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    Holy shit, for that I could have done both fronts with new hubs along with replacing upper and lower control arms on both side and alignment. I do understand you are super busy, but we need to set up a once a year visit so I can go over your vehicles.
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    Kitchen furniture for the apartment should be here on Tuesday. Beds, kitchen table and chairs are on their way from Poland. Bedroom dressers should be cut and ready for assembly next week. If all goes as planned I can post the "for rent" ad before mid-September, to hopefully catch the student migration. It's been an uphill battle to finish the apartment on time, both financially and physically. Four of my vacation days were sacrificed to sand the walls, plus almost all the afternoons and weekends to install flooring, doors, shower, help with tiling, buying stuff, haul materials etc. THE END IS NEAR!
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    I want old muscle but new interior. Be a Fucking money pit of I got one...which makes me want it more