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    enjoy 1-270amp, 2-370amp
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    Totally in love. Above are SSA-Testarossa units #5, #6, #7. Thank you Jason for trying these out.
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    Thank you for giving me the option. Not quite ready for these yet but Figured I had to jump out of months and to have the chance. Just waiting for the JY power guys to offer up their cases To put my batteries into. Just posted this on Twitter but I never use Twitter So I didn't tag you guys Cause I'm not sure how to do it on their. Only reason I have it is for pc stuff. I don't have Instagram or Snapchat or anything else so I can't post on those you guys will have to do that. I can't believe I forgot to post in here oops few days behind lol. Nvmd taged ssa in twitter
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    I see two alien figures butting heads with burst of alien sweat in the air.
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    I was given a good deal and figured I would use it to buffer the power ripple when I am running the subs hard.
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    Just noticed there are not pictures of the front doors, guess I will need to get them posted.
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    I have had these amps since before Christmas. I finally have time to get them in. I have been slacking.
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    Believe it or not, I like it better than the sundown. I seem to have a little more mid bass and my door are hitting harder, but the SSA is 50 more watts per channel.
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    Scheels. Season change should be happening now. I went to school with Brandon scheel. Wish he would have had a hot sister