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    ah, hope things can turn around. IT's hard, but stay the course, be the positive role model and influence she needs. It'll pay off in the long run.
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    Hello nice choice : the Icon is amazing ! 31 Hz will give you plenty lows. I usually try to tune around 30-34 Hz. Not much difference. I listen to rap, and reggae (dancehall and old school).
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    Is a lot of very majestic landscape in Utah. I Imagine it could take literally hundreds of photos and all day to catch shots like those. I know I take 20 or 30 of most tattoos just to get a couple decent ones.
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    5.25" driver / tweet ruff draft into the dash with an 8" driver in the door ... Should sound really nice !!! Nowhere close to a finished product ... WAY more work to do !!! Threw on the ole LED Light Bar Kit from White Lightning for a "toys for tots" Meca Event ...
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    Thank you Sir !!! Went out to the local Sonic Drive In "Cruze In" the other night. First time hanging out like that in 20 years !!! LOL I had Fun !!! I was asked why I pulled her in instead of backing in like the other low riders. My response was "I wanted to show her Phat Ass off"