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    Honnestly, I think you need a better box, made for your trunk, and your car. The SSA ICON is a fantastic driver (I've owned Kicker L7, Icon, SSA Xcon, SSA Zcon, Fi btl N2, Pioneer subs,...etc). 2 would shine on a 2000 watts amp. A single 12" Icon or Xcon (more output) in a ported box should give you what you need on that same amp. Good luck.
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    Alright I think I settled on just the 2 18s . Did some measuring today and wont be able to get the port area I would need for 3
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    Yeah I guess the producer had seen his videos before and wanted the hair to flow back and forth, side to side like only bass can do (fans only blow it one way). All the faces the actors make in the commercial are the initial reaction to the bass dropping too.