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    Welcome to the very first 8” sub worthy to wear the SSA logo. A decade of reknown SSA signature sound that is pure, warm, and precise, while having tremendous output that is now finally availble in the new SSA F8L 8” sub. (Pronounced “Fatal”) Vicious in looks, and pure beef in build, the all new SSA F8L 8” sub is an absolutle tank just like every other SSA sub, but finally in a compact package. Conservatively ratted at 650 watts, right off the bat, you can tell the SSA F8L means business. For the serious mechanical side of the design, the SSA F8L employs a very powerful motor with dual high strength Y35-140 oz magnets protected by a motor boot, yet the inductance is kept in check as the F8L touts a full aluminum shorting ring. To handle some serious power, the 4-layer copper coil is a 2.5” round wire that is 45.9mm high. Keeping everything under control for a wide array of conditions, is a pair of Nomex spiders and a dual layer high roll foam surround. As with all SSA subs, the SSA F8L has a non-pressed pulp paper cone. The large spring loaded push terminals make wiring up easy and quick, while the high tinsel count leads can carry plenty of power to the copper coil. For durable and consistent performance for years to come, the SSA F8L was designed to stay cool under the harsh daily abuse. With cooling spacers allowing extra air flow to the coil and motor, and a vented Aluminum former, you will never have to sweat the thermal limits. Doesn't matter if you are doing an arsenal of subs or a single sub for adding some clean and powerful bass in a small space, the SSA F8L will most certainly get it done. Port this little monster and send it some clean power and you will be hard pressed to hide an evil smile. With out question, SSA F8L is a killer choice in the world of the high end 8” subwoofers. Features: Rms: 650W Cone: non-pressed paper cone with wide roll foam surround Former: vented Aluminum former Voice coil: 2.5inch- 4layers high temperature round wire copper coil with 45.9mm widing height Motor: Y35-140Oz magnets with Aluminum Shorting (Faraday) ring and motor boot Spider: Dual Nomex Spring-loaded Push Terminals Attached high tinsel count leads Cooling spacers Dual 4 ohm Specifications: Fs: 32.1hz Re: 4ohm Qms: 4.31 Qes: 0.27 Qts: 0.25 Rms: 6.7 kg/s Cms: 0.17 mm/N Mms: 143.5 gr Bl: 20.8 N/A SPL: 82.6 db Vas: 9.7 L Rp: 57.0 ohm Lp: 70.0 mH Cp: 496.4 uF Le: 3.16 mH Sd: 201.93cm² Box recommendation: 0.55 cubes @ 31hz (after displacement) Mounting Depth: 6.5"
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    So after 4 months of waiting I finally revived these baby's. It's such a relief and a long wait coming lol. Can't wait to pick up a taramps 8k to push these. And build my box also. These things are super heavy and beffy and beautiful. Really stiff. unfortunately i didnt didn't receive my tshirt or any stickers for that matter that's a bummer I was looking forward to that sick black shirt. And I took out the wooden things that help keep the sub protected during shipping.
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    And the comment on the spacers, well, I feel the exact opposite. I've seen some other "higher" end drivers that have just used stacked washers. I am happy to see a proper spacer. I think they'd look better if they were black, but FAR from something cobbled together.
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    I was actually in the middle of writing a post about how I had reached my breaking point with Harvey a couple weeks ago. I made the (probably correct) decision to not go down to Baytown the weekend the hurricane hit, but my heart was breaking as my friend were out there helping people in the flood waters and I was just going to work like it was no big deal. I would have had to miss work because I would not have been able to make it back, but who cares. With the help of a friend, I decided that I could help by setting up donations in San Antonio and taking them down the next weekend. In a couple days I was able to get a 12ft enclosed trailer and fill it to the brim with donations. The donations ended up going to a local neighborhood and the rest to a local church. I was able to help a few families clean their house and help one of my best friends family gut a small "shop/apartment" to try to rebuild. There house was destroyed, so they just tried to get things out.
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    Even at 97 nothing can keep him from driving his tractor at the steam show!
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    It's a hardcore full tilt 22 watts rms on the front right channel for the right tweet & about the same for the left tweet which is ran off the front left channel. It was about to storm that day with high winds and random cracks of thunder in the near background. The pressure was on to get the install done. I buckled down and knew it was my time to shine! In closing, once the radio powered on and some mild tweeking of some settings all of my efforts were outshined by the total awesomeness of the clarity that flowed from the SSA Evil1 silk dome tweeters. Was truely an epic moment that brought smiles from ear to ear.
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    Had a video up but youtube blocked it due to copyright restrictions..... ran passive for now until he buys a new amp to unleash the evil!
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    Obviously not my garage
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    First kitchen knife and first damasus, made from 1095 and 15n20 steel. Lots of hammer swinging on that piece. Once the power hammer is up and running it should go much quicker for him.
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    Steve Meade doing things BIG as usual. Congrats on scoring that sweet Toyota commercial !!!! Check out the Tahoe doing some cameo HAIRTRICKS for the newest Toyota commercial....even aired during an NFL game yesterday!!!! #SMDFTW #SteveMeade #HairTrick #TeamSecondSkin #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinAudio #DamplifierPro #ThermalBlock #SecondSkinForTheWin
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    You are totally fine. There is no law that says you have to send RMS power. Music is dynamic and rarely is an amplifier sending out its rated power. That sonic electronix employee could not be more wrong. The Xcon will be back from hiatus sooner than the Icon. I am trying to find out as to when that is exactly.
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    Heard the same thing bro, right with ya. ... . Running one box per alt would be most reliable. So, we put a box on each, and purchased a better turn on solenoid even.Used LARGE gauge wire all around. Really put some effort into it. LOL, like, a TON of late nights. Fuck me. Still had bugs. Used large gauge all around, and we still ran into several issues. It took about 4 months of fiddling around to get it to run as reliable as it does now, which, so far, this season, has been fine. But, hell yes, we have 2 spares we take to large (3x, state, and world finals) shows, just because. I will say when shes running good, it runs good. Amps run a lot cooler, and the Xfire 4ks do make a bit of power with that voltage up there. ( I mean fuck, they better eh?) After 2 minute runs, and a starting rev of around 1800, we dip just below 16v after full tilt long average runs. After about 30-45 seconds the motor does start to bog down. So, mike helped us there, getting the turn on for the alt as LOW as he could. ,...... so, thats all neato and shit, but man, was it a constant nightmare for a while. There was a time where i wanted to sell all 20 brand new bats at cost, and swap to just a 14v cell, and charge in the upper 15's off the alts, safe for the rig elc,, then throw them on the 2 chargers we have when ever it sat. I know Rusty at DC Audio does this in his van. Uses 14v cells and charges at like 15.4. Then tosses em on the charger when ever its sitting. Has it helped our scores? Yep, yep it has.But, man, for the cash, time and pain, ugh. If i had to do it all over again? Id use 14v cells, and a shit ton of caps. If i could go back. But, we fought through it, and so far, its been OK. I highly suggest the KISS method if your just driving around banging.
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    Some video of the evils in action. let me know what y'all think. Impressive, ok, or nah? Lol.
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    Hence why I asked. And decided not to bother with it. Based on everyone's imput. It was a thought. Nothing more. If it had been more of a need sure.
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    The blue transpo is built to control one alt and i bet most people that spoke against had 1 regulator running multiple alts. I say stick to 12v and secure your battery bank. Once you get stable voltage and can hold it steady it will make a world of difference. For what it would cost to convert to 16 volt just add more batt bank for 12v and be better off.
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    Even if you did know the F3, it's going to change once loaded in the vehicle. Cabin gain can often boost the low end by as much as 10dB! If you are shooting for extreme low end in a sealed application, you are going to be building a very large enclosure and once loaded into the vehicle and cabin gain takes effect, you are going to have a very narrow passband with an exaggerated low end.
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    Hey A A Ron whats the displacement on these?
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    I would have ran crying because a hellish monster was loose. Just move and burn it down.
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    Lol yea I checked out the store after I read this.
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    Go Aaron go!!
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    I will contact the developers.
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    Check it out here: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/back-to-school-sale/
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    <<<< Click there to check them out. I am adding more models as I have time.
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    More are up, I will wrap up Banda product listing and move on to Audio Legion, Alphard, Wolfram.
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    Another project im working on for someone
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    Most of the Last enclosure is still in there . Probably going to leave most of it since its bolted in and I can use it for a floor for batts and amps
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    Oh how I love when the bosses decide that I will have 2 buildings done in the time that 1 is allotted. Especially when the second building doesn't need material for 2 years. Sure I can do double the work in the same time and still run SSA for no pay check haha.
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    That is the ORIGINAL Terminator! Wayne used those in the Hearse, and they need a BIG enclosure. Email or call MTX and they will help you out. They're one of the best companies to deal with and they know their shit.
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    These surrounds are much larger than I thought. The online pics does this thing no justice. Can't wait
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    Guts! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bweyam_-m396M3E5QUVsNUFIVUE/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Took a 90 minute break between jobs to go for a walk in my new back yard.
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    8's are generally a somewhat lackluster sub size. Whenever they can be avoided I would try. I feel the same about 10's yet I am running a pair of 10's in my truck so the install defines this. Before doing anything I would figure out exactly what you can fit and plan for the future.
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    I think we should start a rum and you can sell it at your beach location.
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    Transpo regulator. The blue one. If your only running 1 secondary alt then the transpo will be just fine. My yukon is setup with triple alts. 1 stock and 2 for the system. I still only run it at 14.8 but i love not having my truck and my system on the same lifeline.
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    Looks like you pissed on someone's Led Zepplin sandwich...... LOL
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    I haven't abandoned this thread or gave up yet. Been messing with the settings the past few days. I have ended up pushing my tweeters down to 4k and mids down to 63hz. Cut the very high end frequencies by 1 and the front stage is a lot clearer/audible now. Maybe a little time alignment will help things along but i would say im not sure where to start. As far as the sub goes, i'm still listening and trying to figure things out. When keeping things at moderate volume I notice no distortion or any muddiness regardless of music choice.I just may not have much output on some songs at medium to moderate listening levels. However i'm still trying to find some songs that don't sound the best or bring out the muddiness. I have noticed that anything from mid 30s to low 60s sounds fine even when cranked. Anything below 30 or above 60 sometimes muddies up a little at higher volumes. Im thinking the sub/enclosure just isnt up to the frequencies beyond/nbelow the 30-60hz range on the the wattage im pushing. High 40s seem to be its peak and low 30s sound ok just not as much output. I plan to keep listening and compile songs that dont sound the best and songs that do to compare there frequencies/bass lines. I'm hoping this will give me a better understanding of what the sub likes and doesn't like with its current enclosure.
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    Trying to get the colors fixed on a secondary theme.
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    It could in the 80's, not so much today...although there are pieces of garbage for amps that will easily prove my statement wrong.
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    Hello all! My name is Colin, and I'm the owner of Wolfram Audio. I'm here to announce our W-Series amplifiers will be coming soon to the SSA store! We are expecting to launch sales on the SSA store around August 31st. I'll post some specs & pictures below. If you want more information, our website is www.WolframAudio.com Wolfram Audio W-3000.1: Specifications: RMS Power @ 1 Ohm : 3,000 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 2,000 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 1,150 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms (Linked) : 6,500 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v) Frequency Response : 10hz~350hz (+/-1db) Working Voltage : 10V-16V Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Sensitivity) : >90dB Efficiency @ 4 Ohms : 86% Low Level Input (Gain) : 8V - 200mV Low Pass Filter : 30Hz - 250Hz Bass Boost : 0 ~ 12 dB Subsonic Filter : 10Hz - 60Hz Phase Shift : 0-180 Degrees 4-Way Protection Circuitry Built-in (Thermal, Voltage, Speaker, DC) LED Power & Protection Indicators Master / Slave (Linkable) : Yes Recommended Fuse Rating : 300 Amps 1/0 Gauge Power and Ground Terminal Inputs Remote Level Control Knob Included Wolfram Audio W-1500.1: Specifications: RMS Power @ 1 Ohm : 1,600 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 900 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 530 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms (Strapped) : 3,200 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v) Frequency Response : 10Hz - 350Hz (+/- 1db) Working Voltage : 10V-16V Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Sensitivity) : >90dB Efficiency @ 4 Ohms : 86% RCA Line Output : Yes Low Pass Filter : 30Hz - 250Hz Bass Boost @ 45 Hz : 0 ~ 12 dB Subsonic Filter : 10Hz - 60Hz Phase Shift : 0-180 Degrees 4-Way Protection Circuitry Built-in (Thermal, Voltage, Speaker, DC) LED Power & Protection Indicators Master / Slave (Linkable) : Yes Fuse Rating : 150 Amps (Linked: 300A) 1/0 Gauge Power and Ground Terminal Inputs Remote Level Control Knob Included Wolfram Audio W-600.1: Specifications: RMS Power @ 1 Ohm : 700 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 380 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 200 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms (Strapped) : 1,400 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v) Frequency Response : 10Hz - 350Hz (+/- 1db) Working Voltage : 10V-16V Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Sensitivity) : >90dB Efficiency @ 4 Ohms : 86% RCA Line Output : Yes Low Pass Filter : 30Hz - 250Hz Bass Boost : 0 ~ 12 dB Subsonic Filter @ 24 dB Slope : 10Hz - 60Hz Phase Shift : 0-180 Degrees 4-Way Protection Circuitry Built-in (Thermal, Voltage, Speaker, DC) LED Power & Protection Indicators Master / Slave (Strappable) : Yes Fuse Rating : 30A x2 4 Gauge Power and Ground Terminal Inputs Remote Level Control Knob Included Wolfram Audio W-125.4: Specifications: RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 175 Watts x 4 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 125 Watts x 4 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 4 Ohms (Bridged) : 330 Watts x 2 (14.4v) Frequency Response: 15hz to 35khz Low Level Input Adjustment: 0.2v to 8v Signal to noise Ratio: >90 dB Minimum Impedance: 2 Ohm Low Pass Filter: 50hz to 500hz (500hz to 5khz [x10]) High Pass Filter: 50hz to 500hz (500hz to 5khz [x10]) T.H.D. Continuous @ 4ohm : 0.05% Operating Voltage : 10v ~ 16V Fuse Rating : 40A x2
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    J I don't know about fun cities, but if you want to have fun while shooting, make all your photos themed. As in make it a project. "In going to snap a shot of every XXXX I see in this city." Of course take a bunch of other things, but if you want to grow, pick a theme and aim at creating a gallery. Your photos will go crazy from there.
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    Never heard of any of them. Guess I'll have to look.
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    Aidan got the game winner tonight. Best part is he team is all 7 or 8 and the youngest player in the other team was 9.