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    Hey SSA Family. Just checking in to give you guys an update to what I have been up to. Long story short, Valerie computer system got fried during the uninstallation of the previous build back in October. So as of right now, the silver explorer, Valerie, is taking a back seat for a while. The new build, is a 2003 ford excursion. For the 2017 season, I'll be using a street box, then walling it for 2018. Below is a video, let me know if you have any questions! The battery is an High Voltage bank, made of brand new lithium chemistry. Fully saturated voltage is 350v. I use 1 battery, 1 Taramps T 60k wired at .5 ohm on 6 SSA Evils.
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    All knobs to the right? Lmao. But seriously I'll take the advice and apply it. I'm not new to this but sure feels like it right now. Thanks
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    Here’s a great set of instructions for correctly setting your SSF that was originally posted right here on this forum! The best way to set your SSF correctly only takes a few minutes and all you need is test tones or a tone generator app to perform the procedure. First thing to do is turn your SSF all the way DOWN to ensure it doesn't interfere with the first step. Start off playing a tone/frequency about 10 to 15hz higher than the frequency your enclosure is supposed to be tuned to. Now turn up the volume enough to easily see the sub(s) moving. Now go change the frequency down 1hz at a time, each time watch the movement of the subs. As you go down in frequency you're looking for the sub(s) to be moving the LEAST amount. When you see it/them move the least then start moving more again you've passed the tuning frequency. You'll need to switch frequencies up and down until you're sure at which frequency you see the LEAST movement. Note that frequency as it is your ACTUAL tuning frequency. Now pick a frequency that is 3 to 5hz lower than the tuning frequency and turn it up again enough to see the movement of your sub(s) very easily. Turn the SSF up until you see the sub(s) moving right at half as much as as it/they were before you adjusted the SSF up. Your SSF is now properly adjusted. It takes a little bit of back and forth to get it right but this way you know with certainty it's done right.
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    Please dont come here and revive a thread from 2013 and then recommend for them to go to another site. We have designers and builders here on SSA. We appreciate you trying to help out but we like to help out our forum members properly and take care of what we can in house.
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