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    Welcome to the very first 8” sub worthy to wear the SSA logo. A decade of reknown SSA signature sound that is pure, warm, and precise, while having tremendous output that is now finally availble in the new SSA F8L 8” sub. (Pronounced “Fatal”) Vicious in looks, and pure beef in build, the all new SSA F8L 8” sub is an absolutle tank just like every other SSA sub, but finally in a compact package. Conservatively ratted at 650 watts, right off the bat, you can tell the SSA F8L means business. For the serious mechanical side of the design, the SSA F8L employs a very powerful motor with dual high strength Y35-140 oz magnets protected by a motor boot, yet the inductance is kept in check as the F8L touts a full aluminum shorting ring. To handle some serious power, the 4-layer copper coil is a 2.5” round wire that is 45.9mm high. Keeping everything under control for a wide array of conditions, is a pair of Nomex spiders and a dual layer high roll foam surround. As with all SSA subs, the SSA F8L has a non-pressed pulp paper cone. The large spring loaded push terminals make wiring up easy and quick, while the high tinsel count leads can carry plenty of power to the copper coil. For durable and consistent performance for years to come, the SSA F8L was designed to stay cool under the harsh daily abuse. With cooling spacers allowing extra air flow to the coil and motor, and a vented Aluminum former, you will never have to sweat the thermal limits. Doesn't matter if you are doing an arsenal of subs or a single sub for adding some clean and powerful bass in a small space, the SSA F8L will most certainly get it done. Port this little monster and send it some clean power and you will be hard pressed to hide an evil smile. With out question, SSA F8L is a killer choice in the world of the high end 8” subwoofers. Features: Rms: 650W Cone: non-pressed paper cone with wide roll foam surround Former: vented Aluminum former Voice coil: 2.5inch- 4layers high temperature round wire copper coil with 45.9mm widing height Motor: Y35-140Oz magnets with Aluminum Shorting (Faraday) ring and motor boot Spider: Dual Nomex Spring-loaded Push Terminals Attached high tinsel count leads Cooling spacers Dual 4 ohm Specifications: Fs: 32.1hz Re: 4ohm Qms: 4.31 Qes: 0.27 Qts: 0.25 Rms: 6.7 kg/s Cms: 0.17 mm/N Mms: 143.5 gr Bl: 20.8 N/A SPL: 82.6 db Vas: 9.7 L Rp: 57.0 ohm Lp: 70.0 mH Cp: 496.4 uF Le: 3.16 mH Sd: 201.93cm² Box recommendation: 0.55 cubes @ 31hz (after displacement) Mounting Depth: 6.5"
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    Its not cobbled together in the slightest, it was nearly a year of me working with the factory to get it where it is now. A fully new tooled basket is way out of our budget at this time. So with one of the longest coils available for an 8" sub, it was needed to run the spacers.
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    Yes, we went live with it Friday. It will love 0.55 cubes tuned to 31hz for daily.
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    Another will shortly. The big time subs vary from model to model.
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    I think I would benefit from a fear and loathing level bender.
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    Lol yea I checked out the store after I read this.
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    Looks good Will the rest of your subs start to incorporate the stitched leads like the F8L?
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    Double wall on the kerf! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bweyam_-m396Q1liZmlHb2ZqZzg/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Just received enclosure updates. Will be finished tomorrow but won't be able to pick it up till the 8th due to my work schedule. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bweyam_-m396djZXeTRzbUZKSjg/view?usp=drivesdk
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    I will contact the developers.
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    The individual round basket spacers make it look cheap and cobbled together. Wish a properly designed basket or full diameter basket spacer were used. Wishing SSA the best with their new endeavor.
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