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    First time going active and need some help with aiming tweeters. My vehicle is a JDM '12 Subaru Forester XS. H/U is Alpine CDA-9887. I've got SSA Evil tweeters in my A-pillars (in swiveling metal pods) and SSA Evil 6.5 mids in the front and rear doors. They're all being ran off a SSA IC150.4. Tweeters are on CH 1/2 and mids (x4) are on CH 3/4. Where should the tweeters be pointed/aimed? I've read several articles but they all say something different (point at the driver, point at opposite headrests, aim between seats up at the headliner, etc). Is it just trial and error? Anyone with these tweeters or helped with a system with these have any advice? Thanks. Oh yeah, currently the sub is an OG SSA 12" ICON ported (2.5ft^3 @ 30hz) but I might change to 2 12" Adire Audio Brahma Mk II sealed later.
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    Got the port screwed and I added amazing goop on the inside to seal off between wood opening and port. 8 gauge wire is installed and hole was sealed up with the amazing goop as well. Once it cures I'll flip the box over and seal the inside of the speaker wire hole just for safe measure.
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    You're welcome man, I appreciate you guys. New high score all windows and sunroof closed, playing some Gucci Mane - Swing My Door.
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    And one month after I decide not to leave the country, poop hits the fan hours away from where I live. Fuck you Vladimir!
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    I appreciate your advice. Thank you!
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    Honestly test it out to see. Use some double sided tape or Velcro pads to place them in different locations. I like one location personally and that is on axis. I like my tweeters to be in my face, but I like pro audio as well so take my subjective input with a grain of salt haha. Aiming is also tweeter dependent, on axis can be harsh to some people. There are people who like their tweeters mounted next to their mids as well. Some tweeters perform better off axis than on axis and vice versa.
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    Well….. the ex had access to my everything. She absolutely had my old email so she even had access to this site. Sean, Aaron, thank you for helping me change that. I have bo idea how long she may have been impersonating me. When I was 15-17 or sometime around then my ex was already moved out and I stayed with my ex wife Jenn for a while. She Dated my roomate Sean and then while he was at college she and I got together. I have no idea what she has done to Sean but I think he’s going to find out what she’s been doing behind the scenes soon. the point is, if I’ve ever reached out to you, know that my social security number, my decided mothers SS, and my health insurance and info is out there on the internet. Be careful all of you. The is the worst possible situation I think I could have stepped into. I hope she never targeted any of you, up until now I didn’t understand how recent and how sick she is/was.
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    Thanks. PERFECT use for my old XSI. I was going to give it away. If it fries, fuck it. Not supposed to work according to Canon but it does.