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    Happy Father’s Day gentlemen.
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    Slow. Everything I want is $70-80k...which is off by at least $20k. Roof almost got put on today though which will make it easier to move forward. No place to put it atm.
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    Nope nothing shady, just seems as they are going out of business at the moment. Don't know all the details just something that I read on FB.
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    I kind of want a viper for some reason. Most recent one I can get, get it all tuned up and just wear American flag shirts until I die.
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    I will say this is one of the ugliest front ends of a car I've seen in a while.
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    Tried to buy a Vette this week too. Told the guy I had to stop by the bank first and he was 1.5 hours away. He said, "see you in a couple hours." One hour into the trip, he calls and tells me it's sold. WTF?!