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    The guys were playing around with some center console ideas.
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    Sky Reflection in the hood.
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    Before polishing begins, a thorough inspection of the paint is performed using various lights and a paint depth gauge to assess the condition of the paint and look for defects. In my opinion, what makes a true professional detailer is someone who has the tools and knowledge to fully assess a vehicles paint, use that info to correct paint defects, and at the same time leave as much clear coat as possible. This paint depth gauge allows me to accurately assess the current condition and history of the paint. These readings will tell me if there are any areas where the clear coat is thin (due to heavy sanding/compounding or even sprayed at the factory) and to be very cautious working that area or avoid alltogether. It will also indicate if a spot or panel has been repaired/repainted which may react differently to the correction process used on the rest of the vehicle. So why am I even bothering using it on a brand new vehicle that the owner has never had detailed? Well, I believe you can never be too cautious and repairs DO happen to brand new vehicles at dealerships. Mark only has one tool box... like a damn mirror!
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    I would always polish first before sanding. Once you use an abrasive going back is tough.
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    Very true. Id rather be slightly underpowered than overpowered in a daily setup. Plus it leaves room to go bigger without having to change subs again down the road to go up in power.
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    Driver's side door handle and well before and after Mark worked his magic. You can see the pearl flake in these pics
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    Put these new bitches on today! Weird the weight to balance them was very little.
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    Xcon makes waves near my boat...literally. Not a ton of power either since I have to run off battery while sitting still for periods of time.