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    Power wire being ran on the driver side, 2/0 welding cable.
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    Sound deadening is complete and the trunk is all buttoned up. Thanks to @Second Skin
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    I'm 80% done with the sound deadner, the trunk deck is next. I didn't do the under side yet because I don't feel like uninstalling the factory subwoofer till it blows or until my new Fi sub gets here. Doors will be next.
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    I'm finished for the day. Just need to get the spare tire area finished and she will be done.
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    The right side is complete with deadner.
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    The left side is complete with deadner.
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    All shiny and clean after the denatured alcohol treatment.
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    Some of the equipment from the previous build and wires since I always buy extra to have. Enclosure should be done either this week or next week and Im still waiting on the sub but no biggie until I get the trunk deadened.