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    Here's the current setup (NVX VCW 12) with the amp I'll be recycling for the new sub/box. Also did a quick connection so when we need more space I can remove the entire setup in about 3 seconds.
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    enjoy 1-270amp, 2-370amp
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    Here’s a pic of the truck
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    I will say more when closer and all details finalized, but simply my goal was to improve on the Gcon. Well, that is not quite what happened. As I believe it was @altoncustomtech who figured out early on that the previous Gcon was a different take on the original Icon. It was essentially a 90% Gen 1 Icon, just with a different name, keeping in mind our last Icon was about a 150% Gen 1 Icon. That being said, the Gcon was one of our all time best selling subs as it sat right in the sweet spot of performance and price and that people really just loved it, it was a perfect pairing to the Icon at the time and had a great run. a very straight forward design that landed just right. Sadly, we didn't make profit off of the Gcon. It was a break even effort at best. Many who have not run a business don't realize how much is taken out of a mark up on a product when it comes to shipping, taxes, fees, materials, overhead, customer service, marketing, monthly expenses just to keep the websites running, in addition to all the fees taken from each order for transactions etc. etc. No one really knew, but all this time the Gcon (and Dcon for that matter) were kind of a labor of love. We held on to both models here in the USA as long as we could. We were very lucky to have that level of subwoofer still made in the USA. But sadly, it was a poor money move to keep the Dcon and Gcon made in the USA. The market is in a massive race to zero and too many people who have no real background in audio, or experience in it, or have any respect for it, and are seeing it as a quick money opportunity. I just deleted a long rant, but the race to zero is responsible for the downturn in the USA production, which effectively put an end to the Dcon, Gcon, and... well.... Each one of these models you become attached to as they have been apart of your life for a long time and they start to feel like players on my soccer teams I coach. It's very tough to lose one. Again, I have rambled on too much. Back on point, the goal was to build upon the much loved Gcon and make it be a smart business move for once. As I said above, that is not quite what happened. The pile of missed on prototypes at my place is getting nuts, and no, not selling them. Anyway, on paper and by ear, prototyping started out ok. Wasn't super happy with the low end extension and it was missing that warmth and smoothness across the range that has always been a signature to our subs (including the little brute F8L). But wow, did that one peak so much harder than planned, if I was ever to go back and do a modestly priced numbers sub that can play daily, I have one in the kitty. Moving on, a few parts changed, motor design changed, coil adjustments etc. Didn't like the specs. Got some outside help from an ole friend in VA who has had a long history with us and built a lot of our stuff, and things changed again. Motor really gained some size, surround larger, different cooling, longer coil. I am sure you can gather by now what had happened. All the while my goal was to remake and release a Gcon replacement. This had surpassed that somewhere in the middle of the process as I think I got a little carried away. As we have been running with this alphanumeric system of naming (outside of the Evil of course), and I felt it had gone well past the "G" slot in the line up. So "H" names started getting tossed around, my favorite was Hades (greek mythology, god of the underworld, from the depths below, riches from the soil, also called Pluto (my pups name)), this thing is a stout 3" coil sub, 12-spoke etc. all traits shared with Gcon and Icon for example, so you can see how fitting the Hades name is, we also considered putting it in the F8L line, but it just doesn't fit and is not related to the F8L at all. It was some work to launch a new model name in the F8L, luckily the name was just right and people have loved it right from the get go. (More are on the way before anyone asks). While all of this was happening, we held out hope for another missing model to return made here in the USA. After a long lay off of production of subwoofers when at one time, we only had the F8L available (very scary to think about looking back), the Xcon, Zcon, Evil were all overhauled and a new halo sub was introduced, the Team Evil. I am sure, based on the sheer amount of questions I continue to get, that many have noticed the Icon didn't return with its bigger brothers. During this time, there was a little effort to try to redesign the Icon to build upon the existing model while still being an Icon and still making it worth the time for both us and our build house. When I was just out at CES, I spent some time at our build house and tried to hash out a feasible option to make the Icon work here in the USA. No luck. With the capabilities of the build house and the money we don't have, it was looking not so good. With my internal designation of "Gcon replacement" (ala Porsche 996, and knowing it couldn't be called Gcon due to so many changes), we decided to award this with the SSA Icon name! Our longest running model name, 11 years now. I could not let the Icon go away, it is a fixture of SSA and has been the heart of the line up since day 1. What we have in production now is a very stout, heavy abuse tested, smooth response, warm low end sub that takes rated power with great ease. I prefers slightly smaller boxes than that of the older versions, in addition it is a pinch more numbers friendly. We are keeping the rating at 1250w rms. If you want an easy way to get to know this new model, think of it as a slightly smaller version of the NEW Xcon, more so than a tuned up older Icon. As for my comment above about merging two model lines, well, that might be confusing. The internal designation of Dcon replacement had a similar road. But, I think it will possibly be the merging of what was the Dcon and Gcon slots, but we will see. I will get more into that later, as the prototyping stage is done, now it is onto get the funding. I do apologize for not releasing more info sooner, but so much was influx and impossible to give concrete news until now and I have so many projects in the works at once. Due to funding limitations, the Icon is returning in a 12" size first, then followed by 10's and 15's depending on demand and funding. Hopefully that all makes sense and is good news.
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    I think wood dye is my new favorite thing to play with. I LOVE this color! And it'll be shining bright with 3 coats of poly on it!
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    I have not built anything out of the norm worth posting in a while.... how many single 12" box builds does one post ?? this ones slightly different...a quad of GB 10D4's.... my first run in with Audiofrog and starting with 2.25cf3 tuned at 30hz with a 7% port velocity per chamber no cosmetics until the subs are broken in and I'm happy with the tuning
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    Still need to install the door and button everything up, but here is with the grout and sealer done! woot woot.
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    I recently came across a steal of a deal for an SSA ICON 12. So I had some free time today and put some goodies in. I just put this in for now as it will change as I get more time. Here is what my current mess looks like. Batcap in a wire mess The $150 ICON powered by the SSA mono block.
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    Updates will come slowly. New SSA amps going in and the sundowns are coming out. I am also adding and xstatic batcap 400 along with the battery already there. Little progress today. As you can see the footprint difference a good amount.
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    A lot has been said, but don't forget about connections. Poor connections are the number one source of heat due to increased resistance. This can be as simple as a loose screw, poorly crimped terminal, or a bad solder joint. Always use the proper tools and techniques and re-check your connections often. Keep in mind, you have so many dissimilar metals and this is THE recipe for corrosion.
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    Hey guys manzkea back at it again! Lol. Finally got some equipment in. Excited to finally get this project I’ve had in mind for a while rolling . Gonna attempt a blow through in my single cab 2001 ford ranger long bed. Gonna make pods for the doors to house the 6.5s and replace the stock one with a 6.5 or if possible an 8” driver. All powered off the ssa ic150.4. As for subs I’ll be using a 15” sp4 v2 I got from a friend for a deal. A taramps 5k will be used to push it. Unfortunately the evil mids I wanted was unavailable in 4ohms. So I went with these prvs. Well I’ll I’ll be updating this as I get it going. Possibly next week or so, really busy with work at the moment. Well here’s a pic of some goodies the mail man dropped off. Cheee. Btw got something extra special in those two ssa looking boxes behind the ranger gear. But that’s on the back burner at the moment.
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    Deadener came in so I got started on that. Decreased the areas I applied it. I even foamed some of the parts I could lay deadener. Just for some more support I’m sure I’ll get when I install my sub. Also since I removed everything I painted the panels black.
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    When the F8L 8" subwoofer first was announced, I knew I had to try one right away. I asked my good friend Bruce (wrench guy) for some help building this enclosure. We went with the recommendations that SSA lists on the website: 0.55 cubes @ 31hz (after displacement) Mounting Depth: 6.5" The plan was for this box to be able to be moved from vehicle to vehicle for testing purposes. I would also like to bring it inside and hooked up to my home stereo for music purposes. So the boxed had to be light (birch) and is painted with bed liner material for durability.
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    I got the 4 Focals installed ( I'll take pics once the pie plate snow flakes stop falling) if I had a chance to listen to both the Audiofrogs and the Focals before I purchased I would have picked the Focals ...they sound deeper , handle more power , better output and are more ridgid on the note separation .. the cones on the Focals are VERY acoustically dead , they dampen extremely well ... they have a unique sound to them
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    Well, The Fi came in, so it's time to start a build log. Will continue with pictures of the enclosure as it progresses (might not be for another week or two with Christmas parties and stuff coming up). Rundown of what the system will consist of: Fi Alpha V2 15 D4, BP plug, Carbon dust cap Alpine MRX-M100 running at 2 ohms Factory radio with a Scosche LOC Ported box with viewing window, SPL dust, and custom fabrication like you've never seen.
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    Box is 51” wide 17” deep back height I pushed 6 1/4 and the front is 11”. I was having the hardest time with the port. I really was shooting for 15 square inches. But it just wouldn’t work. So I opted to shrink it to about 12 in per cube. After displacement it it comes out to 2.5 tunes to 33hz.
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    50 cuts later aaaaaaaaand, we've got a port.
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    Box is finally done....
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    Box is pretty much done.....waiting on the woofer!
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    Adding a second battery in the rear.
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    Welcome to the very first 8” sub worthy to wear the SSA logo. A decade of reknown SSA signature sound that is pure, warm, and precise, while having tremendous output that is now finally availble in the new SSA F8L 8” sub. (Pronounced “Fatal”) Vicious in looks, and pure beef in build, the all new SSA F8L 8” sub is an absolutle tank just like every other SSA sub, but finally in a compact package. Conservatively ratted at 650 watts, right off the bat, you can tell the SSA F8L means business. For the serious mechanical side of the design, the SSA F8L employs a very powerful motor with dual high strength Y35-140 oz magnets protected by a motor boot, yet the inductance is kept in check as the F8L touts a full aluminum shorting ring. To handle some serious power, the 4-layer copper coil is a 2.5” round wire that is 45.9mm high. Keeping everything under control for a wide array of conditions, is a pair of Nomex spiders and a dual layer high roll foam surround. As with all SSA subs, the SSA F8L has a non-pressed pulp paper cone. The large spring loaded push terminals make wiring up easy and quick, while the high tinsel count leads can carry plenty of power to the copper coil. For durable and consistent performance for years to come, the SSA F8L was designed to stay cool under the harsh daily abuse. With cooling spacers allowing extra air flow to the coil and motor, and a vented Aluminum former, you will never have to sweat the thermal limits. Doesn't matter if you are doing an arsenal of subs or a single sub for adding some clean and powerful bass in a small space, the SSA F8L will most certainly get it done. Port this little monster and send it some clean power and you will be hard pressed to hide an evil smile. With out question, SSA F8L is a killer choice in the world of the high end 8” subwoofers. Features: Rms: 650W Cone: non-pressed paper cone with wide roll foam surround Former: vented Aluminum former Voice coil: 2.5inch- 4layers high temperature round wire copper coil with 45.9mm widing height Motor: Y35-140Oz magnets with Aluminum Shorting (Faraday) ring and motor boot Spider: Dual Nomex Spring-loaded Push Terminals Attached high tinsel count leads Cooling spacers Dual 4 ohm Specifications: Fs: 32.1hz Re: 4ohm Qms: 4.31 Qes: 0.27 Qts: 0.25 Rms: 6.7 kg/s Cms: 0.17 mm/N Mms: 143.5 gr Bl: 20.8 N/A SPL: 82.6 db Vas: 9.7 L Rp: 57.0 ohm Lp: 70.0 mH Cp: 496.4 uF Le: 3.16 mH Sd: 201.93cm² Box recommendation: 0.55 cubes @ 31hz (after displacement) Mounting Depth: 6.5"
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    We are finally back to building subs, and what better time to release all new models! These new subs have upgraded cooling, carbon caps are now standard, wood crate shipping, upgraded wattage handling, and upgraded motor force! #MadeinTheUSA http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/categories/subs/shop-by-brand/soundsolutionsaudio.html
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    We are very close to releasing an all new ZCON! #ArriveLoud http://www.SSAudio.com
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    So I got home and had a package waiting for me. I picked up the 4 channel ssa amp when there was that friends and family sale going on. I was always on the fence about em but once that sale kicked off I just had to pick it up. Loved the pics of it and in. Person this amp is beautiful and has a nice strong solid build feel to it. Im replacing my hifonics Zeus 2000.4 amp so I can't wait to hear the quality this amp puts out. It it will be powering a pair of 8" Rockford pro audio. A pair of Rockford punch 6x9, pair of the ssa evil mids. And evil tweeters. Just thought id share. I don't see much of real hands on experiences with the amps.
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    Short run sale on the SSA amps. $100 off per amp. Just use the coupon code at check out: "SSAFriendsandFamilyamps" SSA IC150.4: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/ssa-ic150-4-600w-4-channel-amplifier.html SSA IC2200.1: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/ssa-ic2200-1-2200w-mono-block-amplifier.html Runs through 9/29/17
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    Finally got around to trying ceramic on the 4runner. Lots of work, but well worth it. Still have the winter sneakers on her.
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    Thanks guys, guess I need to be a cool pap.
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    Chad I feel you are going about this all wrong. Here is what needs to happen. Pretend your car has 0 speakers and you didnt do anything to it yet. This is where we want to help you from. To try and tell you how to make 700 speakers on 800 different amps work and sound good isnt going to happen over the internet or ever for that matter. We are trying to help get you on the right path and im sorry to say it but its going to take ripping out all your stuff and starting fresh(ya i know no one ever wants to hear that). If you were to come to my shop and ask me to help you with your car i wouldn't touch it unless it was to yank it all out and start fresh. I am a custom audio shop owner and have built over hundreds of walls and hundreds of enclosures and have had cars with 8 6.5s in eaxh door(check the basstro build in the logs). And it took me reading up on info M5 shared for me to know less is more and way better. So i said all that to say this. No one here is your enemy. No one here is going to make any money off you. Everyone here is taking time out to respond to your questions and concerns. No trolls here. But honestly i have been following you like a troll and I can say your not reading the info your being given. Your just going off your experience and trying to have us figure out a way for your car to sound better. J road and M5 have supplied you with all the proper information and links aswell. M5 told you to google and unless he has stocks in them than he will make 0 off your research ability. So Chad please take what we are saying with a grain of salt. It will help it taste much better.
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    You didn't look up interference Credibility comes from knowledge. I don't like sharing things like that because I believe the answers are in the meat of the conversation...but you aren't reading the conversation with anything but blinders on so I will. I am a degreed Acoustician. I do consulting work within the audio industry. You name a big speaker manufacturer in the US and I've had engineers there ask for my assistance in development. This includes integration in cars as well. I run a company that has over $10M in audio and vibration measurement equipment in North American alone. You are missing the fundamental basis for understanding acoustics. I am trying to help, but you are getting defensive instead of reading.
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    A fun on I did on a buddy that's a prison guard in Massachusetts. I can't seem to find any from when its finished.
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    Resistance=Heat The question really is how long? How long will a low note being played at full tilt CONTINUALLY take to overheat the amplifier internals. How long will said amp last in such conditions. Not very, and that's why comp guys are rough on amp's. On the other hand, music is dynamic. The amplifier will not see those conditions. Also you are only moving the hot spot to the next weakest link, which is the alternator. That's why comp guys be running 4+ of them. Heat (resistance) is an electrical device's worst enemy. For every 10 degrees Celsius the life span of the internal components is cut in half. I can only imagine how much you are shortening the lifespan of your amplifiers with the way you have it wired now. If you want to be real technical, the electrician rule of thumb is only run wiring to 80% of its rating. So figure out how long your run of wire is and add 20% to the total amp rating for comfort... If you want to get technical.
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    More pictures for fun.
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    this enclosure is 2.25cf3 per chamber tuned at 33hz subs up , port back once again , no cosmetics until I'm happy
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    Went back to work today, I have an hour commute so I finally got a chance to crank up the volume a bit. I know this is the IA forum so a bit for me might seem miniscule for some. The biggest subwoofer system I have had in a vehicle was two SA-12's with 1200 watts in an Expedition, which was great BTW. I have a stock head unit with a JL Audio FiX-82 providing the signal to my amplifiers. I was playing a notch below my clipping level using a 50 HZ test tone. I am giving the subwoofer around 550 watts. The Flatlyne sounds good. It will play every note you send it. I listen to almost every music genre and this sub sounds great. I have posted here that this sub is not terribly loud, but my ears are hurting from my drive home. You have to consider the fact that it is a 15 in a hatchback, so I would rather err on the side of being "too loud" and just being able to turn it down. I wish I had better command of the English language to describe how it just fills my car with this awesome bass that just hugs you and makes you happy. Great product plus great customer support, you just can't loose.
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    It's been a few years since I've done this. Just making sure I get my spacing right to have a 180° kerf (90° is for amateurs). Will have to spray the back with water to make it more pliable and less prone to breakage, but my radius should be good with 1/4" cuts.
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    Grainger. Product# 3BY23. We used these on big electric forklifts for charging. Thought it'd be a good idea for quick (and safe) removal when needing more space in the Jeep. No need to wrap wires or remove fuses.
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    You might say I am a little biased.
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    Easiest pods I have ever built. lol
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    It just keeps sounding betters and betters. Heres a pic of the ride. Have owned it since brand new. Was the wife's first new car, and I adopted it once I bought her a new car a couple years ago. I wasn't complaining as the noise floor is fairly low and has lots of room for equipment!
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    Some pics from my space cruise yesterday, for you flatlanders. Mt. Sopris^ The top is only around 9500 feet iirc. Is an extinct volcano...The crater is the bowl between the far left and middle peak. The far left peak partly covered with clouds in the inside face. Cool thing with this pic is the largest herd of elk in the area cross the foremost field on their migratory route. They migrate in a big oval their whole life, crossing the same place approximately every three days. Where I am standing is the other edge of the oval at its skinniest point. (hunters everywhere lol) The closest ski resort^. Fun fact. Aspen was the first ski slope in the area, after being a mining town. The Olympics choose to train here in 1940 and the rest is history. Was a hippy town until the 80's, Would be hard pressed to afford to live there now a days. lol LOts of hott bitches though. THis^ mountian is not Aspen. More Sopris! The Indian legend is once you see this mountain in person you will not be able to leave the area. A pic into the canyon that's the other direction.^ (east)And the third direction. ^I live between the last set of mountains in the distance. (west) Hope ya'all enjoy now.
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    Trying to decide what color to paint the port . Probley just black
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    As I want to get some more of these little monsters out there to our #SSAFamily, we are going to do a $25 off coupon code on the SSA F8L through Halloween. To go along with the Halloween theme and play off the name a little, the coupon code is: SSAF8L25HALLOWEEN http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/f8l-8-sound-solutions-audio-8-650w-f8l-series-subwoofer.html Yes, it is D4 only, but D2's are in production now and hope to have them before the end of the year.