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    Here's the current setup (NVX VCW 12) with the amp I'll be recycling for the new sub/box. Also did a quick connection so when we need more space I can remove the entire setup in about 3 seconds.
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    I think wood dye is my new favorite thing to play with. I LOVE this color! And it'll be shining bright with 3 coats of poly on it!
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    I have not built anything out of the norm worth posting in a while.... how many single 12" box builds does one post ?? this ones slightly different...a quad of GB 10D4's.... my first run in with Audiofrog and starting with 2.25cf3 tuned at 30hz with a 7% port velocity per chamber no cosmetics until the subs are broken in and I'm happy with the tuning
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    Well, The Fi came in, so it's time to start a build log. Will continue with pictures of the enclosure as it progresses (might not be for another week or two with Christmas parties and stuff coming up). Rundown of what the system will consist of: Fi Alpha V2 15 D4, BP plug, Carbon dust cap Alpine MRX-M100 running at 2 ohms Factory radio with a Scosche LOC Ported box with viewing window, SPL dust, and custom fabrication like you've never seen.
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    50 cuts later aaaaaaaaand, we've got a port.
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    Box is finally done....
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    Box is pretty much done.....waiting on the woofer!
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    Adding a second battery in the rear.
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    Welcome to the very first 8” sub worthy to wear the SSA logo. A decade of reknown SSA signature sound that is pure, warm, and precise, while having tremendous output that is now finally availble in the new SSA F8L 8” sub. (Pronounced “Fatal”) Vicious in looks, and pure beef in build, the all new SSA F8L 8” sub is an absolutle tank just like every other SSA sub, but finally in a compact package. Conservatively ratted at 650 watts, right off the bat, you can tell the SSA F8L means business. For the serious mechanical side of the design, the SSA F8L employs a very powerful motor with dual high strength Y35-140 oz magnets protected by a motor boot, yet the inductance is kept in check as the F8L touts a full aluminum shorting ring. To handle some serious power, the 4-layer copper coil is a 2.5” round wire that is 45.9mm high. Keeping everything under control for a wide array of conditions, is a pair of Nomex spiders and a dual layer high roll foam surround. As with all SSA subs, the SSA F8L has a non-pressed pulp paper cone. The large spring loaded push terminals make wiring up easy and quick, while the high tinsel count leads can carry plenty of power to the copper coil. For durable and consistent performance for years to come, the SSA F8L was designed to stay cool under the harsh daily abuse. With cooling spacers allowing extra air flow to the coil and motor, and a vented Aluminum former, you will never have to sweat the thermal limits. Doesn't matter if you are doing an arsenal of subs or a single sub for adding some clean and powerful bass in a small space, the SSA F8L will most certainly get it done. Port this little monster and send it some clean power and you will be hard pressed to hide an evil smile. With out question, SSA F8L is a killer choice in the world of the high end 8” subwoofers. Features: Rms: 650W Cone: non-pressed paper cone with wide roll foam surround Former: vented Aluminum former Voice coil: 2.5inch- 4layers high temperature round wire copper coil with 45.9mm widing height Motor: Y35-140Oz magnets with Aluminum Shorting (Faraday) ring and motor boot Spider: Dual Nomex Spring-loaded Push Terminals Attached high tinsel count leads Cooling spacers Dual 4 ohm Specifications: Fs: 32.1hz Re: 4ohm Qms: 4.31 Qes: 0.27 Qts: 0.25 Rms: 6.7 kg/s Cms: 0.17 mm/N Mms: 143.5 gr Bl: 20.8 N/A SPL: 82.6 db Vas: 9.7 L Rp: 57.0 ohm Lp: 70.0 mH Cp: 496.4 uF Le: 3.16 mH Sd: 201.93cm² Box recommendation: 0.55 cubes @ 31hz (after displacement) Mounting Depth: 6.5"
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    We are finally back to building subs, and what better time to release all new models! These new subs have upgraded cooling, carbon caps are now standard, wood crate shipping, upgraded wattage handling, and upgraded motor force! #MadeinTheUSA http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/categories/subs/shop-by-brand/soundsolutionsaudio.html
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    So I got home and had a package waiting for me. I picked up the 4 channel ssa amp when there was that friends and family sale going on. I was always on the fence about em but once that sale kicked off I just had to pick it up. Loved the pics of it and in. Person this amp is beautiful and has a nice strong solid build feel to it. Im replacing my hifonics Zeus 2000.4 amp so I can't wait to hear the quality this amp puts out. It it will be powering a pair of 8" Rockford pro audio. A pair of Rockford punch 6x9, pair of the ssa evil mids. And evil tweeters. Just thought id share. I don't see much of real hands on experiences with the amps.
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    Short run sale on the SSA amps. $100 off per amp. Just use the coupon code at check out: "SSAFriendsandFamilyamps" SSA IC150.4: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/ssa-ic150-4-600w-4-channel-amplifier.html SSA IC2200.1: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/ssa-ic2200-1-2200w-mono-block-amplifier.html Runs through 9/29/17
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    So after 4 months of waiting I finally revived these baby's. It's such a relief and a long wait coming lol. Can't wait to pick up a taramps 8k to push these. And build my box also. These things are super heavy and beffy and beautiful. Really stiff. unfortunately i didnt didn't receive my tshirt or any stickers for that matter that's a bummer I was looking forward to that sick black shirt. And I took out the wooden things that help keep the sub protected during shipping.
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    this enclosure is 2.25cf3 per chamber tuned at 33hz subs up , port back once again , no cosmetics until I'm happy
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    Went back to work today, I have an hour commute so I finally got a chance to crank up the volume a bit. I know this is the IA forum so a bit for me might seem miniscule for some. The biggest subwoofer system I have had in a vehicle was two SA-12's with 1200 watts in an Expedition, which was great BTW. I have a stock head unit with a JL Audio FiX-82 providing the signal to my amplifiers. I was playing a notch below my clipping level using a 50 HZ test tone. I am giving the subwoofer around 550 watts. The Flatlyne sounds good. It will play every note you send it. I listen to almost every music genre and this sub sounds great. I have posted here that this sub is not terribly loud, but my ears are hurting from my drive home. You have to consider the fact that it is a 15 in a hatchback, so I would rather err on the side of being "too loud" and just being able to turn it down. I wish I had better command of the English language to describe how it just fills my car with this awesome bass that just hugs you and makes you happy. Great product plus great customer support, you just can't loose.
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    Box is 51” wide 17” deep back height I pushed 6 1/4 and the front is 11”. I was having the hardest time with the port. I really was shooting for 15 square inches. But it just wouldn’t work. So I opted to shrink it to about 12 in per cube. After displacement it it comes out to 2.5 tunes to 33hz.
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    Well, final construction is done. Just going to let the glue cure overnight before I flush trim the back side, but then she'll be ready for some orange dye and polyurethane! I'm extremely happy with how the box has turned out (especially the port). Oh, and the 9" hole in the front is the viewing window. Everyone does square/rectangular windows, so I wanted to do something different. Also need to buy some LED's to put inside the box. I can't decide whether I want to paint the inside white, or just poly it and leave it a natural finish. Suggestions?
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    It's been a few years since I've done this. Just making sure I get my spacing right to have a 180° kerf (90° is for amateurs). Will have to spray the back with water to make it more pliable and less prone to breakage, but my radius should be good with 1/4" cuts.
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    Grainger. Product# 3BY23. We used these on big electric forklifts for charging. Thought it'd be a good idea for quick (and safe) removal when needing more space in the Jeep. No need to wrap wires or remove fuses.
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    You might say I am a little biased.
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    Easiest pods I have ever built. lol
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    It just keeps sounding betters and betters. Heres a pic of the ride. Have owned it since brand new. Was the wife's first new car, and I adopted it once I bought her a new car a couple years ago. I wasn't complaining as the noise floor is fairly low and has lots of room for equipment!
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    Some pics from my space cruise yesterday, for you flatlanders. Mt. Sopris^ The top is only around 9500 feet iirc. Is an extinct volcano...The crater is the bowl between the far left and middle peak. The far left peak partly covered with clouds in the inside face. Cool thing with this pic is the largest herd of elk in the area cross the foremost field on their migratory route. They migrate in a big oval their whole life, crossing the same place approximately every three days. Where I am standing is the other edge of the oval at its skinniest point. (hunters everywhere lol) The closest ski resort^. Fun fact. Aspen was the first ski slope in the area, after being a mining town. The Olympics choose to train here in 1940 and the rest is history. Was a hippy town until the 80's, Would be hard pressed to afford to live there now a days. lol LOts of hott bitches though. THis^ mountian is not Aspen. More Sopris! The Indian legend is once you see this mountain in person you will not be able to leave the area. A pic into the canyon that's the other direction.^ (east)And the third direction. ^I live between the last set of mountains in the distance. (west) Hope ya'all enjoy now.
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    We are very close to releasing an all new ZCON! #ArriveLoud http://www.SSAudio.com
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    As I want to get some more of these little monsters out there to our #SSAFamily, we are going to do a $25 off coupon code on the SSA F8L through Halloween. To go along with the Halloween theme and play off the name a little, the coupon code is: SSAF8L25HALLOWEEN http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/f8l-8-sound-solutions-audio-8-650w-f8l-series-subwoofer.html Yes, it is D4 only, but D2's are in production now and hope to have them before the end of the year.
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    And the comment on the spacers, well, I feel the exact opposite. I've seen some other "higher" end drivers that have just used stacked washers. I am happy to see a proper spacer. I think they'd look better if they were black, but FAR from something cobbled together.
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    Let me see if i have one and if not ill take one tommorow morning.This is the best pic I have for now but ill get some better ones tommorow, this was when i first built it, Ive since then took out one port , and relocated the one right in the middle.But actually this has helped my car tremendously in the snow!!!Those ports are the 10 in ports!!
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    Other part I forgot to mention is cabin gain, or the frequency your car is going to naturally amplify on its own. This will change your response curve somewhat also, but is not something you can really model as every car is different. It could mean you'll gain back the low-end. Or possibly gain some higher frequency, leveling out the response. Either way you're going to have loud head knocking bass! When you get tired of just being loud and low as possible, you can always smooth things out a little with the EQ, level the output with the frontstage and make it more acoustical. Or depending on how easily you can get to your adjustments, possibly have two different settings. One for all out and the other for easy listening.
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    Baby Mila is having her last surgery of the foreseeable future today. Should be fairly minor compared to the last one.
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    Incriminator Audio 40.1 amplifier 4800wrms at 1-ohm used and in great condition $900 shipped specs can be found here: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/incriminator-audio-ia40-1-4800w-rms-amplifier-w-splitforce-technology.html
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    It sounds great. Hits low and has a good range of bass. It’s hard to say exactly because it is outside a car so it doesn’t sound as in your face as I’d like but as I went in to the house it could deffinetly be felt. All in all I like it. I’ll have a more concerte answer for y’all when I get it into his truck i got it runnning off a taramps 10k 2 ohm version. So I wired it to 4ohm. So it should be seeing round 5k. I thought I’d have to baby it so I kept the bass knob half way and I played music a lot lower than I would of o was to blast it. But it didn’t really move so I upped the volume and it began to wake up. So I was curious to see what’ll happen so I turned my knob all the way lol and it took it. Through a few different songs at that. Not once did I feel like it started to over work itself.
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    No shredder package because I am cheap lol.....build quality is top notch and the customer service is great, both from SSA and IA.
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    The Fi should be here Tuesday! Once I build the box (when I actually decide on a final design) I'll put everything in the Build Log section.
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    Thought I’d share a few pics of the DCON’s I was originally running. The original subs we used in the Traverse after I got the rest of the system installed. They were originally ran on a Zapco Z-1KD but after a fateful incident with an open sunroof during a rain storm it had to be replaced. I had an Arc Audio XDi 2000 sitting in the closet and the only amp I had that remotely fit in the amp rack. The DCON’s were dual 4 ohm and wired to 1 ohm on the Zapco for a very reasonable 1,000 watts to the pair of 400wrms rated subs. I wasn’t too terribly keen on running them on the Arc 2k at that ohm load at first but since one was making a noise fresh out of the box I figured screw it and with one recone in hand and the knowledge of the fact I could order another if needed I threw caution to the wind and decided to see just how much abuse they could possibly take. So after that background story I present to you the first few pics of the results of that abuse. The coils are still in great looking shape. Which is mind blowing considering the power we didn’t hesitate to throw at them. At 2.5 times the rated power I expected to see them at least slightly darkened or something. The sealed enclosure seams failed worse on one side than the other so I included pics of the surround. The one that didn’t unload as severely has a very small area with the stretched to near breaking point you see in the pic. However the one that’s pictured has the damage all the way around and in a small area actually tore all the way through. I’m pretty sure that damage wouldn’t be present if the enclosure hadn’t have failed. I couldn’t find any damage at all to the spiders on either sub. I’ll add more pics to this when I go to recone them with the spiders, coils and all super exposed.
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    I got the pods installed yesterday! But was waiting on one last piece in the mail, to install the tweeters.
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    Ok so I had some down time these last few months on this project due to construction going on around my house and not having the usual space to work in. Sucks tho cause now its gonna be cold and rainy but I wanna get this done bad! I just pulled the trigger tonight on all the goodies. Besides the new alt/batt if needed and wire etc, I will have everything I need to finish this build. Time to get crackin! Sub- SSA Xcon 15" Sub amp- SoundQubed 2200D Mids/Highs amp- NVX JAD800.4 Mids- SSA Evil 6.5" Tweets- SSA Evil 1"
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    Here is a sneak peak at the Team EVIL 5000w RMS Subwoofer by SSA® that we have been working on. Official photos to follow.(Size Comparison next to a F8L) #ArriveLoud http://www.SSAudio.com
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    Got a ton done today, everything is in and playing, i'll post some photos, then grab a few video's of it later on today. A huge thanks to Drew @bassahaulic Productions for the enclosure design on a moments notice also!
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    Double boxed to help ensure the little monsters arrive safe and sound.
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    There might be 1 or 2 Dcon coils left for that version. So if you want to order, do it asap. The new Dcon (or what ever we call it) is completed, we are waiting until we have the funds to kick off production.
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    I just purchased a pair of their amps (2200.1/150.4) to add to my SSA collection. Had some issues placing the order on the website but Aaron and Josh took care of me. No one beats SSA's customer service! Thanks again guys!
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    I was actually in the middle of writing a post about how I had reached my breaking point with Harvey a couple weeks ago. I made the (probably correct) decision to not go down to Baytown the weekend the hurricane hit, but my heart was breaking as my friend were out there helping people in the flood waters and I was just going to work like it was no big deal. I would have had to miss work because I would not have been able to make it back, but who cares. With the help of a friend, I decided that I could help by setting up donations in San Antonio and taking them down the next weekend. In a couple days I was able to get a 12ft enclosed trailer and fill it to the brim with donations. The donations ended up going to a local neighborhood and the rest to a local church. I was able to help a few families clean their house and help one of my best friends family gut a small "shop/apartment" to try to rebuild. There house was destroyed, so they just tried to get things out.
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    You're on the right track, just know the final X over points will be based more on what sounds good and blends best once installed. Getting the vocals to sound good is usually a big part of the equation, as it's like getting four people to all talk coherently all at once. One more reason not to have rears, as then it's six people all talking at once. If everything isn't dialed to blend just right (or close lol) you will get distractive distortion/ cancellation at the crossover point. The explanation in the post above was just to give you a bearing on speaker selection. Not a guideline on setting points. With that said, 1500 is pretty low for a tweeter, and you will get waaaay more output from the 6.5" mid in that range. I think my mids are at 2500, and tweets at 3200. The mids would play way higher (and still sound good) but they have a breakup node at 4K. Without individual eq for each speaker it's a no go for me. I'm not positive, but think your hu may have eq for each individual channel. Put it this way, the mid is the workhorse. The tweets are just there to give a little sparkle on top. (The top couple octaves) Same with the sub, it's just there to fill the very bottom octave. Think how many octaves that leaves the mid playing.