my work out great. Trial and error is what I always preach. You're changing the entire dynamics of the enclosure by doing this. Just Saying If you're that head strong about it, I would highly recommend the opinion of the original enclosure designer and builder before trying this. Just my suggestion brother. Good luck
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