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    Alright, so I'm dying to get a fun vehicle of some kind. Was looking at scooters, then came across this... My buddy bought it and then realized having 3 vehicles at a small house, sucks. 2002 Miata SE (6 sp manual), 128K miles, always garaged kept, good soft top, good tires. He said he sell it to me for what he bought it for $3700. I drove it and the clutch is in great condition. I'm itching hard to get it. At $3700, I think I can sell it for the same price a few years down the road.
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    Thank You for understanding Sir. Just a thought, this would be a great amplifier to run as a pair active on your component set. But not as you would normally think, use one amplifier to run the left side and another amplifier to run the right. From the specs, there should be enough amplifier channel separation to make it work and have excellent system left and right channel separation.