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    Not much I can do to help with your order directly but I might be able to offer some piece of mind. First of all, I know that the crew who runs everything is out representing the company at the CES show in Las Vegas, which is no small task. I’m sure they’re trying to continue to take care of folks as they always do but I can guarantee it’s got them further behind than is ever normal. Second, what did you order? Some items are drop shipped from their respective manufacturers/suppliers and the delay can occasionally happen on that end. Right now every manufacturer has people wrapped up at CES so it’s very likely everyone will be short staffed or out of the office and behind schedule. Also keep in mind that SSA is a small business with only a few great people running everything from behind the scenes. It doesn’t mean they’re not paying attention or don’t care, quite the opposite in fact on the latter point, but there’s only so many eyes to watch, and time in the day to work. I’m sure they’ll get you answered and squared away as soon as they catch up to your correspondence in the order it was received. SSA has a great reputation for its customer service for a good reason.
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    I'm sure the noodles will be even more exquisite once my chickens start laying eggs again. Can only imagine.
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    Busted out some homemade lasagna noodles this week. Brought a whole new level to the food! As usual thank you for the suggestion guys!
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    Received a letter from the mortgage company saying I'd paid enough to have the mortgage insurance lifted!! Extra bonus the town adjusted my water bill back to the regular amount, after I replaced the water softener.
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    Also did a center console, as my middle bench seat was shot. Tore the seat apart, saved the frame so that I would have good, solid mounting points for the console. Have two older Powerbass S-10s (single coil) in a 1.2 cu ft sealed enclosure, planning on running them with an old Kenwood 250w monoblock for midbass, most likely from 60 Hz to about 120Hz. Want to anchor the front imaging, I did this in my old Tahoe, and really liked the way it sounded. The base, with all my junk underneath. None of that will be in there, will be mounting two of my amps underneath - that's what the cleats are for, to raise the console itself up. Front section of the console, sealed enclosure for the two 10's. Not ported, I have those ports sealed off with the "puck" from the cutout, they make great cupholders, can easily hold a 32 oz bottle of Powerade. The one hole was off by about 1/8th of an inch, but anal retentive mind wouldn't deal with it, so I ovaled both holes, and built out the holes a bit with some thick marine-grade tape. Problem solved. Two tens, wired in parallel for a 2 ohm load. Console pushed all the way forward, matching the contour of the dash. You can see how it is elevated off the base (still have all my junk in there during the test fitting, since removed and filling up the storage space). Center console storage, fits tight with the forward enclosure. A couple of side trim pieces, don't want everything to be square and boxy. The holes in the bottom enclosure are there for two purposes - 1) allow ventilation for the amps, and 2) putting blue LEDs inside, will get a nice glow radiating out onto the front floor. And finally, the lid for the storage. It flips open towards the passenger seat, there's enough of a lip where it extends over the curved trim piece so that I don't need to build in any handle or finger pull. I have a roll of the same carpet that I used for the rear enclosure, using that and some darker gray carpet to wrap everything, give it a little bit of contrast. Wish I had an enclosed garage, I could be working on this while I'm out of work recovering from surgery.