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    Got him out ripping around on the 4 wheeler today. Went for a walk as well.
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    Make him sleep. Even if he is A-symptomatic. zinc, D, fluids. horsepaste and or antibodies are the fast pass. I’m gonna treat this like you would treat an audio question Sean. It’s so close to impossible for you to not have COVID inside you and your family that I wouldn’t take that bet for a billion dollars. The amount is so small that you cannot tell and neither can the type of test you used. Remember the microphone analogy? Thanks again for that. I love learning. Every interaction that every virus cell has with your body is a chemical dice roll. That’s it. :-D
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    If you need more zoom get a zoomier lens? My 6D is still better in the dark than most and it’s dirt cheep. Always just use the right tool for the job. That said, if work is subsidizing the cost…. Yes going mirrorless would make sense, but only for one reason. The new lens format. It will have a longer lifespan than my DSLR lenses.