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    pc vs mac

    I can not see the vid from work, but I use and like PC actually. It does everything I need to do. I am running XP Pro right now. I am sure that there is much better than what my setup is currently, but I really do not care
  2. wizeguy4

    Teh New hottieness

    oh and that means that nudes are NOT alowed to be linked either. If you have the rest of a particular set that are not permitted to be seen, then you can have people PM you for the rest. But you have to find your own host for the pics. They can not on here. That goes for anything containing anything disgusting, like old people, anything that goes into a toilet, animals, guys (especially) and any porn
  3. wizeguy4


    I have had a rotator cuff tear repaired and also had a portion of my shoulder (the top part) cut away(about an inch) this was to give me better range of motion from teh rotator cuff thing
  4. wizeguy4


    we are everywhere :ph34r: . and welcome
  5. wizeguy4

    Teh New hottieness

    how the fuck are there 25 views and only 4 votes. You are all skurred EDIT:stupid language blockers dont stop me
  6. wizeguy4

    Teh New hottieness

    ok, well cast your vote now damnit.
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    good luck - I have seen them for a while and yet have never heard of anyone getting any money or audio from it. It is just similiar to a pyramid scam
  8. wizeguy4

    Help designing ported boxes...

    I answered you question and made you a box design pic (as best as I can - not really good a PS yet) It is in the fabrication section over at Car Audio Resources.com Although this is the first time I am hearing that you are going with 2 subs rather than 1 sub
  9. wizeguy4

    too little power on your subs?

    Not that it is any of my business and even though I agree wholeheartedly with what is written. The owner of the site that the above is copied from would rather if the information was linked back to the original site rather than be copied from it. I think it is very valuable information but this is his request
  10. wizeguy4


    all you need to do is get teh addy for the ninja pic and then over at that other board just click the icon for image and paste it in and the smilie will come up. thats all
  11. wizeguy4

    Lets get this party started

  12. wizeguy4

    spl secrets

    I have an idea - lets talk about this picture for a littel bit. She might have some SPL secrets for us Super Pussy Licious :Pic Deleted by Admin:
  13. wizeguy4

    My name is Henry

    where did he go???
  14. wizeguy4

    lets start this site off right!!!!!!!!

    The suspended the site after it has been up and working for like a year now. God Dammit