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    Hope everyone is doing well. Was reminiscing on this forum this morning. Been a part of it a long time and was shaped a lot from it. Without Sean's input I've finally succumbed to the dark side (Apple) Apple phone, watch, headphones and macbook Air :). I moved on from engineering to IT at a bank (USAA). Loved the work and hated the management to I moved to something where I don't love the work, but I do love the management. Lost my Dad a couple weeks ago. Feels weird being 35 yrs old and having lost my Mom and Dad already. However, my dad was similar, lost his dad at 3 months and his mom at 35 years. Hope everyone is doing well here! Miss jumping on this forum everyday to see the shenanigans. It's still the first bookmark on all my Chrome windows.
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    I have been put in charge of building a reliability team for the Absorbent Hygiene division of FQ.